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  1. My point was specifically at being in the leadership position. I think the first line sets the tone for the entire team. We've had the twins as our first line, and our leaders, for the last 10 years with no Cup. The last 4 we haven't gotten past the first round. All I want is a first line with edge. The big minute forwards need to have attitude, leadership, AND the skill so it trickles down through all our forwards and all our defence. I think Calgary did a great job with that, and other competitive teams do as well. I don't know how to get that. That's Bennings job to set up, and Willie's job to coach. As much as I love the Sedin's, I want them to retire Canucks, but I would love it if they could step back and have someone with FIRE be leading this team.
  2. I think the Twins are absolutely phenomenal. But it's time they step aside from the leadership role. I'd actually prefer them to become Line #2. This team needs leadership with edge. The calm/collected gig has gone on for far too long with no results.
  3. Tanev brings absolutely no edge to the Canucks back end. He will not shoot (Neither will Edler for some reason), he gets absolutely manhandled by everybody, and he doesn't play physical. Sorry, but that's the complete OPPOSITE of what a team needs come playoffs. Remember folks, the goal in the NHL is playoff hockey! If you can't ramp it up for playoffs, you don't belong there.
  4. A little appreciation - Bo Horvat

    I actually really liked the fact that he screamed at Ferland from the bench after game 2's brawl (where everyone was talking about Miller pointing his finger and what he might have said). Just shows to me he's not willing to sit and let things happen. He's got intensity!
  5. A little appreciation - Bo Horvat

    So - been watching the games. My feelings are like a lot of others I can imagine. Last night was absolutely disgusting at how tenacious Calgary is on the forecheck. There's been a TON of talk and love from CBC on Bennet and Gaudreau. Yeah Lack got some time last game as well, although I could care less about his dad being there... However, since CBC isn't going to give any love or appreciation to this topic, I thought maybe we could talk about something that is actually going great for us. Bo Horvat. He just turned 20, he's another playoff rookie, and he has been absolutely phenomenal. He is ALSO outscoring Sam Bennett AND Johnny Gaudreau - 1G 2A for 3pts. Yet he's barely getting any recognition from the CBC meat heads. His power moves have been brilliant, he is playing extremely physical, I saw him chirping from the bench during the game 2 brawl. The kid has some fiery attitude, and is an absolute work horse. And he does it all with Hansen and Kenins as his linemates... He is the future of this team. I'm excited. Well done Bo. I can't wait for next year to see him in a more prominent/offensive role!
  6. [Report] Canucks re-sign Kassian

    Great term, great $. Pumped to have this leading to him being on the team for the next 5+ years! Also, people talking about Tanev's $$. Subban was a 2.875mil cap hit the last two years. There is not a chance in hell Tanev deserves more than that. I would argue he doesn't deserve HALF of what Subban makes. 2mil per year, max is what he's worth right now.
  7. [Signing] Canucks sign Radim Vrbata

    2 years is outstanding - allows time for our young wingers to truly develop over the next two years instead of rushing to the team.

    2 years, 5mil AAV. I'm ok with this. Bridge player until our young guns are 100% ready for the bigs.
  9. Offseason: Available Free Agents!

    I am in the Cammalleri camp 100% as well. One of the teams biggest needs right now are legitimate wingers who can score. Cammalleri is a game changer, and one who will absolutely be the perfect winger for a young center (Horvat) coming up. He's a big game player. And if Vancouver DOES somehow make it into the playoffs next year, he's the type of player we've been lacking the last 3 years that will step up and produce.
  10. 6th Pick: 2014 NHL Entry Draft

    Am I the only one who isn't too keen on drafting the kids committing to college? I'm not too keen to wait 4 years to see them in the bigs... Obviously they can leave school early, but I'm still not that excited to have to wait potentially 4 years to see them in Vancouver. And Ho-Sang? Seriously? The kid has serious issues I want nowhere near Vancouver's dressing room.
  11. When our farm team consists of a 22 year old 3rd round pick Grenier, and a 5th round pick Corrado, we have MAJOR problems. Our farm was an absolute joke talent wise last year and is one major area that will need improvement. Growing young players into solid hockey players/stars is key. As for the Canuck players themselves... The team absolutely needs to establish roles and the players to accept those roles unconditionally. That means if you are a third liner, you embrace that and buy into your role wholeheartedly. WAY too often players get sniffs of glory and are immediately put into top positions when they should never be there. That needs to stop this year.
  12. Kelser for Neal?

    People act like missing Kesler is going to be a huge problem. If we brought in an elite winger like Neal, I'm more than happy having Horvat take over 2C duties and letting him find his way. In fact, regardless of who we have as wingers I want Horvat up on the main club taking over Kesler's position next year... Not sure why people are so worried about it.
  13. [rumor] benning wants reinhart

    I just forgot to mention that those are the more useless assets we have. They won't get much interest from other teams most likely, but at least they are somewhat moveable contracts.
  14. [rumor] benning wants reinhart

    People thinking anyone like Jensen, Horvat, Gaunce, etc. are going to be traded need to give their heads a serious shake and come back to reality. Benning is not stupid enough to trade these young kids, one of which has shown to be exactly what this team needs at the NHL level. The others haven't even played in a real NHL game and they are going to get traded? No chance. The ONLY real assets we have to acquiring 1st overall is as follows: Kesler (doubt he'd waive for Florida) 6th overall 36th Tanev Hansen/Booth/Higgins People also need to forget the ideas of Garrison/Bieksa/Edler/Hamhuis/Sedins all waiving their NTCs. It's not going to happen. Realistically, if a deal of: 6th overall/Tanev/Hansen doesn't get the job done then nothing is going to work. Unless assets are used through a separate Kesler trade...
  15. To be fair, you have to give Gillis some credit for last years draft. We can talk about the Benning era all we want, but Gillis really had a tremendous 2013 draft. Along with this draft, the kids from last year are going to be building the foundation of this franchise just as much.