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  1. Canucks recall Brendan Gaunce from Utica

    I think maybe the coaching staff sees something in Gaunce that we don't. I'm sure TG wouldn't have sent him up from the farm to WD last year for kicks. And he wouldn't be playing now under TG on the big club if there was nothing there to work on. I think they believe Gaunce is a work in progress and he's a ready and willing participant in that endeavour. He's still young and obviously ahead of the Megna, Chaput and Bouchees of the Canuck farm team world.
  2. Have we ever had a stud d-man? I mean like, one that we drafted? Seems to me that any stud d-man we've acquired were gotten via trade. And really only when the team was considered a playoff contender. Jeff Brown, Sammi Salo and the aforementioned Christian Ehrhoff All acquired from other teams. I guess you could call Harold and Garth stud d-men that we drafted. However, that was old time hockey. Different game now. Maybe we'll get lucky and one of our players in the system will blossom. I'm high on Juolevi, but is he gonna be elite!!?!?!?! I dunno. Maybe elite is not what it's cracked up to be. Balance might be better. Better to have a good all around d-core rather than one elite stud and a bunch of so so dudes me thinks. I'm not gonna bring up Bourdon......Oh wait a sec. I just did! Go Canucks Go!
  3. Have you changed your mind on this season? (Discussion)

    I believe you've pretty much nailed it. There will be injuries and there will be ups and downs. At the end of it all, we wont get to the show at season's end. There's a good possibility that we'll finish higher than the last couple of seasons. Maybe even be a bubble team that almost gets in. That being said, wherever we end up in the standings, I hope we get lucky in the lottery like Jersey, Dallas and Philly did last draft lottery.
  4. Have you changed your mind on this season? (Discussion)

    I pretty much figured their performance thus far is completely what I expected it would be before the season's start. The acquisition of the free agents was a move to make us more competitive and to push the prospects to perform. It's working and TG's work ethic coaching style changes the look from the WD dog days of play. It's my opinion, if any trades are to happen, they'll be the type that gets us prospects or draft picks. To acquire any name player in trade is not in the plans unless he's twenty something and established. But we all know that ain't happening. Our goaltending is pretty good thus far. IMO still not set in stone. Yeah, Marky's playing well and Andy's had good games thus far. Seeing as neither of them has been a #1 and there's plenty of games in an NHL season well..........we'll see. They're young and that's a good thing. I'm a big 'Nucks fan and it pains me to say this, but I'm sure we all feel the same way. The Sedins will never reach the holy grail with the Canucks. They're done. I've said awhile ago that I hoped the Canucks don't get into the same situation as the Flames did with Iginla. That is, keeping their beloved icons for too long and building around them for too long. They have fleeting moments of brilliance and have looked good on occasion on the PP, but it's evident that their best days are behind them. I love the Sedins and what they did for our team. The glory days of 2011 are history and so are the Sedins for us. There's no doubt they can still play. Just not at the same brilliance as they did back then. I'm looking towards the future. I like what I see in Jake and Brock. Also with our prospects in the fold. Wishful thinking, but a stud d-man and centre would be awesome. May the management draft well in the next few drafts and get lucky in trades.
  5. Loui Eriksson | #21 | Right Wing

    Oh, Loui, Loui, Loui! I was stoked when we acquired him. We all figured he'd have been the answer for the twins. We all figured he was gonna put up points instantly. We wanted so, so bad for him to be the Anson Carter guy. We wanted him to be the game breaking winger we've been needing. So much hope for offensive contributions when we got him. That's still to be determined. He does have other useful assets though. Good two way player, good shot, good hands. Gotta try to get the open spots and shoot more. That'll be the key to his success with us.
  6. Derrick Pouliot | #5 | Defenceman

    Okay. Let's see how this former 8th overall first rounder pans out for us. Another Adam Clendening or Philip Larsen I can do without, thank you!
  7. Not a time to panic. (Discussion)

    Seriously. What's there to panic about?!?!?!?!?? That we don't have enough depth when there's injury? That we've unproven goaltending? That we've got aging Sedins? That our Virtanens and Boesers will be mis-managed? That we wont get to the playoffs? That we'll suck so bad we make panic threads in CDC? It's still early in the season. Wait till Christmas..........
  8. We need a #1 goalie...

    For our 'Nucks, or any offensive struggling team for that matter, a top goalie is key. They keep you in the game and make the team appear competitive. Losing games by one goal margins and stealing a few on occasion by the same margin is the plan this season. It does look like the TG affect makes for a faster, more entertaining brand of hockey to be sure. However, it's not putting bums in the seats. Surely a top name goalie would help somewhat in that regard. But so would a top name d-man, winger, centre, la dee da dee da.......................... I say when the organization finally gets to the point of where they think they'll contend, then we go get ourselves a #1 goalie to get us to the big show. Just as we've done in the past. Go Canucks Go!
  9. Canucks Defensive Depth Chart after 3 games

    IMO, our 1st pairing is only good enough as a 2nd pairing. The first seven words in your last sentence pretty much sums up my thoughts on our D. That being said, I am as ever a hopeful 'Nucks fan.
  10. This is normal. Everyone loves a winner. We're not winning. 'Nuff said. erm..........uhh.....Go Canucks Go?!!??!?!?!?
  11. We need a #1 goalie...

    To early to say. Marky Mark still needs to prove he's a #1. I'm totally fine with the processes required to possibly get him there. I will say this though. All three of 'Nuck goalies of the past taking us to the big show, King Richard, Captain Kirk, and Bobby Lou, were all acquired via trades. And not as unproven #1's either.
  12. Why do you watch?

    I watch mostly 'cuz I'm a Canucks fan. "To watch them to win." Yeah. Needless to say really. You always cheer for your team and want them to win. No brainer. "For entertainment." Sure. Sometimes I watch other games involving other teams, but I'm pretty much glued to the tube when my 'Nucks are on! "To get glimpses of the future." Not so much a factor in why I watch, but more so a factor of just being a fan. You want to see your team succeed. Part of that is getting excited about new players in the fold. Be they acquired from trades, free agency or draft. Hope also is a big factor. Especially when it comes to our Canucks. I'm just a fanboy really! Go Canucks Go!
  13. The curious case of Brock Boeser

    Wow. This thread sure went off topic. Happens in all forums. Typical CDC. With such passionate fans, myself included, it'd be hard to be a moderator in here. Okay. I'll bite................... The twins still have what they've always possessed. And that's their passing abilities. They were never great skaters. Neither fast or quick out of the gate. Sedins just need their linemates to get open. Twins, especially Henrik, can get it to them even if it seems impossible. They just need a little open space and, bam! A perfect saucer pass. Probably be a good idea to split 'em up and see what they can do. They still look good on the PP. Dangerous, dare I say. That being said, the team lacks an effective powerplay d-man. Stetcher or Del Zotto could be the ones. Definitely not Hutton. Edler, though I never thought he was the one, is not as good as he once was. PP? D-men that can get it through to the net. Big body causing havoc in front of the net. Big shot winger that can get open. Boeser??!?!?!?? Hmmm.....does that get us back on topic?
  14. Canucks Intro quality gone down?

    True that. Everyone likes a winner don't they. Though the in house DJ's music can pump up the fans better that the organ player me thinks.
  15. How many think Brock Boeser looks NHL ready?

    I agree with those in CDC that figure he should be in the big show. Could well be the game breaking goal scorer that we've been lacking. Young with sh#tloads of potential. YeeeeeHa!!!! Go Canucks!