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  1. Maybe us canadians could teach them a thing or two about defacing the white house
  2. Essentially, this is Trump using Twitter to threaten to close down Twitter. Can he start with tiktok orinstagram? Those i can get behind
  3. I believe its slowing in new york but slowly speeding up in other areas of the country
  4. The active covid thing bothers me, i can see some kids going back to school especially if they are struggling, could be a good way to get one on one time with the teacher. I definitely see why people are concerned though
  5. Glad to hear it, i hope my district is just the exception. There are some good ones here that care but for the most part people are just putting in time till retirement
  6. I wasa janitor at my school board for a few years, can confirm cleanliness is not a priority at all except in press releases. I was a spare and probably 70 percent of my shifts at various schools would be 4 hours to clean an entire elementary school. All i would be told to do is take out the trash and clean the bathrooms. Not to mention there was a horrible culture of laziness in most of the full time janitors as they were union and close to retiring for the most part, it wasnt uncommon for people to take 2 hours of breaks on an 8 hour shift
  7. Werent the mayans the 2012 people?
  8. I wouldn’t be surprised if there isn't a signing until after they figure out what's happening with this and potentially next season, as mush as i would love to see it happen as soon as he is able to
  9. Would there be enough rinks for that? I doubt vegas has many suitable locations for playoff hockey