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  1. You don’t think if they could have been flipped for assets they already would have been? Like I get it. Some people around here and beyond think Benning is an idiot and doesn’t know anything. However, to think he wouldn’t have at least tried to get something for expiring contracts/assets is ridiculous.
  2. It doesn’t help that our local sports media continually slam Benning non stop day in and day out for every move he’s made and the things he hasn’t done.
  3. Misread. My bad. But nonetheless a ridiculous accusation by some.
  4. Ya that 2021 first round pick really has implications on the Canucks upcoming season.
  5. Hughes has played 5 games in the NHL and now he’s worth former 2x Norris winner Erik Karlsson money? Tell me. What makes you believe this?
  6. Man that’s what I don’t get about some people. They expect the Canucks to build the entire team from the draft. If that were the case, it’ll be another 4 or 5 years of bottom dwelling because just like Jimbo said not long ago, you win with players age 25-34. The Canucks are still hypothetically a bad team on paper but are trending upwards and are getting to the point now where they need to make strides for the good of the franchise and the fan base. The only way they can improve quicker is via trade and smart FA signings which is risky and takes balls but IMO is worth it for time to time, like today. Two of St Louis’ most valuable playoff performers in ROR and Brayden schenn were acquired via trade and I think the Blues and their fans were happy how that turned out.
  7. I like Miller a lot but I was disappointed to hear about the conditional 1st. However, it’s not going to solely make or break the future of the club. The biggest question mark I have is how he plans to deal with a defence with so many holes. I really hope Benning doesn’t throw the chequebook at Myers or Gardiner because let’s be honest, they are mediocre at best and not worth the contracts they are gonna get.
  8. Meh. I’ve actually liked Miller for a long time and he plays a style that the Canucks need in their top 6. He’s big, physical, and isn’t afraid to muck it up. Plus, playing regular top 6 minutes should help inflate his stats. I’m not happy about the conditional 1st, but it is what it is.
  9. Trying to be relevant in Vancouver sports media. That’s all.
  10. The top 6 is more balanced after this deal which is needed. Hopefully we can get Sutter and/or Eriksson off the books somehow to shed some deadweight. I’m just so curious as to how we make the D better. I really hope Jimbo doesn’t sign Gardiner or Myers to albatross deals.