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  1. Maybe Markstrom is just a newage Hasek?? 

    1. coastal.view


      how so ?

      hasek regularly had a .930 save percentage

      marky? not so much

    2. Nuck1991


      we finally won the luongo trade

  2. Anyone know the NHL record for coach firings in a single regular season?

    1. Ghostsof1915


      Good time to be an AHL head coach or assistant NHL coach. 

  3. Personal experience is always paramount. Thanks for sharing yours! I have also always had good experiences buying through both stubhub and ticketmaster.
  4. I would just go directly to ticketmaster or stubhub.
  5. If I could have just one wish from the Canucks this holiday season...please don't give Hutchinson his first win of the season on Tuesday.

  6. Can every night be Alex Burrows night?

    1. King Heffy

      King Heffy

      Felt like every playoff game was Alex Burrows night.  The definition of clutch.

  7. @Dubas Your team is on the upswing and you haven't spent a ton of salary cap in a little while. Time to find a way to go all in for Hall???

    1. Alflives


      Muzzin for Hall.  Why have even one guy on the Leafs who can play any defence?  

  8. I love TS! strange online acquaintance way.
  9. No!!! Why?!?!?! ...get a bit if mojo going and its "ship everyone out and start again"...? And if you aren't suggesting they should be replaced, why bring it up?
  10. Moonwalk is my new favourite goal celebration. I hope someone has a clip of the little kids' slick shoot out move and celly!

    1. mll
    2. NUCKER67


      People must forget who Michael Jackson was and the things he did.