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  1. Always liked you. 

  2. Feedback and Bugs

    deactivate my account
  3. [GDT] - Canucks @ Jets

    testing what the &^@# is up with this board? w/e, out
  4. countdown to deactivation

    1. Heretic

      new song by Imagine Dragons?

  5. 'Enhanced Stats' on Not Adding Up

    I only use for scores and official game sheets, other than that it's garbage. This latest crap doesn't surprise me at all. Not that this site is setting an example by any stretch. Invision Power Services, Inc. , a great company to recommend to your enemies
  6. Andrey Pedan Talk (new)

    this board looks like a jumbled mess again
  7. Andrey Pedan Talk (new)

    Benning said last year that Pedan will start getting a look with the big club around February 2016
  8. Feedback and Bugs

    board looks like a jumbled mess again
  9. Feedback and Bugs

  10. Edler back pass

    most NHL teams use the drop pass
  11. He needs an inflatable Bo Sang doll like desi has.
  12. ever had your snout whacked? the eyes water a bit