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  1. Perhaps. But Bure had great hands so the slap pass would've worked often. And let's not forget the patented Sedin long bank pass. With a streaking Bure able to negate any icing calls, this play would've resulted in multiple opportunities, 100% shots on goal, and who knows how many goals!
  2. You're no dummy. Yea. I meant the rafters. Finished binging GoT the other day, (3rd time.), and there's still some residual GoT speak in my head! Hence the "Great Hall," reference. The fact he wasn't an original Canuck draft wasn't meant to be taken as a "criteria." The fact that he's up there with the other 5, and not reaching the same plateau as the other 5, perhaps is more questionable regarding his place up there.......... I mean come the 2003 playoffs, if that West Coast Express era team had reached the big show, and even if they didn't win it, we'd be waxing enthusiastic of Captain Nazzy, his West Coast Express mates, the other players, and Cloutes. Instead we bitch of Clouts choke job, and the 3 consecutive losses after being up 3 games to1 against the North Stars.................Definitely disappointing at the time. I guess in short, in that hypothetical scenario, yea. He'd totally be deserved of the rafter treatment. That in addition to his other achievements; original draft or not. To that end, to me, as much as I loved that guy...........leans towards the "No" side of the fence. A RoH automatic for sure! But he's up there now. No going back. He was definitely a feel good story though. We stole him from the Penguins. His success with us made up for all that Keenan/Mess debacle. Dark times then. Hated those two. no need to go into why.
  3. Oh. Back to topic.... IMHO, if Nazzy had gotten us a SC, then I would think he deserves his place in the great hall. Otherwise he's got two things against him; he wasn't an original drafted Canuck, and he didn't get us past the 2nd round. Okay Kevin Biestra. Or anyone else..........convince me!
  4. I totally get ya' budz. I was stoked when we chose him in '88. Truly, his ascension to Canuck legendary status happened quickly. I remember his hat trick vs North Stars as a rookie. Certainly his exceptional rookie season didn't go by me; 2nd in the Calder Cup running, almost, tying, or exceeding team records. Also other accomplishments in my mind; captain at 21yrs. old, All Star Game appearances........I even VHS'd every single game during their '94 run. (I worked evenings!) I was really disheartened when we lost to that stacked Ranger team. As I also was disheartened with the 2011 series vs Bruins....................................Which is a deliberate segue to................. The Sedin's number retirements make sense to me. I dunno. Maybe the advancement of technology regarding social media and multi media TV and such has something to do with it, but whatever was responsible, the Sedins were a household names. So talked about and so respected everywhere; here and especially in Eastern Canada. Their, "Sedinery," changed the game with their style of play; the slap pass, the long bank pass, and their cycling skills were above the rest. Now. The Sedins didn't make me forget the great accomplishments Linden made as a Canuck. But they did make me forget about them for a few seasons! On that note...... Now that I think about it, and after doing more "Trevor" research, I am reminded of his greatness, why he deserves to have his Canuck number retired, and why he's in the rafters of the great Vancouver Canucks Hall of Heroes. You changed my mind budz. Good job. Go Canucks Go!!!
  5. Pietriangelo? Yes. For just one year? Nope!!!! Too early. Until such time that we're SC contenders, rental players of this ilk and cost are off the table. Now as to going after a mid range defensman? Makes alotta' sense to me. Let's do it. Uhmmmmm.........errrr...........Where do we start??!????
  6. "Fortune favours the bold!" I know someone famous said that, but I can't remember who......
  7. Well, I did say, " least in part, a practice to keep season ticket sales strong..." In addition, it's driven by the on and off ice achievements of said players, the adoration of the fans, and more than just trophies and record setting stats. I know that. Hell! I'm a Canuck fanboy and honestly, I'm one of those fans that like, "flights of fancy." To be honest, I lost touch with the 'Nucks during the whole Stan Smyl era as I was chasing a career path that disallowed me time. Too much, "Argos....." and "Go Leafs Go...." At the time. Didn't watch a single 'Nuck game till the '88-'89 season. I know Smyl is much beloved and got the 'Nucks to the big show in '82. Even though it was achieved by defeating dismal teams in LA and Chicago, the odds were against our 1982 Stan Smyl led Canucks. We all know the outcome. I know the stories, saw the highlights, and tried watching some games during this COVID break. I'm sorry. You're right. I truly, "......haven't felt the pulse of the team for the last 40 years." certainly during the Dunc Wilson/Gary Smith era and 1989 and on I have. i, as many do in this forum, love the Canucks. Why else would we be in here and talking about them???!?!??!? Uhmmmmm......errrrr......... Go, Canucks Go!!!!!!
  8. Yea. It'll be awhile. They'll be no scenario resembling a 'herd immunity' till there's a vaccine. And that's a ways off; if one is even developed that is. None for SARs, none for HIV, no vaccines for tons of past viruses or diseases. HIV was pretty much handled as Diabetes; drugs, treatment and monitoring so one can have normal lives symptom free. Hell. I was surprised when Mumps came back a few years back! COVID-19 is still in its infancy as far as knowledge of it goes. We thought it hit older peeps and those with compromised immune and lung issues. Now we know anyone, no matter their age or health can get it. We don't know if a person who's suffered and recovered from it can get it again. Technology and science has progressed from the days of yor. Technology mostly. Sound scientific advice stands the test of time; social distancing and self isolation works to quell the spread. Technology allows faster results by virtue of the speed to which research is shared. The more minds, the better. I get a flu shot every year. Have done so since 1992. I'm older and asthmatic. Of course being compromised by asthma and other old guy issues, well....that makes me a prime target for Covid's unrelenting charge. Other than being off work since mid March, my lifestyle is not much altered. Most, or all of my Canuck hockey is on TV. The ferry, hotels, plus ticket prices allow me very rare live attendance. I sure hope we can get over this sooner rather than later.
  9. After looking at this: I would say my line of thinking regarding this goes with the quote as above. In so much as the achievements of Nazzy and Trev's with our 'Nucks is substantial, they pale in comparison to the league wide achievements of 33, 22, and 10. The last sentence above says it all. I realize individual team's have impressionable, beloved players who have nurtured memories of past glories, and the trend to honour them via number retirement seems, at least in part, a practice to keep season ticket sales strong. I guess ya' gotta give your fans their fleets of fancy, huh.
  10. IMHO, only players of outstanding accomplishment should have their numbers retired. 99, 9, 66 and 4. Obviously, that's for the whole league. That being said........ When exactly did number retirement become a thing for individual teams?
  11. IMHO, only players of outstanding accomplishment should have their numbers retired. 99, 9, 66 and 4. Obviously, that's for the whole league. That being said........ When exactly did number retirement become a thing for individual teams?
  12. Nope. I've cable TV and have the sports package. Not worth it to ma going the PPV route.
  13. Seems we've been revamping our D since 2011. The core then was Edler, Tanev, and Juice. Hammer added shortly before and Salo was a West Coast Express era leftover. Not a bad D-core at the time. Salo flew the coop, next Juice, then Hammer. All along, the organization has been searching for additions to Edler and Tanev via free agency, (Garrison, Sbisa, Pouliot, Del Zotto, Bartowski.) or trade, (Clendening, Guddy, ) and prospects, (Hutton, Corrado, ) I'm pretty sure i'm missing some notable names, but you get the gist. And they're still at it! However, after saying all that, I agree a revamping of our D-core is definitely required. I'm okay with Edler, Tanev, Hughes and Myers. The others can go, or keep them for depth. But then there's the cap/money issue isn't there. Which obviously is where a prospect comes in. Who would that be though. Many in here think Tree is the man. But can he step in to the big team that easily. And I'm aware of Raf, OJ being talked about. I think Woo and Malone will be a few years. Regarding, "The others can go," guys.......Time to get an impact player. AP, as mentioned earlier, though pricey, would make alotta' sense. In fact any player of his ilk will cost mucho dinero. I'm even okay with a hated one, Keith, Doughty, or ??!?!?!?? Not Chara though. Too old. And good luck getting the Hedmans and Ekblads of the world. I'm sure JB and the crew have this in mind. They, just as we, are waiting for COVID-19's affect to wear off....
  14. I'm guessing a full polycarbonate face shield requirement. Other than that, anything else will alter the game dynamics. As far as spitting? A few spittoons on each bench and the penalty box oughta do it.
  15. I remember that interview. No worries. Still.......We sorta' have both of them now. I realize to keep Toffoli around will require a cap dump or trade to keep a competitive roster. We're in a tough situation for sure in that regard.