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  1. Pickly

    [PGT] Florida Panthers at Vancouver Canucks | Jan. 13, 2019

    Matheson is a punk for not willing to drop the gloves. He knows what he did to EP and should have just manned up and fought Horvat early on and get it over with. Instead he got Haley to do it for him and for that I will always hate him as a player for the rest of his time on the league. The old code amongst players is dead and it’s a shame because players now aren’t held accountable for their actions and with the way the game is now and instigator penalty star players will continue to be targeted and continue to get hurt. And no, I’m not condoning any sort of Bertuzzi type retribution, it’d just be nice to see players man up and take responsibility.
  2. He’s an effective player and there is no arguing it. He’s what you want in the playoffs too.
  3. Pickly

    Bc assessment 2019

    LOL it’s so true. Construction breeds so many of these types (I’m in a semi type construction job). Get up earlier and pack a lunch ffs. Make a pot of coffee and put it in a thermos. I work with guys that have astronomically poor spending habits that complain about not being able to afford housing or save money, yet they drop 25-40 bucks a day on eating out. It’s expensive to live here but with some discipline and wit you can make it work.
  4. I’m all for Ferland. He’s exactly the kind of player the Canucks are missing.
  5. Pickly

    31 Thoughts: The Podcast.... on the Canucks

    I highly, highly doubt he signs a 1 year deal. He’s 32 not 36. He still has good hockey left in him and the Canucks actually need Edler back there. You simply can’t just lowball him off the hop thinking you have the edge because the guy doesn’t want to leave Vancouver. I said 3 years and @WHL rocks said 4. I think it’s pretty fair to assume that given the market for good defenceman out there he would definitely fetch 6+ @ at least 3 years. Also, some food for thought. Say you let him walk. That leaves you with Tanev as the only legitimate top 4(!!!) defenceman on this team. We all know he’s good for 50-60 games a year. So when he gets hurt, who logs the minutes in Edler and Tanevs absence AND won’t cost the team games?
  6. Pickly

    31 Thoughts: The Podcast.... on the Canucks

    Yup something along those lines. If the canucks get lucky he may even sign for under 6, say 5.5 to 5.75. Hopefully 3 years and not 4.
  7. Pickly

    [PGT] Arizona Coyotes at Vancouver Canucks | Jan. 10, 2019

    What do you expect from a mid week game vs the Yotes?
  8. Pickly

    [PGT] Arizona Coyotes at Vancouver Canucks | Jan. 10, 2019

    Boeser is a fantastic player, but he is pretty much one demensional. Finds the soft spots and rips the puck on net. He has average hands, average skating, good hockey iq, and an amazing shot. He by no means is a dynamic player like Pettersson. That being said I would definitely not trade him. You need 30 goal wingers.
  9. Pickly

    [GDT] Yotes @ Nucks 7pm Jan 10 2019

    Typical mid season mid week Nucks Yotes game
  10. Pickly

    The Captaincy question

    It’s not as far fetched as you think.
  11. Pickly

    Utica prospects graduation to big club?

    I find Gadjovich and Lind’s lack of offensive production thus far concerning. 4 and 6 points respectively in 21 and 23 games is not what you’d expect for decently touted 2nd round picks. I know I could be jumping the gun here because they are only 20, first year pros, and aren’t getting ample opportunity down in Utica, but none the less it’s still extremely underwhelming.
  12. Pickly

    *UPDATE* Elias Pettersson Has Slight MCL Sprain

    Jeeze somebody has their panties in a knot over Don Cherry.
  13. 2 or 3 solid defenceman, a starting goaltender, and at least 2 or 3 legit forwards away from contending. They need a legitimate 3rd line center like Kadri in Toronto. Brandon Sutter is at best a fill in 3rd line center but a fantastic 4th liner.
  14. Pickly

    *UPDATE* Elias Pettersson Has Slight MCL Sprain

    It’s comical the people jumping all over Cherry for the Pettersson comment. Donny is well past his best before date but he has shown plenty of love to various Canucks over the years which is surprising considering who he works for. To call him a racist and a bigot is extreme. My grandpa is 82 years old and he shares that same old school hockey mentality where Euro’s are soft and good ol Canadian boys are what makes the league go round. I can argue all day with him how he is incorrect and, but it’s pointless because he isn’t going to change his opinion at his age. Canuck fans are soooooo quick to jump on any media outlet criticizing our beloved Canucks but are the first ones to throw shade at any other Canadian team. The insecurity around here is laughable. I for one take anything Don says with a grain of salt. Please, the guy is a cultural icon and the most recognizable figure in hockey media worldwide. He may not always be right (often) , but cut him some slack here.
  15. Personally, I’m not holding my breath.