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  1. I work with a guy who’s originally from Hong Kong and he estimated as far back as late January/early February that the numbers from China were laughable and you might as well multiply them by as much as 50.
  2. This is probably your best post I’ve ever read.
  3. Still not fact that millions of people are going to die.
  4. Link? FYI I’m a fact guy. Speculation on the other hand..
  5. That has to be somewhat humiliating to the worker who served him that coffee. I get it we need to take precautions but this is brutal. Guys a muppet who should brew his own joe at home. Don’t forget to spray down your Keurig.
  6. Eerily similar to what I had back in mid February.
  7. Now that you have some extra time I highly recommend watching Chernobyl on HBO. One of the best miniseries I've ever seen.
  8. Plenty of experts are predicting anywhere from 30-70% of the population to get it. How many are asymptomatic and how many are severely affected is an intimidating topic.
  9. Bill is one of the good ones that’s for sure.
  10. Because Trump said so. Clear as day.
  11. Think about how many goods are shipped or trucked to Canada from the US every single day.
  12. You have my attention...