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  1. Hello there how's it going.

  2. Adam Polasek Talk

    This one looks like it could be the real gem of the draft for us. Looks quite raw as well though, gonna be awhile from the looks of it.
  3. Patrick McNally Talk

    It'll be interesting to see what we really have when this guy moves on to a more challenging league next year. As it stands, i don't really know what to think of him from what little i've seen and read. Certainly that clip posted in this thread emphasizes the lower level of play in his league, but that doesn't necessarily mean he was a bad pick. Could be quite the opposite and a steal because other teams were worried about it like i am.
  4. Peter Andersson Talk

    Too bad to hear he ended up injured and done for the season. This guy is really interesting to me because he seems like the biggest mystery we have. Don't really hear anything about him over here, and from the sounds of it...he's not the kind of player who's going to draw a lot of attention with flashy play or anything. Hoping this works out though...obviously.
  5. Jordan Schroeder Talk

    Pretty exciting to see him managing the transition to the pros very well. I think the most interesting thing is his shooting % right now. The Moose site has it listed as 0.300 at the moment. That's absurd. Obviously it's probably an inflated number, but that shows some real finish.
  6. I couldn't help notice your sig, just wondering, I'm guessing you're an audi fan because of that's a TVR but not an Audi?