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  1. Ill by you a one way ticket to Italy or Iran. You choose.
  2. Another shooting in Paris. This is just getting sad now. Bring in MOAR!!!
  3. Patriots destroy Liberal MSM Fake News. These "reporters" really need to do a better job getting facts correct.
  4. US drops first ever MOAB in Eastern Afghanistan on ISIS targets. COD players may know what MOAB is.
  5. This is why I avoid the Granville Station escalators and detour to Burrard.
  6. No shame.
  7. Ah thanks, 3.15mil seems high for someone who hasn't really proven anything yet... Sorry if it seems like im kind of clueless to football, there are just so many players and just can't keep track of them all. Been a Seahawks fan since their SB win, but now switch to Patriots because of Brady . Just looking at his salary vs other QBs, this guy is a true team player, taking a $10-15mil pay cut for his team to remain competitive. Earns my respect. I remember when Cam Wake was breaking into the league and was 2nd in sacks at the beginning of his NFL career. I asked my cousins in Houston (who are huge football fans) what they thought of the former BC lion and they had no idea who he was. I asked them again last summer and they said "He's aight". Some prayers just don't get enough exposure.
  8. HighTower signs with Patriots 4 year $43.5mil, $19mil guaranteed. Eddie Lacy has a "weight clause" in his contract. He gets $385,000 if he stays under 240 pounds lol Who is this Rex Burkhead guy? Just looking up his stats it doesnt seem so impressive but some people say hes good.
  9. Libs quiet tonight.... We all knew Bernie is a sham, 3 homes, expensive cars and he tells people to live a simple life. What a hack. Even if Trump did leak this himself, he played those libs.
  10. Too late, 2 posts above you LOL
  11. Nothing inside lol. Made $150 million and paid $38 million in taxes. Pretty standard. Ok Bernie, now your turn to pay your $38million in taxes. To those claiming Trump is bankrupt and not as rich as he says he is..... I wish I was broke and made $150 million a year. Rachel Maddow's guest: "He lied, he said he does his best to not pay taxes, he lied". Some people...
  12. "As for Lack, one wonders if we’ll start to hear whispers about something that dogged him in Vancouver — that he didn’t take his job seriously enough. Last year, Iain Macintyre of the Vancouver Sun wrote “teammates hardly knew at times what to make of a goaltender who seemed as focused on his Twitter account off the ice as he was on stopping pucks on it,” noting that Lack’s best friend on the Canucks was the team’s online writer and social media coordinator." That statement interest me. Perhaps that was the reason why he was traded? I remember at the time, it was either trade Lack or Markstrom and the majority of the fan base wanted to keep Lack. I feel that this distraction may have led to Lack eventually being the odd man out. I compare this to my situation where we have large family or friends gathering and there is always that person who seems to be more focused on their social media than spending time with the group who they came to see. Just my 2 cents.
  13. Was CDC in cahoots with the Russians too?
  14. What wrong with Canadians looking for an opportunity to make a living in America? Left logic Canadians going to America = BAD Mexicans going to America = GOOD It's gonna be a long 4 years for you guys
  15. Blue Jays need this guy!