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  1. 1040 has a serious lack of talent at the moment and Halford and Brough were the logical choice. Plus, I doubt Matt and Blake wanted to give up their timeslot for 4am wake up calls. They need to somehow source some new talent or else the station is doomed to eventually fail. Also, I’ve been a loyal listener for a long time and I love Donny and Bob but my god their gig is getting old. Time for some new blood and a new perspective. Personally I am a big NFL fan so I love tuning into 1410 when they have ESPN and Fox sports radio on to listen to some NFL chat but I’m pretty sure guys like me are few and far between.
  2. Let me throw this by you, Tomlinson will probably get a gig somewhere else. What I’m trying to say is, I really hope Pratt hangs em up for good. Get a load of this, he got worse and dumber with age. How cool is this, we never have to hear him on 1040 again. I guarantee it! To the bank, Baby!
  3. Such a sigh of relief. Dave Pratt had no business having his own show. He was arrogant, egocentric, and plain dumb. He had little value or validity when it came to discussion or debates with co hosts and always tried to make a point of arguing a topic when there was to argument to be had. I can’t believe I listened to this clown nearly daily for a decade and change.
  4. The draft is fine the way it is. More and more players are stepping in and lighting it up as 19-20 year olds now more than ever. Players are peaking around 25-27 and seems as if 30 is the new 35 for when average players play seriously drops off. Imagine a 19 year old quarterback with 2 years of NCAA experience under his belt entering the NFL draft and having Von Miller or JJ Watt coming at you full steam? Most players aren’t physically or mentally ready until their Junior or Senior year.
  5. Pickly

    The TDL Benning Complaint Thread Department

    I concur. I have a gut feeling Jimbo won’t be at the helm when the Canucks make the playoffs next. I’ve been a “skeptic supporter” of his since he was brought in and continue to back him even though his resume is spotty outside of a few draft picks. However, like you said; the shelf life of a GM is limited when he’s running a team mired in adversity and poor performance. Ive been thinking about it a lot lately and the hope that we are just another top 5 pick and a UFA D away is ludacris. With the way things are going this team is another 3-4 years away from contention unless bold changes are made.
  6. Pickly

    Coaching review for 2018/2019 season

    All I know is that the jabroni running the PP (NB) has gotta go. Like ASAP.
  7. So. What’s your point?
  8. Pickly

    The TDL Benning Complaint Thread Department

    Wtf makes Shanahan so great? Burke drafted Reilly, Kadri, and Connor Brown. He was gifted Auston Matthews and top 5 pick Mitch Marner has panned out better than hoped. Doesn't hurt that a superstar in Tavares wanted to play for his hometown team too. Doesn't happen often than stars leave the teams that drafted them as UFA's in their prime. The Leafs were HORRIBLE for years and were able to get it together once they won the draft lottery. I'm so sick and tired of people pumping the leafs tires for how to rebuild correctly. If the Canucks had Matthews and Pettersson they'd look pretty good right now too.
  9. Pickly

    Who gets more points. The team or Petey?

    First part true last part false
  10. Pickly

    The TDL Benning Complaint Thread Department

    Oh really? A top notch D core when the cupboards were essentially bare when he got here and the team had not drafted a defenceman in the first round since Bourdon?
  11. Ya but in all fairness Ovie is arguably the greatest goal scorer of all time
  12. Schenn already having more impact than Guddy
  13. Pickly

    The TDL Benning Complaint Thread Department

    The Canuck fan base as a whole is pretty intelligent despite the bad rap we get around the league. That being said, there’s a ton of simpleton fair weather fans on social media and a few on these boards who tend to complain for the sake of complaining about everything management does without an intelligent argument to back it up. If anybody is complaining about today they need a serious reality check. Benning f’d up by resigning Guddy. Actually, he f’d up by acquiring him in the first place. That being said, I get where he was coming from when he traded for him. Today he managed to get basically the only thing he could have gotten for him, another struggling player on a similar contract. I call it a win. As for Dahlin, clearly the Canucks brass knows something we don’t and the kid wanted to be traded. Kinda ties your hands when you have a player who doesn’t wanna be here.