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  1. Sounds like Petterson oozes skill but lacks in the effort category (so far.) Reminds me so much of Alex Kovalev. Which can be good or bad depends on how you look at it.
  2. Tsn is irrelevant. They are minnows now compared to Snet.
  3. Doesn't matter who the Rags sign. They won't win.
  4. Pedan, Mceneny, Virtanen, and Goldobin have all had looks at the NHL. Aside from Mcenenys little stint, the other 3 have proven to the coaches and management they are not ready to be regulars. Even the casual fan can see that. You also have to remember you are injecting youth into a lineup that has been depleted of true talent for years. Aside from the Sedins, the Canucks have not had any star players like the other teams in the league to help shelter these kids and allow them to excel offensively when there is little offense to begin with.
  5. What Guys? Subban? Virtanen? It has been slim pickins down there in Utica for some time now and did it every cross your mind that the minors is a much better place for some young players rather than being thrown to the wolves in the big leagues?
  6. Resorting to what has worked for them in the past.
  7. The coaching staff should shift away from using the Sedins as the first unit PP. It doesn't matter who you put out there with them anymore, it doesn't work. Anywaus, Gagner is a nice addition to a team starving for offense. However, you can kiss having both Boeser and Goldobin on the roster next year goodbye.
  8. Sign Bouma. Guy's gritty, hits, fights, and a former Giant. Dorsett is a huge question mark too.
  9. It'll all be worth it if they win a cup or two. It makes me sick to think the bloody Oilers are literally on the cusp of winning more cups.
  10. I find there's a much weirder vibe in major US cities. The comfort level compared to say Vancouver or Calgary just isn't there for me. That being said, those "cool" areas you mentioned are what I base my travel experiences off of too.
  11. Chicago is a wicked city. Yeah the gun crime and murder rates are astronomical on the south and west sides but considering the sheer size of it there are plenty of safe places to live without fear.
  12. He's overrated. And a goof. We will agree to disagree
  13. Yup the same Dustin Byfuglien the Jets decided to extend long term to be a part of the future unlike your boy Kane who was shown the door and ended up having trouble keeping his nose clean when he got to Buffalo, ie grabbing a woman by her throat at a bar. Real class act.
  14. Guy had 9 points in 40 games last year while regularly being scratched from the line up.
  15. You're funny. Ask Dustin Byfuglien and the Winnipeg Jets. They practically disowned him as a teammate.