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  1. I would like to see fines be a set percentage of the players salary 1st infraction- 5% fine 2nd infraction- 10% fine 3rd infraction- 20% fine plus 5 game suspension
  2. How about we trade tanevs rights at the draft to toronto. Could be worth something in a package and we keep him for this year’s playoff run
  3. https://prezzyflipflops.com/?utm_source=thisiswhyimbroke.com&utm_medium=referral in case anyone needs a pair of flip flops for the summer
  4. I think jesus could come back, sit down at the trial and tell them straight to their faces that god wants them to convict and they would still deny it
  5. Before burrows went into the ring i wanted to see the 2011 team go in as a unit, but probably too late for that now
  6. Should canuckster19 be chosen as our jester? I think so
  7. Exactly what i was coming to say, makes it look like they give a damn
  8. https://thehill.com/homenews/media/474078-trump-jr-blasts-time-for-choosing-marketing-gimmick-greta-thunberg-as-person?jwsource=cl that was fast
  9. Can someone blow this pic up and plaster it outside the white house where trump can see it everyday