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  1. IMHO................. Goaltender: We're fine Defense : Definite need for elite D. Oli Juolevi could be such. Stetcher and Hutton are good, but not elite. Luc Bourdon{RIP} would've but alas........ Forward : A game breaker. At this point, Bo Horvat is looking like that guy. I know Brock Boeser is a possibility and Jake Virtanen as well, but not yet. This thread topic been a topic brought up on an annual basis for god knows how long. Probably since the '99 acquisitions of the twins.
  2. Clouts was a stellar goalie. Especially in a 'Nucks uni. The famous, or infamous, if you will, letting in a weak one in those playoffs was an anomolie. It's been a decade and a half since that. Get over it! Anywho............... Goaltending was never an issue with us. The vast knowledge from all Goalie coaches i'm sure, stick with the players throughout their careers. Clouts wealth of knowledge in such can only make for better performances from our already stellar tandem. In all SC bound 'Nuck teams, the goaltending, IMHO, was never an issue. Though none were original 'Nuck drafts and all were acquired via trade, we rock in this position, new goaltending coach or not.
  3. As Gollumpus says, it's really all about drafting. Picking top three is no guarantee of success, but given that option, I'd take it all the time. The draft has been dismal for the 'Nucks the past decade and a half. Basically since the 2-3 Sedin twins in '99, there's been very few bright spots. Bo's one of 'em, I strongly believe Luc coulda' been another. Pretty much every other has been traded or no longer in the NHL. And Brock/Ollie yet to be tested. A rebuild IMHO requires a top five pick or two. in almost every SC Championship finals, each team's top players are their own top draft picks. Speaking only of our 'Nucks, we reached the big show in '94 and '11 with Linden and Sedins respectively. Heck. Even in '82 with Smyl, Butcher and Snepts, but we're talking modern era. I'm not suggesting a tank situation. That may come to fruition anyways the way they been losing this season thus far. Save for the first 4 and the last win over NYR. Moving up in the draft via trades helps a middling 'Nucks team to gain 1st rounders, but moving our cast offs to acquire other team's cast offs?!?!?!?? Well............Baertschi's coming on and Granlund seems good, but they've yet to pay off. Vey was a bust, so was Adam Clendening. As was done with previous SC bound 'Nuck teams, you build around top young stars. Not aging ones. I love the Sedins and I, being a total Canuck fanboy, would dearly love for them to be hoisting the Stanley Cup in a Canucks uniform. But just ask Flame fans. Building around an aging star in Iginla didn't work for them.
  4. Hannu Virta!
  5. With all the weird names of some hockey players nowadays, this isn't far off at all! Congrats for Manny. Welcome back.
  6. His character is questionable andhis off ice issues give pause to acquiring him. That being said, I think Evander's elite hockey talent would definitely benefit the 'Nucks. In all likelihood, he's gonna cost too much to get him though.
  7. Hammer's credentials are pretty impressive; former Nashville 1st rounder, multi medal winner in International championships, and playoff appearances at every level of his hockey career. However, Willie's got the holy grail SC ring. Hammers usefulness for us is still in high demand. He's not Willie, but Willie ain't Dan either. If we can keep Hammer, then we're better for it.
  8. The Sedin twins are elite NHL players and will be such for us or wherever they play. I believe them to be Canucks for their remaining careers in the NHL. That being said............... Yeah...they're gettin' older, but they have the capacity to remain top point getters. Seems they just need that third player that compliments their style to bring back their former Art Ross glory days. Another WCE type first line would be a dream. If anything, just to help the Sedins play less minutes and remain fresh for a grueling season of NHL hockey. However, that seems not to be happening anytime soon. The Canucks organization deem the Sedins their elite top liner's and they'll remain such till they retire. Okay.....bring in an Erikson or a Stamkos to play with 'em. I'm okay with that. However I really think we need to be more than just a one line team. Needless to say in todays NHL, production from the other lines is essential for success in the post season.
  9. They have my support. I PVR alot of 'Nuck games 'cuz I work evenings. And even though it sometimes slips by my workmates the score or progress of the game, win or lose, I'll still watch the game afterwards.
  10. Perhaps been mentioned you think he's being groomed to be a Burns or Bufuglin type player?
  11. Just the playoffs there is no 3 on 3 or shootouts. With our good 5 on 5 play, our 'Nucks need only shore up special team play and we be golden!
  12. Agreed You can add Toews/Kane and Crosby/Malkin to that list. In short.....................Sedins are Canucks forever! 'nuff said.
  13. Let's bring back the "Roaming" goalies! Rock on Gary "Suitcase" Smith!!!
  14. I'm sure all the mental and physical abuse that Joffery layed on Sansa toughened her up, or at the very least numbed her to the point of just reluctantly letting things go where they may. Remember, Joffery was a total dick not just to her. Not poor writing. A necessary scene in my opinion. Her and Theone are still alive. I've jumped off a roof into deep snow before and came out grinnin'! That being said, a castle wall is much higher, but's TV and if they can bring back the dead, then they can survive jumping off tall structures!
  15. The Great Wall of America. 8th wonder of the world!