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  1. I can appreciate and I like to see the old muscle... But this is also what i WANT!
  2. C'mon Florida-Anaheim Final!!!

  3. A couple of cool, unique covers of "Africa"...
  4. "Dope cover songs" ....? I win!
  5. Oh... working now.
  6. So essentially, the writer is saying because S.Weber is in the "unique" situation of having no NTC or NMC, that he could be traded. Genious! Poile has repeatedly said Weber, Josi and Jones are going nowhere, even with the recent chances and chatter of them acquiring a 1st line center like Johansen. And I don't blame him, you build cup winners with elite top pairings.
  7. There is your issue.
  8. Aww... no more video? Now I'm sad.
  10. "The Robots" does seem pretty fitting too.
  11. Nice touch! I do think Daniel should at least be a Jedi though.
  12. In more ways than one....