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  1. On Victoria Day, Think About Ending the Monarchy in Canada

    I'm willing to get rid of the monarchy, but I don't care enough to do anything about it. I just change the channel whenever anyone starts talking about them. Problem solved.
  2. Be honest with yourself though... even back in the day, not a lot of kids actually got held back. And when they did, they were either the dumbest of the dumb, or more likely, had spent way too much time getting drunk or high and missed class. I don't really think changing the 'failing' policy resulted in an entitled generation. Although if you're implying that there is massive grade inflation these days whereby you cannot tell the average from the outstanding, then I'd agree wholeheartedly.
  3. Flaying knife vs. Crossbow...
  4. Sounds like the employer is sick of people showing up and then spending their first 15 minutes shooting the breeze with their buddies, unpacking their stuff, and generally not being ready to go. I'm not sure on the legality of it all, but I do think a responsible adult would be able to manage themselves such that they're ready to go at the designated start time. Let's be honest - most people, would, in that case, arrive slightly earlier than shift start in order to be ready regardless of whether it was mandated or not.
  5. What's Your Favorite Beer?

    Pilsner Urquell right now.
  6. New car sales up ~ 6% in BC year over year in a continuing trend, probably fueled by 8 year financing and low interest. Lower gas prices at the pump.... People want to drive. I'm predicting failure for this referendum unless they highlight the road/bridge improvements and offer a sweetener (6 months bridge toll free? something like that) to the taxpayer. Making it all about expanded loser cruiser service and getting kids to UBC via a subway won't move the needle on public opinion. Seriously though... taxation decisions should never be decided via referendum. And especially should never be done via a mail-in ballot.
  7. What are your favourite TV shows of all-time?

    The old 70's Wonder Woman show they're replaying on KVOS these days. Lynda Carter is such a fox.
  8. Tipping Vs Not Tipping

    I used to be a generous tipper as I had worked both as a server and delivery driver. Have to say that I think that in the low to mid range 'sit down' restaurants (thinking White Spot, Red Robin, Earls, Cactus, etc) the service is now so incredibly bad that 75% of the time the server does not deserve a tip at all Taking an order and checking on you once to see "..if everything is ok?" is hardly worth 10% let alone 15%+. Truthfully, I'd rather the restaurant just raise the price of the meal, raise the wage and abolish the tip if that's truly the economic relationship they say exists (I'm not convinced of that, but that's another issue)
  9. The Official Transit Thread

    Transit rules! ^ hopefully that counts as keeping things on topic. Now my real question... has anyone been on I-5 lately? Is the problem with the collapsed bridge that happened in May impeding traffic flow at all? I had heard they were working on a temp replacement, but haven't been able to find out anything else since.
  10. I think everyone who has read the books has a strong sense of what will happen in episode 9 this season and can't wait!I'm still with Jon Snow overall.
  11. uh... are you actually an Unsullied who has access to the internet?
  12. The Official Transit Thread

    Hmm... I've been away from this board for a year I think and the same argument is still going on... SURREY! UBC! SURREY! UBC!! SURREY.... SUUURRREY! UBC UBC!
  13. It's been interesting... I used to read fantasy genre books all the time when I was younger, but I hadn't read one in several years. Watched GoT on HBO this past season and loved it so I picked up the book and read that. It's been fun to get back into the genre again.
  14. It's true. And holy sh*t, eh?