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  1. That's right, duhh can't count
  2. Don't we choose 5th overall as Carolina beats us in the tie breaker?
  3. Official NHL 14 Thread

    May I please have Staal Parenteau Kadri Enstrom?
  4. Official NHL 14 Thread

    Offer is still up if any CDC members need help to get pucks through collection bonuses
  5. Official NHL 14 Thread

    There really is no cap, there used to be tournaments where you have to be under a certain cap. But I haven't seen any this year as far as I know.
  6. Official NHL 14 Thread

    Haha it's more for helping the other person since they get 30k and I get 10k. I usually don't buy from the packs
  7. Official NHL 14 Thread

    But I'm just asking for 10-15k in return
  8. Official NHL 14 Thread

    You get him back, but if you put him up for 50 starting bid and you might get stuck with only 50 pucks. You just put the entire team in your collection and you get 40-60k and then return the collection to me
  9. Official NHL 14 Thread

    You can either 1) Buy a bronze/silver/gold pack and hope for contract cards 2) Buy it from the auction house. When you collect entire teams you make about 40-60k bonus pucks
  10. Official NHL 14 Thread

    I have Dallas, San Jose, and Ottawa if anyone on Xbox wants to make the collection bonuses
  11. Official NHL 14 Thread

    Thanks for the advice. On a side note, I thought they patched the transfer to silver account method?
  12. Official NHL 14 Thread

    I'm lending out Dallas and San Jose if anyone would like. Only thing I'd like in return is 20% of the bonus (7500 for Dallas, 10500 for San Jose). Also, if you have collateral it would be better as well. If anyone can vouch for some forum users it would help. BTW I'm on XBOX, PM me on this forum if you'd like to do this
  13. Pave low kills don't count towards your kill streaks.
  14. -61 and counting

  15. Canucks look alikes