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  1. Philip Larsen - why so quiet?

    So much competition its wonderful!
  2. Philip Larsen - why so quiet?

    Stoked for this signing. We have some real good competition going into next year on the Blue Line. Tryamkin, Pedan, Biega, Larsen and maybe even Stetcher will be making strong cases and Sbisa might be booted out of the top 6 depending on how everyone else does.
  3. TSN's assessment. Agree or Disagree?

    Media has cashed in on all the clicks and views when they bash the Canucks... it's been going on for over a decade. It will not stop; they will always find negative pieces to right regardless of how accurate they are. This storyline of Jim not knowing what he is doing makes money right now. I'm not in the least bit surprised by this.
  4. [Signing] Leafs sign Matt Martin

    The next best thing to Stamkos.
  5. Hopefully he is on good terms with Miller and knows Jim from the Buffalo days. You never know... I'll be generous with the salary to simulate us at cap. FORWARDS (13) Rightwing: L. Eriksson ($6,000,000) - T. Vanek ($4,000,000) - J. Virtanen ($894,167) - J. Hansen ($2,500,000) - D. Dorsett ($2,650,000) Centre: H. Sedin ($7,000,000) - B. Sutter ($4,375,000) - B. Horvat ($894,167) - M. Granlund ($900,000) Leftwing: D. Sedin ($7,000,000) - S. Baertschi ($1,850,000) - E. Etem ($775,000) - A. Burrows ($4,500,000) DEFENSE (8) Right: C. Tanev ($4,450,000) - E. Gudbranson ($3,500,000) - N. Tryamkin ($925,000) - A. Biega ($750,000) Left: A. Edler ($5,000,000) - B. Hutton ($896,250) - L. Sbisa ($3,600,000) - A. Pedan ($950,000) GOALTENDER (2) R. Miller ($6,000,000) - J. Markstrom ($1,550,000) BUYOUTS C. Higgins ($833,333) - K. Ballard ($0) DETAILS Roster Size: 23 NHL Salary Cap: $73,000,000 Bonus Overages: $315,000 Cap Hit: $72,907,917 Cap Space: $92,083
  6. If he plays well on a one-year, maybe he would be a good pick up for Vegas next year? So they can try and get to the cap floor.
  7. Vanek went from 60-80 points to a steady 40+. He hasn't missed a beat one season. for the right $ amount I would take a Vanek in a second.
  8. [Signing] Canucks sign Michael Chaput

    It's signings like these today which will be the most interesting when the Eriksson dust settles. How we build our depth for next year will be huge in how well we do. Still need some defense and centres.
  9. I like the guy, he is pretty cool in person. Good on him.
  10. [Rumour] Sabres 8th for LHD.

    I want Juolevi at 5 and trade Edler + for the 8th OA and get Brown. 6'6" Center and a future possible #1 blueliner? It would be a sick draft.
  11. Burrows? Do We Really Need Him?

    Tonight is going to be a tough night. Might be the last time we see him in a Canucks jersey. The Dragon Slayer will be missed.
  12. Log Jam indeed. If we move McCann or Granlund converts to LW, then it makes sense. We play our 4 lines almost the same minutes so having a McCann 4th is not like he will play substantially less... He would probably take PP time over Sutter or Granlund next year anyways. Add the possibility of having Rodin and Gaunce here full time and the guys we already have... no room for Shink anyways. If Granlund played wing, it would be jammed there too. Vey as depth... It will be interesting.
  13. A new coach

    I think Willie went from the NHL as an assistant to the AHL as a head then to the NHL as a head. His teams in the WHL were dominant. His team in the AHL was dominant. Green went to the finals with Portland and with Utica. his coaching career is much shorter, mainly with Portland, but he seems to be going the same route; head coaching at every level.
  14. A new coach

    When we transitioned from Gillis to Benning, I always said it would take at least three seasons, and probably the summer after that third season, before we get to truly see the type of championship team Benning and Trevor have in mind. The team effort in decision making, the alignment of ideals in Benning, Trevor, Willie and Weisbrod in terms of what "Canucks hockey" should look like and the direction of this team cannot be fully realized until the new core is established. When the Sedins are on their way out we will see what the Canucks are under the new mgmt (management). The summer of the third year, 2016-17, is when we will see a true new #1 line and possibly #2. We will see a new #1 PP unit with the Sedins doing their thing on the 2nd. If we try and understand what kind of hockey our mgmt group is trying to put on the ice, we should quickly realize the Sedins east-west style game isn't the same as north-south hockey. They want to change how the PP is run, but the 1st unit doesn't want to change. When the Sedins are being overtaken by the new core, it will be easier for mgmt to reduce their minutes, if they have a new core that is able to compete. We have seen the puzzle pieces slowly fall into place as our young players up front are showing potential. It's going to be tough this year, because a lot of what they want the group to do, is exactly the opposite of what the Sedins do. This is also why having the perfect partners for the Sedins is crutial. You need them to remain a threat playing their style of hockey, while the rest of the lineup plays the new way. This is why I think Sutter is so important. As Hank gets older I think his faceoff ability will decline. Sutter has them covered as a younger, more reliable guy in terms of health. When he is out of the lineup, you know Hansen will work wonders. Because of his speed, Hansen fits in fine with the new core, as it's built on high speed, hard fore-checking and fast transitions. Burrows, at 4.5M, will not. I hate to say it, but I have always felt he would be gone this summer, and I really think that will be the case. Etem is the kind of player I think that best replaces Burrows. He skates hard, is physical and can make plays. I don't mean to say they are the same player, but conceptually, Etem fills the "tenacious hard-working winger" role if he continues to impress and keep up his play since we got him. The defense is still such a wild card that it remains to be seen what our core will be beyond Hutton and Tanev. I think Sbisa is a middle-six stop-gap for our future in year 4 of the Benning regime. It's either we pay him 3.6 to plug that hole, or we spend more over that period for a marginally better player. I know this fanbase loves to $&!# on him, but I have faith that he will be our Bieksa for a few years. Maybe not the same character, but I have always said they feel like similar style players. They make questionable moves in their own zone, they like to be aggressive in the offensive zone (although Sbisa isn't as good in that category yet) and they need someone really stable (Hamhuis/Hutton) to make them more effective. I think they fill similar roles, but Bikesa was the better player when he was in that role, as we were a cup contending team. Since we are now transitioning, Sbisa, being a poor-man's Bieksa in a sort-of way, fills a similar role in a team that is not as complete. Edler, I don't think, will be a part of the new core. I think his spot will be replaced by our true #1, if we are able to find him. Hutton and someone will be a really big part of the core, and Sbisa will be on his way out with who ever fills the 6-7 spot. Again, there is a lot of work to do between now and the end of our third year before we can truly see what we have. I think we will be a good team in year three, but dominant in year 4. The goal tending position is pretty easy to guess as Jim laid it out perfectly. Miller > Markstrom > Demko. Overall, I think the future of this team rests more on the shoulders of building the defensive core of the future more than anything else. Willie, being a part of this whole plan, is in the process of developing and teaching this "Lindenning" brand of hockey to the future, wile ding the best he can to get the vets to conform. Because of this transitional timeline, I think that the team's worst year should be this one, and Willie's effect on the team will be more apparent in two-three years if we start to trend upwards next year. I don't think he has lost his job yet. I want to also be clear that I really do think Willie and the Sedins are not compatible in terms of style, and that the team will get better as they transition to lower ice-times. We can't replace them externally, so we have to ride it out and replace them internally; which is tough and not something that can be done overnight. I can't wait to see how the rest of this season goes, as it looks like the young guys are getting more chances, and we might see more uniformity in the Willie style of hockey.
  15. Linden confirms Higgins will be traded

    It's official... I really hope we send him home to the Islanders.