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  1. That and he only has a year left on a team friendly deal considering he’s a legitimate top 6 forward. Sure he had a bad go vs Vegas but you’d be hard pressed to find a guy under 4 mill who can give you what Pearson is capable of giving you.
  2. Agreed. However, at this point Tryamkin coming back seems more of a pipe dream than anything. It’s too bad because who knows what could have been. There’s always a chance I guess.
  3. Lol Travis has been Jakes coach pretty much his entire professional career and has both been stubborn and forgiving with him. He has given him every opportunity to succeed and has also fairly punished him along the way. Fact remains Jake is a lazy player who isn’t willing to go the extra mile to become a better hockey player. It’s that simple. Tryamkin openly complained about his time in Vancouver and left on bad terms thus leaving a sour taste in both parties mouths.
  4. Or, Tryamkin burned that bridge himself. He was given a chance to be an NHL player and that’s all that matters. Yeah, Willie D didn’t do his part in giving him more of a critical role on the team but all in all Tryamkins time here in Vancouver has been grossly overrated. He was a nice bottom pairing guy on any decent team who wasn’t overly aggressive considering his size but had a long reach and could take away shooting lanes with his size and reach. People speak of him like he’s the solution to the Canucks defensive woes which I won’t totally argue against because I would welcome him back on this roster but he took the selfish, entitled road back to Russia because he wasn’t handed minutes instead of earning them.
  5. With all due fairness to Benning and Co McCann was lights out that preseason and earned a spot on the roster and Virtanen was either go back to Jr and flounder for a season or gain some valuable NHL experience playing a sheltered role. You can’t criticize these moves because the Canucks at the time were on route to the league cellar and needed a boost to keep the fans invested.
  6. He will resign here. Like I said before, he really rounds out that top 6 and keeps Eriksson in the press box. Guy was playing hurt the entire Vegas series too.
  7. Jannik Hanson was a versatile puck hound who could play up and down the line up. More importantly, he was a winger. Not vying for the oh so important 3rd line center role. Poor comparison.
  8. Malholtra was also a top 10 pick who failed to live up to his draft pedigree and found a role as an extremely good face off guy who was sound defensively. Gaudette is a 5th rounder who has outperformed expectations. He is horrible in his own end and cannot win a face off to save his life. Until this improves he is just be better off on the wing. The 3rd line center role is a pivotal one and you need a guy that can play a sound two way game that can chip in offensively. Bo Horvat is not a 3rd line player he is a proven center in this league and blossoming into one hell of a hockey player and the league has taken notice.
  9. Toffoli really balances out that top 6. I think it's necessary to resign him. He was playing on one foot the Vegas series so its unfair to judge him on that.
  10. Torres played the game like a possessed psycho looking to run guys through the boards any chance he could get. Jake throws a solid hit once every 5 games usually because it’s somebody trying to hit him. Guy has the physical tools to be a wrecking ball but pint sized Tyler Motte plays a heavier game then him.
  11. Jake needs a change of scenery. Green has been his pro head coach his entire career basically and still can't get through to him.
  12. A lot to dissect here. I’m highly against dealing a consecutive first round picks considering there is absolutely no guarantee the Canucks make the playoffs next year and you still need to keep the cupboards stocked for long term sustainability. If you can get a first for Virtanen you absolutely take it and run but I just don’t see it as I don’t think he’s that good and reality is starting to set in as to what type of player he really is. I don’t know what the fascination with Tryamkin is around here I mean he’s a big body and played decent when he was here but he’s 26 and has had opportunity to come back so I think that ship has probably sailed. Furthermore, he’s more of a bottom pairing defenceman anyway what the Canucks need is another top 3 D. Hoglander is a nice player but I highly doubt he makes the jump from the SHL to the NHL without some seasoning in the A to get familiar with the NA style of game. Fanta also deserves to be here next year as he outplayed Benn all year and showed he’s a perfect 6/7 D at the perfect price. All in all the Canucks have a lot of work to do this offseason (the most important in recent memory) but I don’t really like the idea of tossing around sweeteners like candy to get rid of multiple bad contracts that Benning himself is guilty for.