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  1. Great post ! for all the ninkum &^@#ing poops that play too much be a GM in NHL15
  2. NHL 15 Thread

    If anyone on the PS3 wants to join my GM connected play league I have 6 spots open. Washington , Philly , Montreal , NJ , Carolina , possibly Minnesota and StLouis too League name: BendersRus Facebook page :
  3. okay cool send an invite to the facebook page for easy access on who is what team and scheduling of games. BendersRus , is the facebook page you have to search for.
  4. okay cool. Did you by chance send for Columbus ?
  5. yea sorry boys. ill join as boston if its just a sim league.
  6. I dont mean to invade this thread but if anyone is looking for a new league I got 1 with 1 spot available and will be kicking non active GM`s to make more room. We are in season 2 , try and get our games in , then sim is every 3-4 days. Calgary is available at the moment.
  7. sorry at the moment we only have Calgary available. Minnesota may be available later in the week (but they have lost some players due to cap issues at free agency. let me know if you are interested. looking for some local active players to fill a good league
  8. We play our games and sims are every 3-4 days. We're about 30 games in almost. Just had a sim last night and are in season 2
  9. So league is active and needing 3 more players. Anyone in ?
  10. NHL15 PS3 - Sim League - CDCSIM (11 teams left)

    we play all our games. but if they get done we sim them. 2 sims a week
  11. Recruiting for my league in NHL 15 for PS3. Will update thread as we go but there is also a facebook page available for better communication with users. Here is the link
  12. NHL15 PS3 - Sim League - CDCSIM (11 teams left)

    Hey boys I am going to be starting a league that starts at the Re-sign phase at the end of season 1 heading in to season 2. A few teams are accounted for but let me know if you would be interested. Chicago , vancouver , colorado , Toronto, Anaheim are all taken so far. ill send join request in a bit here
  13. NHL15 PS3 - Sim League - CDCSIM (11 teams left)

    I could probably get like 6 guys to join if we had a facebook page honestly. this forum only attracts canucks fans rather than NHL 15 fans for obvious reasons.
  14. NHL15 PS3 - Sim League - CDCSIM (11 teams left)

    again. a facebook page would make it easier. Not everyone checks this thread everyday
  15. NHL15 PS3 - Sim League - CDCSIM (11 teams left)

    has league started ?