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  1. Me to please
  2. Dude thank you, you have just un hornasized me Well done sir
  3. Lolz I'll frack any living thing that walks on 2 legs right now.... except Fergie
  4. My fracking god i need to get layed Like now Or im gonna explode boooooooooooooooooooooooooom
  5. currently man whores i believe....
  6. We went from talking about hot brown girls to this?! Curse the need to pretty myself up and leave the computer
  7. So your classify brown east indian punjabi people the same as Chinese, Korean, Japanese etc ?! No Doesnt work for me
  8. Yeah i know... White+Brown couples look soooo good together to. Its a shame its kinda taboo to date outside your race. Some of my realatives i know for a fact would be lets say.... un easy if i was to marry a brown girl Im confident though i could make it work if i ever got that far. If i had to learn the language to get "in" with the older members of the family so be it.
  9. South Asian Or brown But not Asian Theres a differnce
  10. Thats possible
  11. Yeah man i know... It can be a sensitive issue... But really as a white dude im not sure it could be possible to be more "down with the brown" My best friend is a brown guy and most of my friends in general seem to be brown Ive thought about learning punjabi on more then one occasion to... It would certanly be useful in dealing with the family etc.. The grandparents it seems like are the ones that have a issue with it ive found, the people who were born here or have been here for 30 years really dont seem to care. But every family is differnt of course
  12. Nah the browns arnt classified as Asian. White guys like asians in general because there small and hot i guess. Mostly just general hotness.
  13. Puh lease "hot ginger guy" (not my words) (And i fracking hate the word ginger but i digress) PLUS a stunning brown girl not hot but stunning (and yes there are lots of them out there) Its gonna happen My lord I will enter the sacred gates of the finest brown girls ever to live... I accept that this is my purpose in life.
  14. Im aware that all the parts are th same But The number of brown girls- the number of hot brown girls in this fine city i live in is just staggering And i need one White guy + hot brown girl = :D
  15. my god i need to frack a brown women there fracking everywhere and i need one actually I need them all