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  1. Down On The Corner- Creedence Clearwater Revival
  2. Offenseive Line 1 Henrik Sedin Daniel Sedin Eric Staal Offensive Line 2 Ryan Kesler Mike Richards Zach Parise Offensive Line 3 Steve Bernier Marc Savard Milan Lucic Defensive Pair 1 Zdeno Chara Mike Komisarek Defensive Pair2 Garnet Exelby Zach Bogosian Defensive Pair 3 Marc Staal Jay Bouwmeester Goalies Roberto Luongo Steve Mason Pascal Leclaire
  3. Munich- Editors
  4. Love the one of Mozart and the squirrel. Could be better with a simple bg. Very nice though
  5. That one of 'The Runner"= Breathtaking. If you dont mind, Im gonna use it as my wallpaper
  6. Rolling With Heat- The Roots
  7. Sorry for the huge picture. Can someone please render both of the players please
  8. You cant judge a player by points. A player can have a physicla presence, the can still creat scoring chances that swings the momentum our way, and then we can get a goal. They can also agitate players, Burrows used to be and still is a agitator, and suck them into a penalty
  9. http://media.canada.com/fae0b6fd-d281-4d23...4c/77959296.jpg I didnt want to post the picture, cause it is massive. But could somebody render out Luc (RIP) from that picture? Thanks in advance
  10. Use the search button. That same picture (but rendered) is here
  11. I guess Gillis didnt fell that we needed him, so he re-signed him hahahaha
  12. haha thats classic