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  1. NHL 15 Thread

    NHL14 is definitely the last copy I'm paying for. I was totally sold on "Live the Life". Comparing it to NBA 2K14's Career mode is a major let down. That's going to be what I look for in future versions of NHL, until they make a true "Live the Life", I'm not spending anymore money on EA's NHL.
  2. Official NHL 14 Thread

    I just completed the OHL season and going into the draft, when is the draft order determined for the teams? I've reset over 5 times now and it keeps coming up as Flyers, Oilers, then Jets. I'd rather be drafted by Winnipeg Jets than Flyers or Oilers.
  3. Official NHL 14 Thread

    Hmm, it seems to work better. The puck is not coming to a full stop. They're still not winding it up first, I might have to try it while holding down the left trigger. I'll experiment more with that. I appreciate the help on that guys, thanks :D I have another question, I find it a little difficult to do the slap shot all in one motion, a lot of times my player end up deking the puck back & forth instead. Is there a better way to do this? I think I found that in older versions you just hold down RB and push the RS analog, but that seems to dump the puck in with a slap shot instead of firing it at the net.
  4. Official NHL 14 Thread

    I'm playing on XBOX, I thought it might be RB, but it doesn't seem to work
  5. Official NHL 14 Thread

    Got a question, I'm probably not doing it right, but how do I set up the CPU to do one timers? It was one of the tasks/objectives from the coach, but whenever I passed the puck to the CPU player, the CPU always stops the puck first then slap-shots it. Is there a specific button I should be holding down when I make that pass?
  6. Official NHL 14 Thread

    Do you guys know how to do more celebrations? I noticed when the CPU scores on my team (BAP Mode), he puts both arms up and does a spin. I checked the Celebrations menu, and did not see that in the list.
  7. Official NHL 14 Thread

    That's rather disappointing. Thanks for the response.
  8. Official NHL 14 Thread

    Hi everyone, I haven't played NHL since 09 & 10, can't remember if they had Be A Pro mode or not. But I'm pretty interested in it just thinking how cool it would be to be a player developing the skills and move from team to team. I recently pre-ordered NHL 14 from Futureshop's E3 deal, and wondered about the the whole trading & contracts; can you demand to be traded? Can you choose which teams to be traded to? And finally, is there a No-Trade Clause? Thanks for reading, looking forward to some answers
  9. Burrows? Do We Really Need Him?

    Would be epic if anyone printed this thread, and asked Burrows to autograph it, lol.