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  1. Posted this on my facebook the other day: The misery never ends. People on here can laugh at us if they want I guess but I hope you guys never have to go through what we have the last 10 years. Torture. Monumental collapse.
  2. The Hero Vancouver needs (well one of them). I don't know what you guys think but I think he would be a good fit in Vancouver and will no doubt be available this summer. Goaltending may not be your number one problem but he would certainly strengthen you in net. Feel pretty sorry for him in Toronto right now. He has been good but just isn't seeing much time because Bernier has been phenomenal. In all seriousness, I predict he ends up back with Burke in Calgary though. NYI will be interested I too guess but the Leafs probably move him out of the conference when the time comes.
  3. Toronto Maple Leafs Updated Depth Chart Nathan Horton - Nazem Kadri - Phil Kessel Nail Yakupov - Antoine Vermette - Ryan Callahan Nick Foligno - Matt Read - Nikolai Kulemin Mike Brown - Darren Helm - Matt Frattin Jay Rosehill - Colin Fraser Dimitri Kulikov - Jake Gardiner Luke Schenn - Jacob Trouba Jared Cowen - Zbynek Michalek Mark Fistric Reto Berra Chad Johnson Disappointed that I couldn't makle the playoffs with the group I had this season. I thought prior to the season I would have had a decent chance this year although I think having to make certain moves before the season began to be cap compliant held my team back a little but these moves allow me to retool and stay young. Happy to have brought in some quality assets for veteran players and upcoming free agents. Note: I also will not be placing a claim on any Florida players placed on waivers last night.
  4. I will be going to sleep after I have finished watching the Leafs game since that will be 3am here. Will be around for next half hour if anyone wants to talk deals.
  5. Rumour: The Toronto Maple Leafs may be fielding offers on Forward, Bobby Ryan as well as various other players on the team. Looking for players +picks/prospects in return.
  6. Waivers: The Toronto Maple Leafs place Jason Labarbera on waivers
  7. Today should be interesting. Will be online until the deadline fielding offers.
  8. God this board just can't cope with the Luongo traffic it seems. Takes me like 5 minutes to load a page here. Anyway glad to see Luongo finally got the outcome he wanted. As a Leafs fan I hope your rebuild doesn't take as long as ours did.
  9. Thinking of potentially moving some big names on my roster. For those wanting to strenghten their roster for the playoffs take a look and get in touch.
  10. Recall: The Toronto Maple Leafs would like to recall Jay Rosehill Updated Depth Chart Bobby Ryan - Nazem Kadri - Phil Kessel Nathan Horton - Antoine Vermette - Ryan Callahan Nick Foligno - Matt Read - Nikolai Kulemin Mike Brown - Colin Fraser - Matt Frattin Jay Rosehill Francois Beauchemin - Jake Gardiner Luke Schenn - Jared Cowen Jacob Trouba - Zybynek Michalek Mark Fistric Henrik Lundqvist Jason Labarbera
  11. Rumour: A certain goaltender in Toronto may be available as the Leafs may look to shake things up going forward.
  12. Activation: The Toronto Maple Leafs activate forward Nathan Horton from Injured Reserve Assignment : The Toronto Maple Leafs assign forward Lucas Lessio to their minor league affiliate. Updated Depth Chart Bobby Ryan - Nazem Kadri - Phil Kessel Nathan Horton - Antoine Vermette - Ryan Callahan Nick Foligno - Matt Read - Nikolai Kulemin Mike Brown - Matt Beleskey - Matt Frattin Francois Beauchemin - Jake Gardiner Luke Schenn - Jared Cowen Zybynek Michalek - Jacob Trouba Henrik Lundqvist Jason Labarbara
  13. This thread makes my head hurt. For the most part these posts would appear to be from 12 year old kids who think they are witty to refer to the Leafs as the "Laffs" and obviously have little to no understanding of the role Phaneuf plays on his team. I also can't wait until people quit comparing recently signed contracts to those signed under the old CBA. We are in a completely different era now from when those deals were signed so it is a pointless comparison. The market dictates the value and Phaneuf would certainly have got terms equal to or more than this on the open market. The cap is rising and in turn players are going to get a raise. It's simple. In reference to the Leafs cap situation when you take into consideration small factors such as the Tucker and Armstrong buyouts (2 mil) coming off the books along with not having to go into next season with a portion of Scrivens and Frattin's salary retained and combine that with the rise in the cap it is possible (in my opinion) for the Leafs to still ice a competitive team and resign other core players going into next season.
  14. Just when I thought things couldn't get any worse... Callahan out up to 6 weeks. Cowen suspended. Damn
  15. This season is off to an awful start for my team. I felt so ready coming into this year before the reduced salary cap set me back a little. Now injuries have slowed me down even further and my back-up (Labarbera) has just lost his position on the Oilers with the addition of Bryzgalov. Ugh...