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  1. How much a canucks game impacts your day ?

    I feel the same but i think im goingto need them to win one before i can truly mellow a bit, i need that first taste of the cup though
  2. Stan Lee, 1922 - 2018

    Plus they will probably just cgi him in after that
  3. NICKNAME for Elias Pettersson

    Swesus was my choice, the swedish jesus
  4. Too close to overturn i think, though my heart was beating faster for sure
  5. {GDT} Canucks VS Avalanche (Injury bug version)

    It would if the league ever learned to do its job
  6. Virtanen petterson and kassian on a line could be interesting
  7. [PGT] Vancouver Canucks at Vegas Golden Knights | Oct. 24, 2018

    Dont know why but i read that in ralph wiggums voice....
  8. Pettersson Meets With the Media

    That reaction at the end is priceless, im so glad we were able to get this kid
  9. Only if he is ready to retire so we can LTIR him and avoid the cap penalty, otherwise its just bringing back bad feelings for the media to feast on
  10. EP uses what kind of stick?

    EP makes it dance every time he touches it
  11. EP uses what kind of stick?

    A piece of groot
  12. Red Sox vs Yankees this year's playoffs

    How can someone claim discrimination by the mlb for being of latino decent when it seems like half the league is latino
  13. As long as i get to hear it a lot i dont really care what they play
  14. [GDT] Calgary Flames VS. Vancouver Canucks, Oct 3, 2018, 7 PM

    Need EP to fight johhny hockey now, might as well start your career with a gordie how hattrick
  15. Sometimes you have to e a bit of a crackpot to made a difference in business and technology