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  1. I vouch for this. If you are in Vancouver, this is the best place to go, i've bought about 95% of my bullion from here. Just a heads up, I wouldnt buy fraction ounce coins, the premiums are crazy high, just save until you can buy a full ounce. Stick to big mint coins (eg. American Eagles, Canadian Maples, Chinese Panda, Australian Kookaburra etc) or recognized bars. You will be paying a little more but will have an easier time reselling. Lastly, if for investment purposes, dont buy collectables, stick to bullion.
  2. BLM ain't there cause you can't blame the weather for being racist.
  3. Correct, and because Phelps is a white male.
  4. Came across this article yesterday, kind of a big deal on twitter the last few days. Can't believe this guy still has his own show on CNN. This is what happens when you take PC and affirmative action too far. I'm starting to jump on the Boycott CNN Bandwagon.
  5. It was bright and sunny all day today, that picture looks like it was taken in the fall. Either way, old photo. The tree guard are no longer there, they were taken down months ago.
  6. Under the new CBA, teams are allowed to contact pending UFAs 1 day after the draft or June 25th, whichever comes first. Benning said he will contact Stamkos' camp on Sunday, which is ok under the CBA. For him to tell reporters before the fact may be considered tampering, depending on what the NHL decides.
  7. Meh, I don't know. Happens in the NBA all the time.
  8. Quick question, can players be traded immediately after they are drafted like how they do it in the NBA?
  9. What kind of education have you had? How much has your education cost? Has it been worth it so far? Any further education planned? 1. Bachelor of General Studies, Bachelor of Education, BC Teaching Certification 2. $50,000 - $60,000 3. Graduated in August 2015 and took some time off. Will be teaching full time in September. Consider me lucky :D 4. No
  10. To everyone saying they would move to Canada if Trump is elected, why not Mexico?
  11. How did Arya turn out the candle by slicing it horizontally in half?
  12. Benning said he was gonna draft Brisebois in the 2nd round if he had a pick. We eventually got him in the 3rd round. So we got an immediate top-6 and the 2nd rounder we wanted. win-win.
  13. EDM gets a 3rd. Eklund