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  1. kicking ass and looking good
  2. Oilers absolutely butchered his development i hate that team
  3. Making some bold ones that will hopefully make me look stupid by seasons end Bottom 10 team Vrbata will score 30+ preventing the nucks from being a bottom 5 Lack will be the clear numbers one by trade deadline because of his strong play(not b/c of miller) It will become much more evident that Burrows is a 3rd liner Kassian will fail to impress but Vey will Sedins will bounce back and have a strong season 65-70 points
  4. or possibly Horvat and Patrick white lol
  5. and Bertuzzi is a real gem right?
  6. what's your occupation?
  7. not true we post on here occasionally mostly when we're procrastinating though
  8. Topman - buy my suits from here Zara - assorted crap H&M -assorted crap Plenty - jeans and cool shirts The Bay - always find something here Joe Fresh - nice plain t's Jack and Jones on occasion
  9. VICanucksfan5551 he doesnt have enough X's in his name for me to respect him
  10. do it up
  11. Anything above 30 is too hot for my liking
  12. A little excessive but the dude deserves to get a decent payout
  13. I dont think 3 million is a on overpayment on a day like today There are some pretty cringe worthy contracts being signed right now
  14. I'd like to see the kind of house she's living in corrupt piece of sh**