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  1. Is everyone just hopeful of Tree's return, or is there actually a legitimate return. I'm not tryin' to be a Debbie Downer, but I don't see the point in discussing how much better we'd be when he's not even in the league. It's all speculative, right?
  2. Hmmm.......maybe if the organization opted to build the team around Kes instead of the Sedins.....Hmmmmmmm What if..........
  3. Most of the angst seems centred around our goalies. I'm not worried . We still gotta sign Marky and he deserves a big raise. If Seattle snags him, then they sacrifice players in other positions for a great, re pricey, goalie. We lose Thatch? Then we get a capable, affordable backup while developing Dipietro. Besides, why would Seattle pick on lil' ol' Canuckville for a goalie. There's other great options out there.
  4. As to the way he left the 'Nucks? I say, so what! A player wanting a trade out of town happens. Roster's rarely stand pat after successful seasons and the Kes situation was a casualty not unlike other teams had to deal with. With that said...... I'm all for his induction in the ROH. Dude's credentials when a Canuck says it all. He was a passionate player for his team. A warrior. A team mate you'd want on your team. I recall him saying, when he played for the USA olympic team, that he hated team Canada. That's truly heated passion. You cannot deny he was such for our 'Nucks. And remember, he was a late 1st rounder that we chose. An original Canuck! Dedicated as such for the decade he was with us. But...... We CDC'ers love to bitch about how hurt we are. How he left town and left us bitter as all h#ll. Well, I got news for ya'....we're passionate about our team too! It may take a bit more time for those who still hold a grudge against Kes for his decision back then, but you can't deny he deserves his name up there.
  5. Hmmm.... a lil' off topic. But the fact we're tops in the Pacific. That's the biggest one to me. However. Getting back on topic.... Good surprises: - Markstrom playing like a #1 - Levio's continued success since we got him. - Tanner Pearson's resurgence - Quinn Hughes rookie campiagn. His continued success at his position was a delight to see translated to the NHL. I figured he'd struggle. i was wrong! - Demko's development as back up and possible future #1 - Tanev in the lineup still! Not Good surprises: - Ferland's concussion issues playing a part in his lack of play and play in general - 3rd, mostly the 4th line issues when Sutter is out - The Flow's lack of goals. Thought he'd be up there with the other top young scorers - Bo's production - Lack of effectiveness from Utica call ups Might be others I've missed, but that's all I can think of right now.
  6. Must be my age. I forgot about these two. At the present and the past few games, we didn't miss 'em. That being said. Schaller and LE? Fantenburg in for Benn? Plus the call ups from the farm? I guess that bodes well for our depth. To be honest, I don't know who should sit when both those guys return. Levio makes us better, and I'm iffy on Ferland. I was high on the Ferland's acquisition, but so far he's been a dud.
  7. Don't need him. He'll be more serviceable to a SC contending team. He'll be snatched up by an eastern conference contender.
  8. The 1st paragraph pretty much nails it right here. It'd be a great thing to squeak into the playoffs this season for sure. Can do alotta' good for the mind and moral of the players and team. Especially for the young core. And though the free agent vet acquisitions we've currently on the team may not be there when the 'Nucks become SC contenders, their presence and leadership through our present campaign are invaluable as such in the event we get in the playoffs this or next season. Regarding the 2nd paragraph; I would agree there as well. I'm guessing that at least a player in each position will be an NHL player for us. Hopefully a couple will become part of the core. "......We've got serviceable depth right now though....." Serviceable is about it. Trades or acquisitions come this season's deadline as y'all know, is dependant on where we stand at that point. If we're in no doubt of a playoff scenario, JB will stand pat and may only address any needs because of injury. BTW. This I believe is only the second topic thread I've entered into the 'Nucks forum. So glad to see some concise, logical, and intelligent replies. I know the peanut gallery in CDC can be a rough crowd. I don't sign in and comment too much. But sometimes the urge hits me to do so. Thanks CDC'ers!
  9. First off, Thus far, I'm delighted by the draft recently in the JB era. Reason for optimism for sure! I'm of the ilk that we're not contenders for the big prize yet. Playoff bound contenders, yes. That being said.................................. Usually a SC contender is subject to injuries during playoffs. And it's not uncommon for a prospect and/or rookie call up to shine when an opportunity arises. My question/questions regarding this........ Do you think we've depth enough in our prospects now or in the near future? Anyone think we require depth acquisitions or stand pat.......
  10. Well....I dunno for sure....but those recent back to back matinee games out east in Florida might be telling.
  11. ".........Linden who was clutch even when he was older. " Old????? Linden was the same age then, as Horvat is now. Bure was a year younger than Linden . And Bure not only was the greatest goal scorer playing for the 'Nucks, he was as such, one of the greatest goal scorers in the league. Plus one of the fastest skaters ever. even by today's standards. I'm stoked for our present and upcoming lineup. Yes, the future is bright, but its full potential is yet unseen. Give it a couple of more seasons. That being said, watching them now is making me smile alot more!
  12. What? Jet's Cold Hard Bitch ain't good enough??!?!?!?
  13. Injuries an' all. This is the game breaking winger that the Canucks need to get over the top. And a big d-man with a wicked shot!
  14. What kind of kick....flying, full force kung fu style....or a simple, "Get yer head out of yer ass!" type of kick. Seriously. What constitutes an offensive kick.