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  1. I bought a pearl flip from Rogers a year and a half ago under the understanding that I could upgrade after a year.. that magically changed after 8 months to two years and now I am stuck with it until March... piece of ****. I know pretty well every other BB is 10 times the phone this one is though. People here sound pretty satisfied, but then again I have met dozens of people with the iPhone 4 who love it. I have an iPod touch and enjoy that thing immensely. Gonna be a tough decision come march but I don't see what the BB can offer that an ipod or android can't besides BBM.
  2. This OP will forever have a place in CDC history. Trying to re-create something so fantastic as this thread is a fools errand (not that people do not try :/)
  3. LOL AC130 pic is strait G

  4. Once he gets to 1337 I am going to start negativing his posts every time it goes to 1338

  5. Just heard BC post-secondary students are getting universal U passes next year. Right after I grad.. yay... My UVIC pass does not work in Vancouver and next year it will. And, on a side note, I was on a new bus the other day and it had a 'new bus smell'. Exciting, eh?
  6. I'm still loving MW2. Only thing I still have gripe with is boosters. They are pissing me the F*** off... You know, a FFA game where two friends join and just sit in a dark corner somewhere with cold blood, ninja, and a tactical insertion and one just kills the other and gets a nuke? How is that fun seriously? Camping is part of the game and really it's not that hard to flush out a camper once you know where they are, L2 flash nade, symtex.
  7. Happy since his best bud will be there for 6 more years. Plus Burr was FA and Kes was RFA so there are offer sheets to contend with.
  8. I thought it was sunday night..?
  9. Ever heard of 1984? Orwell?

    Only one of the most famous books of the 20th century...

  10. Yeah it is great when when there are lots of people with HB sensors, but if there are not I love being able to jump all over the place and not get hurt, and lunge 6ft to stab someone. My FFA class is the only one I use it really because I camp when I am doing FFA Tar- silenced Stopping power Ninja pred missle harrier Chopper gunner I don't use scavenger on anything but my explosive class because I usually use up all my killstreaks with my first gun then I can do fine with other peoples that I pick up off the ground.
  11. Hey man how about David Booth last night huh? A goal and three assists PLUS 5 PIM he's a fantasy warrior dude! If he gets in the groove I may have a shot at second spot in my league!