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  1. Thought you swedes would be the type to stick together
  2. Wonder if we could get a luuuutica chant going if he really does have a horrible start.
  3. I would respect him so much more if he did this
  4. Ill never forget the amount of wtf that was going through my head at that moment, then it took me a couple days to even believe what actually happened
  5. I heard from someone on 1040 a little while back its because the butterfly is standard now and its messing up kids hips from an early age
  6. Mentally f****d up doesnt equal being an idiot, there havent been countless examples of highly intelligent people doing things like this, im not saying they are freaking saint by any means. By what ive heard bryer at least had a fairly messed up childhood which is way more to blame than a low iq
  7. Sorry but where the hell are people getting the idea they are idiots? No one ive talked to in town has said anything about them being stupid, my little brother went to school with them and to him they seemed somewhat intelligent.
  8. They could at least give us an option on which cover we want for online orders...
  9. Im kinda hoping that markstrom is who seattle will take from us, means demko has stepped into his potential
  10. Brooks laich against cam ward, i got a chance at least
  11. Yeah thats definitely an interesting wrinkle in this story