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  1. You my friend are so far behind you think you're in first place. Are you trying to be stupid on purpose? You haven't a clue about how to manage a hockey team nor what the hell you are talking about. Please tell us "what immediate gains" Gillis hopes to acquire or did you throw that out there because it was the first brain-fart that came to you first from your vacant mind? Please don't hold us in limbo on that one; impart us with your knowledge. What makes you an authority to be critical of Gillis. Are or have you been a GM - I bet not. If you believe the past regime of Brian Burke or Dave Nonis was so much better than go cheer for the Leafs. Your post has no merit and you cannot substantiate anything you have claimed so give us all a break and if you get a chance to bugger off take it. Leaving will be the biggest accomplishment of your ineffectual, meagre little life. Truthfully, you are nothing but a whinning, snivelling little troll who has nothing credible to say to anyone.
  2. You say that with such convincing and over whelming authority and Omnipotent presence. If I didn't know better I would have thought you to be a hockey scout or better still, a renouned, God like General Manager in the NHL. All that vanity is just charming me silly. How about some more of those words of wisdom and reverence in another one of your meagre attempts to convince us that you are so knowledgeable about what will be or not be in the future. IMO you know dick $hit about what you are talking about in that regard. Who were you saying is delusional?
  3. I recall McKenzie's comment in that light as well. He applauded Hodgson for his talents and play during the Junior Championship Tourney that year. He commented on Hodgson's skating and from there all the media and nay sayers jumped aboard the "lets be critical of Cody bandwagon." That crap followed him into the back injury issues he experienced the following year and AV's crap comments about him. IMVHO Hodgson has proved that he can play in the NHL. I love to watch his tape to tape passes and his ability to find an open man. He is no Hansen or Raymond on skates but neither are the Twins and look how great they have been for Vancouver. He still has much to learn but I have little doubt about his potential and success as a professional hockey player. Cody just needs to be given the time and opportunity to prove what level of competence he can play at. Those who predict he won't be an MVP, will only be a 40-50 point yearly scorer, or suggest he will never do this or that in the NHL, haven't got the slightest idea what they are talking about or predicting. They are simply trying to convince an internet audience they know everything. The good part is most persons see through their spam and don't accept their BS.
  4. JToews 19 Appears you have not mastered how to post yet so I will simply commend you on the intelligence of your post. Hope it was not too straining for you.
  5. "Secondly, your little timeline loses its integrity when you get to the part of putting Giroux on the top line, b/c that's just not going to happen with CoHo" I have copied and pasted what you said. How can those words be interpreted any differently than how I interpreted them. You may be right but I bet you would not wager one year's salary on your comment either. That is what makes the internet so inviting to those who will go out on a limb and make ridiculous predictions. They lose nothing if they are wrong and it is a lot of fun to try to bolster up their ego in the eyes of those who don't know them from Adam. Anything is possible and anyone who does not agree will argue just for the sake of arguement just to build up that ego I spoke of. As I said before, you are dismissing Hodgson far to easily because like me, you really don't have a clue how things will turn out with him. You are judging him simply by his rookie record. Was Giroux CHL player of the year; the OHL MVP. I do not see the awards in his resume that I see in Hodgson's history as a junior. My point is, you cannot predict the future so why even give me a silly little tell me I'm wrong statement to chew on as it only makes you look silly. I will agree that Giroux has proved himself to be a dandy and just maybe so will Cody. Who can ever say for sure and that is my point.
  6. That is how I think it will play out for the rest of the season as well. AV will not disturb the chemistry our second line is having together unless it goes for a dump. Why screw up two lines for one player. Chemistry is what makes teams win and you don't to to fix somethin' when it ain't broke.
  7. You rule out the possibility of injuries to a player on the first line. Never say never my friend as it just might happen CoHo earns his way up to the first line (probably the second line) for a peek to fill in for an injury or two. That may be a couple of years down the road but once again, you are another fan who dismisses Hodgson and his potential far to easily. It is my bet that by midway into the season Giroux will not be the scoring leader. He is destined to experience a lull in his production like all players on a tear do over the course of a season.
  8. You are dumber than a bag of moose antlers. How can you compare a player who has 240 games in the NHL to Hodgson who has 35. Give your head a shake. Of course Giroux is more skilled because he has more experience, about 200 more NHL games and gets a hell of a lot more ice time in a game. The OP was trying to draw a parallel between the two players and note some similarities. You missed the drift and spewed your negativity. Your comment adds nothing to the thread that we don't already know which prompts me to ask the question why you even posted your response. Secondly, Giroux has been playing on a line with more skilled players for the last 2 years. Would that also make him appear to be more skilled. I suggest if Cody played with more skilled players he would have several more goals and points this year as well. You and many others dismiss Hodgson to easily. Try posting about Hodgson in a couple of years when we have all had a chance to appreciate him and what he does for team. By then we will all know for sure that your are full of BS.
  9. It is obvious your little clip is a direct criticism of Bieksa and you are entitled to your opinion. However, I was not commenting on the credibility of your posts, only the credibility of your criticisms of Bieksa in the manner you examplified it. With respect to your other comments, where in my post did I suggest to you that your comment reflected my opinion. I believe you are referring to a post I made to Mr Rhymes. It was not directed to you. Nor did I make reference to players fighting in my post to you. Seems you are a bit confused. Please clarify if you can!
  10. Your example is well noted but I can probably find numerous examples of other players exhibiting mistakes that resulted in goals. How about Ehrhoffs arrant pass across ice that was intercepted by an opposing playter which led to a breakaway and near goal in the Carolina game. Or Edlers faux pas that led to ruining a shutout for Schneider in that same game. We all see many, many others made by other players but because Bieksa has fallen from the graces of many, the errors of others are seldom remembered or referred to. If you are going to cite examples, please make arguement with more recent examples. The example you have provided in your post happend many, many games ago in a past season. IMHO you are really digging from the bottom of the barrel and I suggest you be more current, it will add more credibility to your criticisms of Bieksa.
  11. "we are not seeing any of this recently" You are a might presumptous with the above statement by including "we" in your comment. I see a great difference in Bieksa's play this year. I presume you are so intent to be critical of him you are missing his improved play. If that is the case please change the context of your comment to simply read - "I an not seeing any of this recently." You are entitled to your opinion but not entitled to try to express my personal opinion as to how I have witnessed him play this year.
  12. Sorry about getting your name wrong in my post. Big fingers just cannot type very fast. Regards

  13. I appreciate your posts very much. Great dialogue but most of all, they are respectful. Thanks Y2K.

  14. Why is there a tendency to knock prospects before they even have a chance to prove what they are capable of. I presume Jordan Schroeder was drafted because someone saw and liked what he could do as a young hockey player. Half of you critics haven't even seen him play, let alone know what he might develop into as a player. If he can skate well, has heart like Burrows, loyalty, ability and can score goals, who cares what his size is. Give the kid a chance before you kick him under the bus.
  15. You just do not know your limitations as a hockey player critic do you? You are simply too impatient to let yourself pause for a few games to watch and learn. Young players are not brand new cars and trucks. When you first get them, they are not instant and high performance by any stretch of the imagination. Too many believe that once a young player is called to the NHL, he must perform at his maximum potential and meet the high expectations and standards of impatient fans and, if he does not attain those expectations at the snap of a finger, he is branded with the label of "dud" or "plug" as some of your less informative collegues might call or describe them. It is obvious you possess limited knowledge of the game and young player development or, you have simply not grasped the realisms of the adjustments that all young players need to make during their transition from the minors to the NHL. Try doing different jobs tasks you are not familiar with at your own personal job and experience how well and how long it takes you to familiarize yourself with each of the job processes you are trying to learn to get to optimum job performance. Then mix in the fact that others are competing against you and they are trying to prevent you from doing your job, something similiar to a more experienced and talented hockey player competing against a young rookie player. I doubt you would feel confident or become instantly successful so why do you feel it must be different with young hockey players making the difficult transition from the minors to the NHL. The learning experience takes time and it is a burden they all must bare. I believe the problem of impatience and intolerance to be yours. In my opinion it is certainly not the problem of all those young players who are all trying to develop into a quality NHL asset. Like Grabner, Raymond, Hansen, Shirokov, Hodgson, Schroeder, Rodin, the list goes on; they simply need time to learn to make the adjustment into the big league and for some it takes longer than others. Maybe you should take the time to learn and understand the development process before you commit yourself to critiquing the playing abilities of young hockey players in a blog.