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  1. Tennis

    I'd say so: This was a pretty incredible highlight too:
  2. Tennis

    Incredible match. Hopefully someone uploads those match highlights because those were some unbelievable, world-class points. Milos pushed him to the brink and came sooo close, just couldn't convert enough break opportunities in the end. That 1st set was complete and utter domination by Raonic though. He made Federer look like Kournikova out there! He's going to be so dangerous in the hard-court (and grass) tourneys this year. Just stay healthy and you'll be cleaning up in no time! Good luck Milos!
  3. Tennis

    Great effort in the last game by Raonic, saving 2 match points on Hewitt's serve, but it turned out to be too little too late. Hewitt takes it 4-6, 6-3, 7-6, 6-3. Raonic was good in stretches but his first-serve percentage was too low and he hit way too many unforced errors. Dropping that third set tie-breaker by missing an easy volley at 5-6 was the momentum changer, he just couldn't recover. And credit Hewitt for staying steady the entire match. Milos is still learning and improving, better luck next time.
  4. Tennis

    Good hold, 5-3. Hewitt serving for the match
  5. Tennis

    Down 5-2 now. He looks exhausted. Hasn't played the same since dropping that 3rd set tiebreaker.
  6. Tennis

    Raonic is in deep sh!t now...down 2 sets to 1. I'll guess we'll see what he's made of.
  7. Tennis

    I agree 100%. A consistent big serve is such a rare and valuable weapon to have. You automatically give yourself a legitimate chance to win 50% of all points. It puts enormous pressure on your opponents because they know if they give up a break even just once the set is most likely over. How many times have we seen in the past, Sampras/Roddick/Isner/Karlovic give up a couple break-point opportunities on their serve only to take them away with 2 bombs back-to-back (sometimes even 3!). A serve like that is like a get-out-of-jail-free card. And you're right, Raonic doesn't just have a massive serve. He's got huge groundstrokes and is an incredibly intelligent player. He also has great instincts and touch at the net. Plus he's been improving his consistency and foot-work every tourney I've watched him in. It's easy for casual observers of the sport to say he's a one-dimensional player. Until you've actually played the game/watched enough of it you won't understand what a unique and beautiful gift this kid has.
  8. Tennis

    Andy Roddick retired due to injury, Lleyton Hewitt wins 3-6, 6-3, 6-4. Raonic to play Hewitt on saturday! Should be an unbelievable atmosphere, most likely on center court at Rod Laver Arena with maximum media coverage. It'll be interesting to see how Raonic handles the hostile environment and pressure. Hewitt looked great in the match, still hasn't lost a step. Raonic is gonna have to really work for this one.
  9. Tennis

    Can't wait for the Raonic match! His game is suited really well to this surface and he's playing some outstanding tennis. And just to give you guys a heads-up, the australian open is streaming almost all of their matches live at their website for free ( The stream quality is great, you can choose to watch coverage from any 7 of the major courts, and there are no commercial breaks! Only thing is it's the aussie commentators (who aren't as good as espn) but it's free so who cares. I'm overseas right now and it works perfectly for me. It says it's blacked out for europe, UK, new zealand and japan so it should work for you guys. That way if espn is showing another match instead of the raonic one you won't have to miss anything. Let me know if it works for you guys in van.
  10. Nah dude it was my bad. I didn't know that the realignment was rejected when I posted what I did.

  11. They will be in the same conference but not the same "division" (since the NHLPA rejected the whole realignment plan for next year). Sorry, I put my quotes around the wrong word in the wall post.

  12. What I meant by that is we're no longer going to be in the same "division" next year (NHLPA rejecting the whole realignment plan) so we wouldn't be playing them as many times next season.

    Like I said, you're justified in saying that I'm full of sh!t. I have no way to prove it to you.

  13. legitimate story dude. Only problem is, we're in the same conference no matter what. That and this whole I have an official secret source thing is getting old and full of bull.

  14. ... Your post on Kanucks25 wall... I don't even... Anaheim is going to be in the same conference as us so it doesn't make sense.

  15. I completely understand if you think I'm full of crap. Hell, I'd probably think the same thing. Just thought I'd stand up for a guy who's taking alot of abuse over something I know to be legitimate