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  1. Lets Go Canes, Lets Go?!?!

    1. Coconuts


      Where though? It's doubtful they'll be going to San Jose or St Louis being down 3-0.. 

    2. Tortorella's Rant
  2. Nice one.. maybe blue/green gradient of some sort for text, or a border to separate from the blue in the gloves, stick, jersey? edit: For the name text, I mean.
  3. Sorry, phone-posting troubles...
  4. RECENT CANUCKS TRADE SPECULATION THE ATHLETIC: During a mailbag segment earlier this month, JD Burke was asked about possible trade targets for the Canucks. He suggested making a pitch for Minnesota Wild winger Jason Zucker. Pointing to the near-deal that would’ve sent Zucker to the Calgary Flames at the trade deadline for Michael Frolik and a draft pick, he proposes the Canucks offer up Jake Virtanen. He also believes they should target the Edmonton Oilers, assuming they’ll once again screw up their GM search. Asked which team the Canucks could trade center Brandon Sutter to this summer, he doubts there’s much of a market for the 30-year-old center, who’s signed through 2020-21 with a $4.35-million AAV and also carries a no-trade clause. He speculates the Edmonton Oilers might be interested, depending on who becomes their next GM. He also wonders if the Columbus Blue Jackets would be willing to swap Alexander Wennberg’s contract (signed through 2022-23, $4.9 million AAV) for Sutter’s, or if the New York Islanders might be interested. VANCOUVER SUN: Patrick Johnston recently listed Sutter, Virtanen, Nikolay Goldobin, Loui Eriksson, and Ben Hutton as potential Canucks trade candidates. Goldobin’s a restricted free agent who said he wants to stay in Vancouver but Johnston wondered if he’ll get the chance. Eriksson carries a $6 million AAV and was employed on the fourth line this season. He also carries a 15-team no-trade list but could be appealing to budget clubs looking to become cap compliant. SPECTOR’S NOTE: Pundits and fans can make suggestions over what moves the Canucks should attempt to make but GM Jim Benning probably has other ideas. If Zucker’s available, the Wild could attempt to drive up his value by getting teams into a bidding war for his services. If so, forget about prying him out of Minnesota with Virtanen. There could be a market for Sutter or Eriksson among cost-conscious clubs looking to reach the cap minimum. However, those teams will also want a sweetener included in the deal, like a decent draft pick or a good prospect. The Canucks might not have to worry about re-signing Goldobin. He’s reportedly considering signing with a KHL team this summer.
  5. I am Groot!

    1. nux4lyfe


      I am drunk!



      Nikita Tryamkin is that you,we miss you.

  6. The Year of the Underdog!


    I love it!!!

    1. debluvscanucks


      Me too!  It's so great when it's up for grabs and anyone who works hard enough can get in.  How it should be.

  7. I wanted both Boston AND Toronto to lose, but I will sleep well knowing I won't have to hear from some insufferable Leafs' fans.

    1. Alflives


      And we don’t have to listen to endless “Leafs, and the Shanaplan are great” talk on every sports station.  


  8. There is a God (in the east), and E.Karlsson is too fast for his team (in the west).



      E.Karlsson is a tire fire of a defense man in the far on the ice for 15 of 21 goals against.


      YA TIRE  FIRE!

    2. Drive-By Body Pierce

      Drive-By Body Pierce

      He is several steps ahead of his team (literally, on the ice, with passes ahead of his teammates, etc.). Obviously not "making his linemates better", on his current team.

    3. Drive-By Body Pierce

      Drive-By Body Pierce

      I don't necessarily jump to an extreme statement based on +/- stats though. Especially, about a player playing more minutes than most others, and thus more likely to be on the ice for (the most) goals for or against.

  9. Gudbranson as one of the +/- leaders on the Pens, in the playoffs....

    1. Show previous comments  3 more
    2. Ghostsof1915


      Pittsburgh has some good pieces moving forward. 

      Only problem is they have a lot of money tied up in a defence that is all over the place. 


    3. CanuckinEdm


      I think hes a playoff guy I remember before we traded for him he was a beast in the playoffs for Florida that season. 

    4. D-Money


      I watched the first half of game 4. Guddy was the goat in a huge way on the 2nd (winning) goal. I mean, the LD was already on the left side, but he chased Bailey all the way to the left corner to lay a hit, leaving Nelson wide open for a tap-in right where EG should have been.


      It was absolutely brainless.