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  1. IMO, the greatest leaders are/were always great followers/students. My father always instilled in me to lead by example and your actions always speak louder than your words. Donald Trump has absolutely zero, and I mean zero, qualities as what a good, let alone great leader should possess.
  2. I try to avoid politics as much as possible due to the volatility of it but now I can’t help myself. If Americans don’t wake up and this POS gets re-elected then god have mercy.
  3. How dare you disrespect Saint Mattis himself
  4. Trump has the balls to try and smear General James Mattis’ name on Twitter after Mattis calls Trump out for what he really is. Mattis has god like status amongst veterans and is one of the most respected military figures this century. Someone needs to LHO this MF.
  5. As a runner this whole thing makes me sick to my stomach. What the hell is wrong with people and what the F is wrong with the US? That country keeps making itself a bigger joke on the world stage with this stuff continuing to happen. I hope these two get the death penalty for this. Probably won’t though cause..you know..
  6. Pickly

    NFL thread

    I liken Andy Dalton to Tony Romo. Talented and capable but unfortunate and lacked that X factor to get a team over the hump. Both were extremely under appreciated with their respective tenures as well. Ironic how Andy ended up in Dallas.
  7. Meh these guys are super immature. Talking openly about doing nose beers and body shaming women who would probably ghost you if you didn't have the status of being a rich pro athlete makes you look like a complete jabroni. Frat boy mentality at its finest.
  8. I’m not the average Joe though. 5.56mm NATO used to pay my wage for a living. Plenty of experience putting rounds down range.
  9. If you feel you need a firearm strictly for the purpose of self defence then you will be just fine with a pump action, defender style shotgun. If you really feel you need to squeeze off multiple rounds to get your point across than as far as I am aware you are still legally allowed to own pistols and revolvers. Other than that, I don’t see the average Joe needing a 556 AR platform weapon or anything of the sorts.
  10. I bet he had some interesting stories though..
  11. Not only do they feel it's their right, but it the fact that a lot of people in the US feel they need to own a personal arsenal of weapons. If you feel you need 3 pistols, 5 semi auto rifles with 30 round magazines, and a mini gun, you have much greater needs in life.
  12. I'm aware. I have my restricted and non restricted PAL.