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  1. Hope you have a backup plan pretty sure most uber drivers make below minimum wage
  2. Yesterdays episode made me think she's not gonna make it till the very end
  3. Didnt realize Ether hit below $150 wish i jumped on that
  4. Did it take you a while to register for quadriga? My verification has been going on for a week
  5. To do this, do you just need to open up a trading account with your bank and use their specific platform? I assume trading with banks may have higher fees
  6. are the fees with buying and selling crypto higher then stocks?
  7. I imagine puts and calls are really expensive for cryto currencies given their volatility no? (i know little about this kind of stuff)
  8. That's a terrible deal for the caps... Maybe they can pawn him off during the next expansion draft
  9. I don't think theirs an issue with knowledge. I think doctors are super rushed which results in less quality visits, misdiagnosis, etc. Why they're so rushed? Shortage of doctors perhaps. So medical clinics tend to be backed up. Trying to see the maximum number of patients per day so they get more $$$ . I'm not sure I've had a few family doctors the last 10 years and I've been disappointed in all of them. Super long wait times, visits which never last longer than 5 minutes, reluctance to make referrals etc.
  10. I hven't been following the whole expansion thing very much, so I'm probably completely clueless. But that seems like a pretty $&!#ty team given the list of unprotected players I saw earlier. Like Jack Johnson, Dumba, Enstrom, Oshie, Yakupov, Grabner, Bennett, Grigoreko, Strome,etc I'd imagine a new franchise would want to ice the best team imaginable day 1. Not stock piling draft picks for later.
  11. Someone was going to have to be the bad guy. While older property owners may be happy with their assessments, they won't be so happy when all the young and skilled workers leave the province, leaving BC in a mess. If the NDP were to tank the market and send the economy in a tail spin, the liberal would have their platform for the next 2 decades saying look what the NDP did while causing the mess in the first place.
  12. I get what you're saying. But if that's the mindset that we choose, our future is always going to be like this. Change unfortunately takes time. I get the frustration, I really do. I'm 26 year old professional with a great job and have no hope in hell in ever purchasing a home in the city I grew up in. I like many other young professionals am being priced out. However, I dont believe NDP will be the Change which people are hoping. My take on the situation is this. If you believe in the Green party agenda and policies and choose not to vote for them out of fear, it will be an endless circle of Liberals and NDP consistently get elected in until one party $&!#s the bed. Isnt that what always happens? If we want parties to change and adapt to our provinces current needs, they need to feel pressured. Having a third option does that.
  13. Yeah you're right lol. My bad. I misread that, I thought it said 3500 square feet Definitely goes for 20 million in point grey too
  14. Agreed Vote for the policies and party you believe in . I'm heard a lot of people saying they aren't voting for Green because they feel like it's a wasted vote. That’s such a ridiculous comment to make in my opinion. How is it a wasted vote if that’s what you believe in? The Greens will only continue to grow and get more support if it's seen as a viable option. If people never vote for them, despite agreeing with their policies, then how will they ever get to that point? The more votes they get, the more momentum the party gains in future elections, the more donations they're likely to receive, the more coverage they'll get. If we adopt the mindset that BC only has two political options (NDP/Liberal), we'll always have two $&!#ty options where each election one party will try to be slightly less $&!#ty than the other. Inst that what the US has with the democrats and republicans.... I understand that "strategic" voting has its place in some instances. I despise Clark, but I'm not going to compromise by beliefs to get her out.