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  1. It'll all be worth it if they win a cup or two. It makes me sick to think the bloody Oilers are literally on the cusp of winning more cups.
  2. I find there's a much weirder vibe in major US cities. The comfort level compared to say Vancouver or Calgary just isn't there for me. That being said, those "cool" areas you mentioned are what I base my travel experiences off of too.
  3. Chicago is a wicked city. Yeah the gun crime and murder rates are astronomical on the south and west sides but considering the sheer size of it there are plenty of safe places to live without fear.
  4. Yup the same Dustin Byfuglien the Jets decided to extend long term to be a part of the future unlike your boy Kane who was shown the door and ended up having trouble keeping his nose clean when he got to Buffalo, ie grabbing a woman by her throat at a bar. Real class act.
  5. Guy had 9 points in 40 games last year while regularly being scratched from the line up.
  6. You're funny. Ask Dustin Byfuglien and the Winnipeg Jets. They practically disowned him as a teammate.
  7. So what are you willing to give up to obtain a one time 30 goal scorer with extensive injury history and a confirmed reputation of being a locker room cancer?
  8. His arrogance. Most of the guys were down to earth and willing to chat with media and the staff helping out with the event. Kane came off as a douche and had a chip on his shoulder. He can score goals there's no question there but do you really want that in your dressing room considering the future leaders of the club consists of kids mature beyond their years? (Ie Horvat and Boeser)
  9. I for one hope the Canucks sign some AHL help capable of filling in for injuries when they happen on the big club and sign two bottom pairing NHL defenceman to short, cheap contracts because with Tanev and Edler it's almost a given one or both misses time due to injury this year. Other than that steer clear of bad, long term deals *cough Alzner cough*. Ride the ship this season and let it play out as it should. Hopefully win the lottery next June. Third times a charm right.
  10. Gross. Kane is a cancer and has an attitude problem. His behaviour at the Giants 10 year mem cup golf tourney speaks volume about what kinda character he is. Pass.
  11. Soft, lazy, huge draft busts. And you wants 2 of them on this team, god forbid the same line? C'mon man.
  12. I'm not opposed to signing Alzner but like heck he wants to play in Vancouver for a team that's rebuilding, unless he wants to come home. Contenders will shell out top buck for him and quite frankly after the Eriksson debacle I'm skeptical at offering big money to UFA's.
  13. There is no one formula to winning a cup. There are definitely similarities between recent champions but they were all much different in terms of team make up. As for Jim, I think he has an idea of what he is doing so let's sit back and let the team evolve. Have patience.
  14. That's not Like Willson