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  1. One really bad cold... and all of the sudden I am a whiskey drinker.

  2. They have meds for that
  3. John Malkovic as Hunter S Thompson...


    It feels so right.

  4. If Wsh vs. Pit were a movie, it would be called, "Who Needs Defence Anyway?".

    1. Nuxfanabroad


      The Defence Rests

    2. Tre Mac

      Tre Mac

      Scoring more than Tre Mac on a Friday night

  5. Quit a job, and abruptly leave a company short on resources, and you get gifts and going away parties... Get laid off, and you are immediately cut off from everything, and treated like a terrorist when entering and exiting the building.

    1. ThrustyPrusty89


      Funny how that works, eh

    2. Bob.Loblaw


      I call that jumping off a sinking ship.

    3. Roger Neilson's Towel

      Roger Neilson's Towel

      There's a whole lot about our daily working lives and the entire employment paradigm as a whole that makes little sense sometimes. This is definitely one of them. However, the unfortunate fact of life in our modern society is that when someone is let go there is the chance they come back to hurt people, steal, or damage property, and for that reason employers must create these policies which unfortunately hurt both honest and dishonest people alike. 

  6. Bo Horvat for Prime Minister!

  7. Shake Up! ..and Break Down!

  8. "Whiteout" worked cause its such a $&!#ty place with all the whiteouts and this gave a reason to cheer for (be proud) of it. Yup...I have spent some years in the Winterpeg.
  9. Absolutely! I want to support a team by wearing their colours!!! Not the generic white, so every arena crowd looks exactly the same.
  10. Sweet! Looks like the Sedin's have been able to pass their cycle game on to the kids! ...The Horvat line can call their game "keep-away"! =D

  11. Death to Smoochy!!! ...That's right! Cause I'm Rainbow #v&$in' Randolph!

  12. Any adults here actively playing Clash Royale?

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    2. Green Building

      Green Building

      That's all I know about clan games, well and:



    3. Drive-By Body Pierce

      Drive-By Body Pierce

      You win...I surrender.

    4. Green Building

      Green Building

      Hah, take her. Go get those douchebags. 

  13. Ohhhh Canada!

    Let's kick some &^@#ing ass!

    True patriot love!

    And the States are going down!!!

  14. Douchey Duthie!?!? So douchey!!!