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  1. The Case Against Travis Green

    I find it hilarious that management, coaches, and so many of YOU USERS call for our rookies to EARN their playing time. Then we have a rookie coach and people on here are willing to just hand him a job, probably the most important position on the team. Ridiculous. This team needs an experienced coach to help stop this bleeding. Green can be an assistant and work his way up the ladder just like every single player should be doing.
  2. 6th Pick: 2014 NHL Entry Draft

    Am I the only one who isn't too keen on drafting the kids committing to college? I'm not too keen to wait 4 years to see them in the bigs... Obviously they can leave school early, but I'm still not that excited to have to wait potentially 4 years to see them in Vancouver. And Ho-Sang? Seriously? The kid has serious issues I want nowhere near Vancouver's dressing room.
  3. [rumor] benning wants reinhart

    I just forgot to mention that those are the more useless assets we have. They won't get much interest from other teams most likely, but at least they are somewhat moveable contracts.
  4. [rumor] benning wants reinhart

    People thinking anyone like Jensen, Horvat, Gaunce, etc. are going to be traded need to give their heads a serious shake and come back to reality. Benning is not stupid enough to trade these young kids, one of which has shown to be exactly what this team needs at the NHL level. The others haven't even played in a real NHL game and they are going to get traded? No chance. The ONLY real assets we have to acquiring 1st overall is as follows: Kesler (doubt he'd waive for Florida) 6th overall 36th Tanev Hansen/Booth/Higgins People also need to forget the ideas of Garrison/Bieksa/Edler/Hamhuis/Sedins all waiving their NTCs. It's not going to happen. Realistically, if a deal of: 6th overall/Tanev/Hansen doesn't get the job done then nothing is going to work. Unless assets are used through a separate Kesler trade...
  5. Jordan Schroeder

    And since when, in the last 8 years, has a prospect been "given" anything? We've been rolling with the exact same core group since 2006 almost. Maybe the team should actually USE a prospect in a role they will succeed? It's not like Vancouver has been an elite team the last 3 seasons...
  6. Bo Horvat Talk

    If 7/10 of last years draft picks were able to play in the NHL, there is absolutely NO reason why Horvat (after spending another year in Jr) should not be able to spend the season with Vancouver. There is nothing for him to be gained with spending another year in London. I fully expect him to be on our starting roster. 2nd line C. Full time. Sink or Swim. Kesler traded.
  7. Tortorella: Canucks Are Getting Old

    It all comes down to depth and the injuries. He specifically mentioned depth in his interview. The team lacks it, and having players he's not comfortable with in a game down 2-1, he has to go with the guys are have proven their reliability. I don't blame him. He's taking SO much crap, yet people are forgetting the team was annihilated for the majority of the season with injuries, with NO depth to replace anything. He wants to play 4 lines. No depth.
  8. [Rumour] Team1040 Doug Maclean

    Thinking that Luongo is going to be traded is absolutely foolish. If Vancouver IS re-tooling, the LAST thing Gillis wants is to do it with unproven/average goaltending. Look at Edmonton and Dubnyk. I would feel so secure (and it would do wonders for the young players) to have a world class goalie like Luongo between the pipes.
  9. Bo Horvat Talk

    If he develops quickly and is outperforming Kesler (just like Hodgson WAS doing at the time), then I damn well better expect him to not be stuck behind Kes or Hank.
  10. Nicklas Jensen Talk

    There is absolutely no reason why I SHOULD be watching him. His stats speak for themselves. First of all, Stuart and Ferriero are not prospects. I don't give a rats ass about them. Archibald just add's to the sad state that our prospects are in over there because his stats are pretty underwhelming as well. Second, sorry. 7 goals in 52 AHL games. Amazing. Third, he should have been ready to play AHL after spending a year in the SEL TWO F'ING years ago. For some reason he's either not good enough for NA hockey, or he's screwed up in the head. I don't need to waste my time watching him play in Utica, because I can see for the past 2 years he has been awful and there has been no real trend upwards.
  11. Nicklas Jensen Talk

    I haven't seen him play AHL once. Not with either Chicago or Utica. Still, 3 goals in 46 games is absolutely abysmal for a 1st round sniper. Awful. I have written him off. I'm not going to waste my time following or cheering for a kid who isn't going to put the effort in. And noone is THAT snakebitten so to me, the issue is 100% attitude and effort. But, here's the thing I dont get. The kid is getting benched for entire 3rd periods. He's stuck on the 3rd and 4th line. Wasn't the whole idea of Vancouver getting a real farm club to make our prospects better? WHY is he stuck getting so little minutes? Why is he stuck playing with crapty linemates? This kid was our 1st f'ing rounder. You would think the big club would want to invest in their assets (ie. Give him some damn playing time). There's noone frigging else down there that's really worth anything in our organization except MAYBE Grenier. If the team's failing already, which it is, why not let it fail by giving our supposed "top prospect" the proper minutes?
  12. Nicklas Jensen Talk

    Right, because taking a very promising young kid away from the NA game he has grown accustomed to and removing any chance of success he might have had at the Jr. level is obviously not as good as getting 3rd line minutes in the SEL. Sorry. It was a bad move.
  13. Nicklas Jensen Talk

    He never should've gone over there in the firstplace. It was an absolutely moronic decision considering he could have gained SO much more playing another year with Jenner. Actually... whichever scout told Gillis to go with Jensen over Jenner at the draft needs to be canned. It was a stupid decision in the first place.
  14. Trade him for Franson, get the big head out and bring in a guy who ACTUALY worth his salary right now.
  15. Jason Garrison so far?

    Just wait till next year when 4 of our D are ALL on high paid, long term contracts, AND NTC's!