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  1. Potatoes fried are mafia.. Just like lager beer.....hint...hint
  2. Brock is asking too much, or the deal would be done. If Mitch can get a deal done to be with his team, so can Brock. Brock has not even played a full season. He could be the next Big Country Reaves.
  3. He will not be back with the canucks. I will be in the NHL but who know`s which team.
  4. I guess the thinking is, when you get term, the players salary in the back end of the deal is cap friendly. It`s got to be a good player though. Brock is in this position right now. Horvat before him. If it works out, like it did in Colorado with Nathan MacKinnon, the GM made a good deal for the player and team. You can`t win with just one player. It`s a team sport.
  5. I am back but too late for this game. Thanks for the messages