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    I'm a goalie and I play hockey. I love watching hockey on tv no matter whos playing. I'm very active and enjoy a nice bud light!..and bud light lime! mmm..
  1. Hi there how's it going.How's your summer been.?

  2. Hello there How u doin.:)

  3. haha may'be,more likely Smirnoff cuz apparently it tastes like 7up. :P

  4. give yourself a few years and the bud light will be added

  5. hmm your description sounds like me minus playing goalie and bud light. :P

  6. canucks are going to play in both ottawa and toronto....are you planning to go to either game?....what will you be wearing this time?

  7. I live 8 hours away from Ottawa, I just go to their games cause Toronto is too damn expensive..the nose bleeds at the ACC and lower bowl at SBP are the same price

  8. how are the canucks looking in ottawa?....the senators look to be struggling so you go to some sen's games?...i guess the canucks won't be playing there this should move to the west coast....get season tickets.....

  9. ok

    i guess ill have to wait


  10. i dont have any at the fall

  11. get someone to take a pic of ya playing goalie

  12. if someone took a picture of your get up that night, you should put a copy on your web page....the cheering luongo's girl.

  13. i had fun, but was a little disappointed raycroft played lol

  14. sorry gal, i didn't see you in the stands but i can picture you cheering loudly......someone there said he saw you. i think it was westside.....too bad they lost but at least you got a chance to see them.