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  1. LMFAIO Only 4 games to have the 33 million dollar man back as the 2/3 line center And the million dollar Russian pass him into the top 6 (temporarily I would imagine) I TOLD EVERYONE THAT BO WAS NOT WORTH TOP 3 MONEY love him on the team tho He is a MID 6 forward (2/3 liner) and will never be a first line center on any contending team He is a great guy but his offense is limited and will be figured out by opponents THIS CONTRACT WILL KILL US IN 2-3 years ( it should been 8X4 for 32 million over 8 years)
  2. how do i get new password if i have no longer access to the email on file ???

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      PM the admin?

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      You're apparently already logged in. Just go to your profile and update your password and email address.