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  1. Yeah hate to break it to you bud but that house in the lower mainland is worth 2-5 million minimum depending on municipality. Im sure the average household income could cover it though..
  2. It’s not sustainable. But in reality the Canucks are in a way overachieving this season and finding ways to win unlike years past. They really have to shore up the defensive core and play a different style of game if they want to be genuine contenders. Not worried. The window is just opening.
  3. Too bad I’m not an oil patch worker. I work for a company who probably very well sends you an invoice monthly for all the dirty bitumen you burned to keep yourself cozy on these cold winter nights.
  4. Hah. I’m sure you drive a Tesla (or cycle to work and dont own a vehicle) and live a completely eco friendly, sustainable lifestyle in a home fuelled completely by solar panels in Fraser Heights. Oh wait, you are lurking on these boards on an IPhone X made with plastic and materials which came from the very matter you continue to anti preach on these boards. Not gonna argue this any further. You are so out of touch with reality it’s mind boggling. But hey, you can’t fix stupid, but you can definitely monitor it.
  5. Yeah, well I work in the energy sector and it provides for my family so I’m giving you the middle finger.
  6. The world is overpopulated as it is and although climate change is bad, Mother Nature always wins so people need to stop buying in to what the media and hypocrites keeps shoving down our throats and let nature play itself out. The world has been around for tens of millions of years and has survived much, much worse than this bullsh*t and humans are just a blip on the radar. Planet earth will carry on just fine without us. Not saying I don’t care about future generations, but it’s not like a freaking gas pipeline is gonna make more of a difference to the current situation. If you wanna pass blame, blame China ffs who still burns coal to produce 70% of its energy.
  7. Didn’t work so well in 2011. Even the best power plays in the league are susceptible to droughts.
  8. All I know is that if you don’t play aggressive in the playoffs you are gonna get destroyed. Whoever the Canucks end up playing in the first round will undoubtedly be trying to go after Hughes and Petey. Now, if our so called leader and captain actually set the tone for once and led by example maybe the troops will follow suit.
  9. How is Brendan Dillon defensively? I heard he’s available this TDL..
  10. Well if that’s the case been an issue the beginning of since last season. All last year we wondered and speculated if his wrist was bothering him. Hard to believe it’s still a problem.