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  1. I'd be more inclined to go after Kane over Tavares. Not 'cuz he's a local boy, but more so 'cuz he can be had for a lesser term and less money. Even better. Let's see who's situated where after the 2018 draft lottery. After such, if we feel a need to move up to get what we want, (unless we happen to get 1st overall!), then get Tavares, and wrangle a blockbuster three way to try and acquire Rasmus Dahlin. Yipeeeeee!
  2. We are fans of an Incredible Organization

    True 'dat. The Canucks organization has always been prominent in their community. My only b*tch is the hockey side of things at times. Especially with the some of the bonehead decisions that occurred in the late 90's. More bonehaed decisions yet to come I'm sure. That being said............. Through thick and thin. I'll alway be a Canucks fan.
  3. Didn't really work for the Oilers pre McDavid did it. Alotta' proposals and armchair GM'ing going on in this thread. However, it's still Canuck gabbing............... Good points from the OP. In keeping with the Hammer/Virby situation............ Still sucks when a GM loses talented, valuable players via FA and isn't able to get a return for them. Giving something for nuthin' is always counter productive. My guess is we'll be both sellers and buyers come TD, but more than likely something minor is gonna be the outcome.
  4. Run Edler Out of Town: A Big Head's Take

    I don't think he's been the same since Buff smooshed him and layed him out for back surgery. That being said, his glory days was being paired with Erhoff. Big minutes seem to affect his play. When he plays well, everyone takes notice. I realize he's not considered "old" yet, but we definitely need someone to carry the reigns. Edler is not the one. He's best when he's physical. Tone down his minutes and it'll happen, me thinks.
  5. True. Baer is not the saviour. However, he could be a big piece of the puzzle. An elite, highly skilled player, be they from wherever, usually is not acquired. Most elite players on SC winners these days were drafted by their respected clubs. No more Sundin/Messier scenarios, thank you.
  6. IMO, no to both. It would make sense to stay away from such temptations. So much could happen. What if we get Rasmus Dahlin? A non roster prospect surprises? Injury impacts one of our roster elites? Let's just wait and stay the course.
  7. Brock Boeser | #6 | RW

    Seriously?!?!?!?!?!??? I appreciate your optimism. I really do. However, I'm pretty sure I don't share such. Let me put it this way............... Boeser and Pettersson will be elite allstar players. My thinking is that they, along with Horvat, and possibly Juolevi ,will be the top payed players by the time we seriously contend. It seems the normal practice. All of Toews, Kane, Crosby and Malkin all got big pay raises before winning the big one. And even before their SC wins, they were playoff contenders. My guess is all of the old 2011 core will be gone by the time that happens. I'd really love for the Sedins and yes, even Edler to win the big one as Canucks, but can we really expect that to happen in 2018/2019. I mean, come on!
  8. Sven Baertschi | #47 | LW

    What exactly is Baer to our team? I'm still trying to figure that out. It seems to me that he's only as good as the players around him. I like that he charges for the net and gets shots. But I don't think he's a game breaker kinda' guy. Or is he..............hmmmmmmmmm........
  9. Brendan Gaunce | #50 | C

    I like his play. He gets shots on goal and makes things happen. Don't think he's gonna be a sniper, but he could be an ugly goal type of guy. Nuthin' wrong with that.
  10. I'd like us to be more aggressive regarding acquiring prospects and draft picks. However, I was expecting that last year and was surprised of the FA acquisitions last year. I don't know what to expect from JB and the boys. However, if we need to lock up any significant player on our present roster, do that first.
  11. Disaster ahead ? Lets share our thoughts

    I'm no coach and don't know who should move where, but that reverse move back into our zone of Burmi's to kill PK time was, dare I say....dumb?!?!?!?!?? I don't scold my TV much during 'Nuck games, but that was one of the rare times. Though the team played well and got many shots on the opposing goalie, they seemed to show signs of a bit of fatigue. The progression of injuries and increased minutes to the remaining core could be having an affect. That being's only been one game since Bo's absence. No panic yet.
  12. Canucks recall Brendan Gaunce from Utica

    I think maybe the coaching staff sees something in Gaunce that we don't. I'm sure TG wouldn't have sent him up from the farm to WD last year for kicks. And he wouldn't be playing now under TG on the big club if there was nothing there to work on. I think they believe Gaunce is a work in progress and he's a ready and willing participant in that endeavour. He's still young and obviously ahead of the Megna, Chaput and Bouchees of the Canuck farm team world.
  13. Have we ever had a stud d-man? I mean like, one that we drafted? Seems to me that any stud d-man we've acquired were gotten via trade. And really only when the team was considered a playoff contender. Jeff Brown, Sammi Salo and the aforementioned Christian Ehrhoff All acquired from other teams. I guess you could call Harold and Garth stud d-men that we drafted. However, that was old time hockey. Different game now. Maybe we'll get lucky and one of our players in the system will blossom. I'm high on Juolevi, but is he gonna be elite!!?!?!?! I dunno. Maybe elite is not what it's cracked up to be. Balance might be better. Better to have a good all around d-core rather than one elite stud and a bunch of so so dudes me thinks. I'm not gonna bring up Bourdon......Oh wait a sec. I just did! Go Canucks Go!
  14. Have you changed your mind on this season? (Discussion)

    I believe you've pretty much nailed it. There will be injuries and there will be ups and downs. At the end of it all, we wont get to the show at season's end. There's a good possibility that we'll finish higher than the last couple of seasons. Maybe even be a bubble team that almost gets in. That being said, wherever we end up in the standings, I hope we get lucky in the lottery like Jersey, Dallas and Philly did last draft lottery.
  15. Have you changed your mind on this season? (Discussion)

    I pretty much figured their performance thus far is completely what I expected it would be before the season's start. The acquisition of the free agents was a move to make us more competitive and to push the prospects to perform. It's working and TG's work ethic coaching style changes the look from the WD dog days of play. It's my opinion, if any trades are to happen, they'll be the type that gets us prospects or draft picks. To acquire any name player in trade is not in the plans unless he's twenty something and established. But we all know that ain't happening. Our goaltending is pretty good thus far. IMO still not set in stone. Yeah, Marky's playing well and Andy's had good games thus far. Seeing as neither of them has been a #1 and there's plenty of games in an NHL season well..........we'll see. They're young and that's a good thing. I'm a big 'Nucks fan and it pains me to say this, but I'm sure we all feel the same way. The Sedins will never reach the holy grail with the Canucks. They're done. I've said awhile ago that I hoped the Canucks don't get into the same situation as the Flames did with Iginla. That is, keeping their beloved icons for too long and building around them for too long. They have fleeting moments of brilliance and have looked good on occasion on the PP, but it's evident that their best days are behind them. I love the Sedins and what they did for our team. The glory days of 2011 are history and so are the Sedins for us. There's no doubt they can still play. Just not at the same brilliance as they did back then. I'm looking towards the future. I like what I see in Jake and Brock. Also with our prospects in the fold. Wishful thinking, but a stud d-man and centre would be awesome. May the management draft well in the next few drafts and get lucky in trades.