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  1. I have no clue as to what he is worth now I just think he is worth more than what you all think up there I know that all my buddies down here (So Cal) still think he is good and say he is a top 3 at worst And when i lived in White Rock before moving i remember the trade was on TSN / Stortsnet ETC so not the internet At the time tho Edler just had a great season and no one knew how the 3 (now good) players would turn out And at the time no one up there wanted to trade Edler But that was the reported offer at the time And ya it looks crazy stupid now
  2. The point is to trade Edler and protect Sbisa You are loosing Sbisa otherwise and IMO I would rather have Sbisa and Edlers return from a trade Than have Edler on the Canucks And you said then you would lose Gaunce So I just said add a sweetener that will never play for us anyhow So vegas takes the player we are okay losing
  3. All i know is that apparently if you want to keep an exposed player and have them pick another player You are able to add a pick or another player to entice them At least that's what BM said on TSN
  4. Give Vegas a 6th or to pick Megna or Pedan As they still have to build an AHL team
  5. Yes he can be exposed and that is GMJB vise he has to get EDLER to waive He has more value than you are crediting him to have But i would think he is still worth a mid to late 1st as well as a top 5 prospect (in system) like we got for BURR & HB (Goldie & Dollie) And to think the Canucks (RUMOURED) turned down Mantha Dekeyser Nyquist a 1st and a 2nd from the Wings for Edler
  6. ????????????? Why does management not go to elder and say to him give us a list of 10-15 teams and we will trade you so you have say "OTHERWISE YOU WILL BE EXPOSED FOR VEGAS" He is sure to give a list of teams so that he has his say and then we will get an A list prostpect and high draft pick As Edler still has value in the league for sure
  7. Fighting it out for 4th line and 13th forward will be Megna, Camorosa, Chaput, Molina, JV, Dahlen, ETC (The above that don't crack the top 13 are sent to Utica or on waivers to Utica) If we get a top 5 pick that is NHL ready then they will bump out Boucher or Gaunce to 13th forward And the top 12 will be rotating till chemistry is found or injury Wildcard or my dream Is if they can get a young F and a young D along with some kind of draft pick/picks for EDLER
  8. i THINK 11 OF TOP 12 IS SET AND DEPENDING WHO WE DRAFT THIS YEAR THEY MAY REPLACE BOUCHER IN TOP 12 (he then becomes the +1) Pedan/Subban/Mcheny/Labate/Camorrosa/Chaput/Megana/Molina/ETC will be the +1 Or will be picked up on waivers or in utica depending on their status and if they clear
  9. Why does everyone have LILJEGREN, TIMOTHY listed in their top 5 when he is not even in the top 5 NON N.A. skaters
  10. Maybe GMJB shoulda told Lidster the plan Why the heck is Edler getting over 25 minutes and Tryamkin only 15 EDLER has to be gone before the EXPANSION draft cause he is not very good
  11. It was Talon that I heard say it He said that the reason they traded him was because of the future contract and other D men and there CAP situation He said he was asking for a team max 8 years at upwards of 40 million So to me that is about 5 million a year Unless my math is incorrect ??
  12. Rumors had it that he turned down the max 8 yrs at 5 mil from Panthers (that why they traded him to us)
  13. GET RID OF L.E. SOMEHOW SOME WAY Three spots open up the following year with Dorsett gone Labate fills his spot Then the twins retire opening spots for guys like Dahlen Gaudette JV ETC
  14. That sux Thanks Guys and Gals