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  2. Top Anime Tournament [DBZ vs Death Note] CLOSED

    Why Ping Pong Club was never a part of this tournament is beyond me.
  3. Fantasy Football sign-up thread

    This is some ???? bull cowboys D
  4. Someone post the foot tattoo that Wings Imagery had. For science.

    1. Show previous comments  1 more
    2. GodzillaDeuce

      dude good idea lol

    3. Mainly Mattias

      he's in kangaroo land for the next 3 months. :'(

    4. Argon


  5. Fantasy Football sign-up thread

    good draft except for me my team is kind of meh
  6. Fantasy Football sign-up thread

    nice i'm drafting 4th chances adrian peterson falls to 4th???
  7. Fantasy Football sign-up thread

    i hour till you boys feel my wrath GATTACA edit: wtf is "i hour"???
  8. The Blazers thread [WHL]

    nice, looking forward to whatever you do I still have the one from the Portland series as my desktop hahaha
  9. The non-sexual thread

    Yeah, stay on topic! I like prairie oysters.....
  10. Male hairloss thread

    on it
  11. Male hairloss thread

    next question: pink leotard, yay or nay?
  12. Male hairloss thread

    the combover is classic, but I'm thinking of trying out the handle-bars + skullet combo what say you, cdc?
  13. NFL thread

    No worries: Vince Young edit: I forgot, written sarcasm is hard to detect. I just knocked on wood :/
  14. Fantasy Football sign-up thread

    Sorry for being late to the party now signed up (I'm Crackers)