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  1. internet security

    The paid antivirus software programs such as those from Norton and McAfee are often targeted by virus creators as many of them are some level of anarchist and target the larger corporations. The viruses often embed themselves in the antivirus installation wreaking havoc on your system. But, as alluded to above, some "internet sense" goes a very long way. Don't open sketchy email attachments or click links from unknown senders. And, stay away from the sketchy areas of the internet while NEVER giving out information to a site unless the address begins with "https" at the very least indicating the site has an approved secure connection.
  2. That is a very fair assessment. And I agree! Bouchard does look like a dark horse to make a break up the rankings/selections!
  3. I agree that the Canucks organization needs more quality defence prospects in the pipeline. But, I feel that after Dahlin in the draft, the three wingers (Svechnikov, Zadina and Tkachuck) are significantly better than the following two defencemen (Boqvist and Dobson). And, I think it would be a very ill-advised move to NOT choose the "Best Player Available" should the Canucks have one of the top four picks.
  4. Congratulations Brock

    Is literacy really this bad in our country/province?
  5. [Report] Brad Marchand suspended 5 games

    Hooray for some semblance of justice!!! Also amusing that he went for the "I was trying to protect myself" defence again... I am just waiting for him to use that line after kicking someone in the nuts or something.
  6. [Report] Jack Johnson Requests A Trade

    Hey come on! My kid loved the soundtrack for the Curious George movie...
  7. [Report] Jack Johnson Requests A Trade

    Certainly not something that can help the Canucks at this point in time, but he could be a great asset for a legitimate contender, in my opinion.
  8. Gudbranson vs Tryamkin (Discussion)

    In my opinion Gudbranson will seek, and get, 5M+ per year on an extended contract somewhere in the NHL for what he brings to the table.
  9. Live another day to cheer on the Canucks.

    Props to the Pilot!
  10. Disney buys Fox for $52bn

    Was something cut out? ...or is everyone ignoring whatever it is that "Disney is investing heavily in..."?
  11. This Team Has No JAM!

    Also, I wonder if the OP knows that the Canucks are missing 2/3rds of their top line and half of the guys playing down the middle???
  12. Best Athlete In the World?

    Nice sig buddy!