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  1. Real Estate agent knocked on my door last Saturday offering to buy my home in East Vancouver for $2.2mil. Laughed at the offer. The last assessment came in at $2.4mil. They apologized and said they were looking at 2015 numbers and made another offer at $2.8mil. Really?
  2. Shia LaBeouf Apologizes After Racist Arrest Video Released: ‘I Am Deeply Ashamed’ The social-media mea culpa was issued after video of LaBeouf — who was booked for public drunkenness and disorderly conduct in Savannah over the weekend — was released, showing the former “Transformers” star telling a police officer that he was going to hell because he’s black. “You’re going to hell, straight to hell, bro,” LaBeouf tells the African American officer in the video. Asked by another officer why LaBeouf thinks his colleague is going to hell, LaBeouf replied, “Because he’s a black man. … That means a whole lot, bro.” Can't say I'm really surprised as the left only uses race and identity politics to promote their agenda. Another leading left "activist" fallen.
  3. I didn't mind his KO hook, it was just the range of that thing. All they needed to do was shorten the range and I think everything will be fine. He was my favorite hero to play against, all the others have annoying barriers.
  4. Wow, I don't know if it is real but someone just posted the home addresses and phone numbers of some CNN employees including Don Lemon, Brian Stelter, and Wolf Blitzer on twitter. Even though I can't stand these guys, I wouldn't wish this on anyone. Hoping it is not real and that those addresses and numbers don't actually exist, because people will be harassed either way.
  5. Still felt it was safer than over there. Not really PC of him, that racist bigot.
  6. LOL, I literally came here to post the exact thing. What schmucks these liberal elite hollywood people are. First he advocates for open borders and then moves because it is now unsafe. Duh. Sometimes all you can do is laugh at the hypocrisy of the left.
  7. Fair point, but the cap was expected to keep going up. Most people think the cap will remain at around 75mil for awhile and may even go down. They don't see any new revenue coming in the pipeline.
  8. Why does Harrison Katz have to be in everything?
  9. I think they just have to find a balance. If you have too many gems in the late rounds it becomes unrealistic. Football drafts irl are usually really deep and you can find roster players in the late rounds. For the NHL drafts, rarely does a player outside the first 2 rounds make it. With my recent experience with NHL, only a handful of first rounders make it, the rest are sub-77overalls which is way too low success rate for drafting, thus trading picks away for established players are a better option.
  10. "To reflect the youth movement in the modern NHL, expect to see a lot more NHL-ready players in the top 10 of drafts. You may also be able to find more gems in later rounds than in previous years." Finally, I'm not sure about 15, 16 and 17 but all the games before that the draft seems kind of useless. Only the top 3 players eventually become 80+ overall and serviceable. Because of this, I usually just trade away all my picks. I hope they model the draft after the Madden series, if you are unfamiliar, it has a very deep scouting system and the draft is the best way to build your team.
  11. That's not what he meant, twitter ambushed him, he will be clearing this video in his next CNN article coming out soon. This is just another far right conspiracy. I can be open minded too
  12. Cared enough to write an article to clear himself. Just like idiots treating how Trump likes 2 scoops of ice cream for diner as a bombshell?
  13. Lol took him long enough to come out and twist what he said in the video, you surprised? He was getting blasted everywhere on social media cause MSM wouldn't report. Video wasn't edited, it showed the whole conversation. It was brief because they were rudely interrupted by other CNN employees.
  14. I had a feeling this was going to happen when they signed him. During that time, they were a bottom dwellers looking for anything in free agency. Edmonton wasn't a big destination so they had to overpay Pouliot, Fayne and Sekera that summer. 4mil long term for this guy was outrageous knowing they had to sign their young guys eventually.
  15. Wow, this is not how you treat reporters. They are just doing their jobs asking stupid questions. Journalism is the only thing we have left to keep tyrants like these in check. Where is Jorge Ramos to stand up to these menaces at the podium when you need him? Am I doing this right?