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  1. Gameday

    Its posts like this that make me look at my calender and cry...OCTOBER PLZ..I NEED CANUCKS ASAP
  2. Eh...He's not doing the best right now buts its too early to really judge. It would be fair to question his stats at the halfway mark of the season. What REALLY troubles me is our defensive core... Bieksa Edler Tanev Hamhuis Love it __________________ Stanton Weber Sbisa Not good enough.. Dont get me wrong. I'm not asking for all or dmen to be 5 million dollar players. I just dont think those 3 help Miller and this team enough
  3. This guy needs to understand though that one Ushers slight misjudgement in the situation does not warrant this amount of attention. They gave him Lower Bowl seats and drycleaning. Not to mention De Bonis getting involved and keeping the OP involved as well. WHAT MORE DO YOU WANT! /thread
  4. They aren't going anywhere. How did I know that we'd be reading "IS IT TIME TO TRADE THEM" threads after a 5-0 loss to Arizona...When will the madness stop?! 12-6!!!!! <-------Dont change a thing as we are currently winning 2 games for every 1 loss
  5. "It is with incredible disappointment as a lifelong Vancouverite and Canucks fan to no longer have any desire to continue to cheer for the team I've grown up rooting for" LOL...That is so dramatic. Also 5'10 210lbs isn't noteworthy haha. In all seriousness. They offered Lower bowl seats and dry cleaning. What more do you want. A hockey team is willing to clean your shoes and you're butthurt? *Shaking my head soooo hard*
  6. You want MORE CBC?... CBC is not better than SNET or TSN in any way shape or form. Do you remember the good ol days when you had to get PPV just to watch the nux play?
  7. Best screenname/avatar combo ever

    Well done

  8. Thanks and good luck to you guys too!

  9. nice name