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  1. I would still do it if it kept him out of utica and no one else wants him, we have enough guys who can fill his role
  2. Considering what was available im extremely happy with this years adds, A grade from me
  3. Im just hoping theres no nmc, thats all im allowing myself to hope for
  4. Left and right field walls were quite a bit shallower too
  5. Realistically players dont spend too much time with their families anyway, might as well have them live in a warm climate and away from the canadian media
  6. He seems like hes got a motor like burrows and that can only be a good thing, plus he seemed genuinely happy when he got picked
  7. Daaaaamn, yeah that’s horrible timing, feel for ya bro
  8. Oh i dont think he will do it, would be career suicide, but i have seen smarter people do dumber stuff
  9. Hopefully he doesnt try to handcuff the team by having a bunch of teams on his list that dont have space or a need for him
  10. Fair trade in my view is loui for lucic plus the 8th, i know the oilers wouldnt do that deal but we would be getting screwed if we only moved up 2 spots for taking on lucic
  11. I wonder if she could pass all the requirements to become a nurse with that much on the job training
  12. Woooow, if true it’s definitely gonna be an interesting story to watch unfold. I think im gonna grab my popcorn for this one