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  1. Bryz is in!!!! Let the goals flow
  2. I've only got the Choo Choo Choose You Train and Bird Fountain left. But I don't really care if I get the ride or not I haven't been to Krustyland in months.
  3. Hey guys I'm going to my first NHL game in February, sadly it's not a Canucks game I'll be seeing the Blackhawks play the Rangers at the MSG. I've got a question as anyone been to the MSG if so what's it like? I'm really excited, I believe my tickets are in the 200 level but I'm not quite sure.
  4. I'd probably give it a 5 it was really drawn out and Brick's parts were over the top and not funny although I really enjoyed the fight scene *cough* Jim Carrey *cough*.
  5. I'll probably have to. That's the problem I didn't enjoy The Dude all that much he just felt like a bumbling idiot and every time he went to explain his story it seemed predictable that someone or something would interrupt him. Bt I'll give it another go, as I said before I do enjoy the Coen brothers films.
  6. The Big Lebowski 6.5/10 Maybe I need to watch this again the film it just didn't grab me, and I really enjoy the Coen Brother's movies, although I enjoyed any scene with Walter (John Goodman) in it.
  7. Yeah I've noticed it too, especially the loading screen when opening it. I find it will say Synchronising then it goes black and back to my phone's home page.
  8. I got that a lot as well sooooo annoying
  9. I totally agree How are you guys going with Krusty spin wheel thing, my first prize was Flanders House Lights not bad.
  10. And navigating through friends Springfield's is a lot easier now too I wish we could get more gift bags, I can't seem to share all mine with half of my friends.
  11. I felt like Scottish Canuck the other day I won $20 000 on the dogs then won the Jackpot at the Kwik-E-Mart. That was a good day. What's Ol'Gil selling I haven't seen him?
  12. What a win by Australia yesterday, I missed two Canucks games to see us finally beat the Pommies never been happier. Hopefully we beat them in Adelaide.