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  1. Let me know when the uprising occurs. I'm not one for governments anyhow.
  2. Over the many years of being a Canucks fan I'll be honest I haven't been the biggest Burrows fan. Up until this season I've realized how big of a part he has been to this team and how important a figure he has been to the franchise. In the end I'll end up missing the guy and I want nothing but the best for him for what he has done here and where he started in his career. I don't mind trading him this season for some assets but he better retire a Canuck and he will forever go down as a guy who bled blue and wore his heart on his sleeve night in and night out.
  3. I doubt he will ever become anything more than a crash and banger at the NHL level capable of a couple 15 goal seasons but averaging 9 or 10 playing on a 3rd or 4th line. The kids got some good tools but it's evident that the hockey sense isn't there. You can argue that he's only 20 but let's face the facts the NHL today is a young man's game and look at how good the kids are in today's game. Jake may become an NHL regular but I'm calling it now it will be as a 3rd/4th line crash and banger. Disappointing because look at who was drafted right after him.
  4. Pack gotta be favorites coming out of the NFC with the run they are currently on. Hottest team with arguably the best QB in football. Dallas is a very good football team but their playoff inexperience will show next weekend.
  5. Odell is such a clown.
  6. Don't trade Juolevi. Bad idea. Just because Stecher has emerged as a good player doesn't mean it makes Juolevi expendable. Keep drafting and adding prospects and when some of them start to pan out then you can afford to trade a young asset. Right now the Canucks are in no position to be giving up on any of their young assets.
  7. It was a mind boggling signing from the get go but I understand why they did it. It was a last ditch effort to aid the Sedins with a complimentary winger that can possibly keep them the first line for a couple more years. Unfortunately the term was horrible but that's what it was gonna take to get Loui here and now more than ever it's evident the Sedins are regressing faster than expected.
  8. As long as the Sedins, Benning, Linden, and Willie are here this franchises wheels will keep on spinning. What's the point in publicly stating that the loyalty to two players comes before the goodwill of the franchise and the disinterested and disheartened fanbase which seems to be thinning out at Rogers Arena with each passing game? You think that's really a good Idea Linden?
  9. Haven't read many posts in this thread but my two cents on the hit was it was for the most part clean aside from Larsen being completely unsuspecting of it but regardless Hall kept his elbows tucked and tried letting up the best he could. Don't like to see a guy get hurt like that but that's hockey folks. You don't see it much anymore so when it does happen it comes as more of a surprise.
  10. Mentors or the like I think are overrated. Jonathan Toews is arguably the best captain in the NHL and he never had a mentor. The Sedins are pretty damn good guys to learn from though so Bo is fortunate enough to have them.
  11. Not only better qualified but real gud.
  12. The only donkeys are Canucks management and the joke of a coach hence the reason we are so negative.
  13. Okay bud you've been on these boards for like a second. The only positive poster allowed on this board is reserved for Apollo. Other than that we can gripe and complain all we want.
  14. It's pretty sad that Benning stated before the season that with the lack of scoring in the top 6 the Canucks would make up for it by having their bottom 2 lines outscore the opposing bottom 2 lines. How's that panning out for ya bud?
  15. I donno if firing the coach will solve and woes this team is going through, but the writing is on the wall. This guy is junk as an NHL coach and the wrong guy for the job and this has to be his final season as coach.