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  1. I'd do it. He's remembered as bad defensively, especially in the cup final but that's likely due to his heavily increased minutes and having more pressure on him to perform. I think he's similar to Bieksa in that you control his minutes and have him as a piece in the puzzle rather than focus on him being your #1 guy. He was a +50 in his time here and ~ 0.6PPG. Due to the powerplay, obviously. With the rumour that WD wants to bring in Doug Lidster as an assistant, and Lidster is one of the highest scoring Canucks defensemen of all time, that could be an interesting dynamic. Although Lidster was a career -90... Some team is going to pay him 4 - 5M on a 5yr term, if that's what he wants though.
  2. Can always trade him at the deadline to a contender if it doesnt work out, getting 2015 picks in return. The deadline is when picks are generally the cheapest. Henrik is a quality center and could help Iginla put up big numbers with potential bonuses. Reports he's looking for a 2yr deal. Follow Renaud Lavoie‏@renlavoietva Jarome Iginla is looking at a 2 year deal. The only team he would accept to go for 1 season is Boston. #tvasports
  3. Wow. That means theyll pay like 1M until the late 2020's?? holy. Guess he's kind of eating his words now. "My goal is to win the Stanley Cup," Ehrhoff said in a statement released by the team. ''And after the offer I received from Buffalo, I believe this is the best place to make it happen."
  4. [Official] 2014 NHL Entry Draft Discussion Thread

    That's what I think. He's just super competitive and was unhappy to be skipped based on his scout rankings. He'll get over it and hopefully have the drive to prove everyone wrong.
  5. [Official] 2014 NHL Entry Draft Discussion Thread

    especially for being an 'unpredictable' draft...
  6. [Official] 2014 NHL Entry Draft Discussion Thread

    Welp. There it is.
  7. [Official] 2014 NHL Entry Draft Discussion Thread

    This draft is now diamonds
  8. [Official] 2014 NHL Entry Draft Discussion Thread

    Its been reported Dal Colle doesnt like Vancouver. Like, at all.
  9. There was also a report that Bettman asked first round trades to be held till the podium for announcement. This could all be hype/posturing for all we know. It begins!!!
  10. I cant take this anymore. Making a beer run...