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  1. Almost all those players and their respective teams mentioned by the OP, save for Boston, were drafted in the top three. Highly regarded and deemed franchise building prospects. We haven't had a franchise player since Trevor Linden, 2nd overall his draft year. As a matter of fact, he's the only one! Seems JB is going for the Boston way. Good drafting with higher draft players shining. A bit of luck of course is involved. Some of our later picks might surprise! Of course could luck out and get a top three either this Tuesday or future drafts. That'll change things for sure!
  2. He and Petey are Audi driving buds. No way. Goldie's going nowhere. Canuck forever!
  3. Obviously, I'd want the type of team that eastern hockey media talks about. That is balanced with skill, size, speed and always hard to play against. hmmmm.....let's see...... - A Norris dman would be nice. - A Vezina caliber goalie - A second forward line that would be a first in most teams - A fourth line that are pests and can score Oh yeah....throw in a few former Selke, Hart, Conn Smythe winners and we might be set to get the big one.
  4. I dunno.....maybe reduce his minutes and give him 2nd or 3rd pairing duties. However, only after we get a top pairing younger d-man to replace him.
  5. The Golden Knights really exposed our weaknesses. Their 2nd line would be a guaranteed 1st line on any team. And well......need I say more? Basically we lack in depth at most positions right now.
  6. He's been very good thus far this season. That being said, not even Carey Price can perform miracles backstopping our current lineup.
  7. Have you done anything to the car ? looks like it would handle pretty good :) I bet you get alot of "is that cavalier ?" lmao

  8. It's a 1994 Eagle Summit coupe. Same as a Dodge/Plymouth Colt and in the USA, Mitsubishi Mirage. Yes. It's mine.





  9. dude what kind of car is in your sig ? i am a total car guy and cannot figure it out ? Looks like 4 cyl turbo for shure but is it a Mitsubishi ?

  10. Nice car :P Personally I wouldn't like it without the kit though