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  1. (Proposal) Virtanen for Sanheim

    Lets just remember how this went last time
  2. Dealing with Depression and Other Mental Illnesses

    Thats pretty much what ive had for about 15 or so years so half my life, its not always negative thoughts but at times it can get overwhelming, it makes it really hard to just relax and unwind when you mind is going 24/7, even worse when its negative thoughts you cant shake for hours or days at a time. People usually think im really anti social but its not like i dont like being with people, its just really hard to handle a social situation when your mind is making you go over every way it can go wrong and so i usually just avoid being around people in most situations because its easier
  3. Nicely said, sadly every major issue has the same problem, the extremes on both sides wont ever budge and the ones in the middle dont make enough noise to bring people closer together
  4. Concern Grows for Detained UBC Grad in Saudi Arabia

    Well i agree that the death penalty is justified.... for the idiots who run that country
  5. At what point will there just be no memorials or statues of past leaders and important figures, the vast majority most likely held similar beliefs.
  6. Wel have all dreamed of living gta at some point, this guy lived it briefly
  7. We need to get their 1st round pick next year fast, hopefully they have one more terrible trade in them
  8. More countries should call them and all other countries with such bad records, go ahead, cut off trade to everyone
  9. Has the Western World Lost Moderate/Centrist Politics?

    I had several teachers in my time who took pleasure in putting out their own personal views on kids as young as 13, when there was going to be a strike in our district almost every teacher i had spent around 20 minutes a day crapping on conservatives and why the left was better.
  10. Is the Current Ownership Failing this Team?

    Great message to send to the prospects too, i think they saw how the sedims were handled and it made them respect the team more
  11. Tough Fire Happening In Richmond

    Only one going to a museum, ouldnt have to if the contract wasnt allowed to run out, they are actually very modernized and still very reliable The body of water arguement doesnt hold much water actually, we have 6 or so lakes just around here that it can land at, plus it drops so much at a time its way more effective than a bucket from a chopper, the main reason they arent used anymore is because one of the old cabinet ministers(not 100% if it was a minister or someone else high up) from the bc govt who has a personal beef with the coulsons who own the bombers
  12. Tough Fire Happening In Richmond

    Too bad the government is too stupid to still use these guys
  13. ABC cancels 'Roseanne' after racist Twitter rant

    It always shocks me when its the more liberal types that go around saying people shouldnt be allowed to vote certain ways, to me it seems like that should go against their core principles
  14. [Signing] Canucks re-sign Troy Stecher

    We are going to love this deal and regret it ending for sure, great deal for us