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  1. People asking for the team to tank are being unrealistic. Imagine tanking just to be screwed out by the Lottery, not worth it. As for people saying that Eddie should be given the majority of play time, are you forgetting about this: Eddie needs time to develop and what better way then getting another Top of the Tier Goaltender to mentor him for a few years? This alleviates the pressure of being the number one, and allows Eddie to focus on his development, and not the rabid pressure of being a number 1. Even if Lack outplays Miller, the contract is reasonable enough to allow for a trade to happen. As for the price and term, look at some comparable's in the League today: Lundqvist 8.5m at 7 Years Rask 7m at 8 Years Price 6.50m at 6 Years Crawford 6m at 6 Years Quick 5.8m at 10 Years Luongo 5.33m at 14 Years Howard 5.29m at 6 Years Fleury 5m at 7 Years Niemi 3.8m at 4 Years
  2. Watching clips of him and reading what people have to say about him, (as well as his physique) think we've got a Wotek Wolski on our hands. Hopefully he brings more of a gritty game and consistency then Wolski, but he definitely has similar dirty mitts/shot/skating ability.
  3. Not sure if anyones been watching TUF 12, but Marc Stevens looks an awful like the Ryper IMO:
  4. My name is Pavol, Nice2Mitra!

  5. He's no longer Alex Burrows, he's Alex Sedin, the triplet separated at birth.
  6. Ex-Canuck Sergei Nemchinov: Daniel Craig 007 James Bond