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  1. To be fair im pretty sure most of us have had conversations like that
  2. I doubt he would but i would pay good money to watch that happen
  3. The main issue where i live at least is too many people bringing their kids for every possible issue, ive been laying in agony with a concussion for an hour while some screaming little freak with a runny nose is running around the ER and still gets in in front of everyone
  4. I am going to gladly accept this obvious bribe and still vote against them
  5. Its basically everywhere now, i had a feeling this was going to happen when i heard the tax wasnt province wide
  6. Port alberni, not expensive by any means when compared to vancouver but its still insane, a little 500 square foot house here has already had about 5 people calling about it from vancouver
  7. Im really hoping they extend the foreign buyers tax to the whole province soon, even where i live now prices have gone up about 20 % in the last year and they dont last more than a damn week, stupid government
  8. Depeds on what on the definition of mentally ill is, servere schizophrenia no way, mild depression 10 years ago should not disqualify someone from a constitutional right
  9. http://globalnews.ca/news/3218120/b-c-school-reverses-policy-on-israeli-students/?utm_source=Article&utm_medium=Outbrain&utm_campaign=2015 GABRIOLA ISLAND, B.C. – A private school that teaches log home and wood fame construction has apologized to a man whose application was rejected because he is from Israel. B’nai Brith Canada says the Israeli engineering student and amateur carpenter wanted to take a course at the Island School of Building Arts on Gabriola Island, east of Nanaimo in British Columbia. The group says the student was told the institution does not accept applications from Israel because of conflict and “illegal settlement activity” in the region. The school says in a statement that after “significant thought and listening to all interested parties,” a decision was made to lift a restriction on accepting students from Israel. It says an apology has been made and the policy was a mistake. B’nail Brith says the student has indicated he is no longer interested in taking the course after the school lifted its ban.
  10. Would you be ok with this then?
  11. Instead of a flat 10k fine they should make it a percentage of the guys salary. Make it up to 5 or 10% and guys will learn, pretty sure marchand wont pull this crap if its gonna cost him a couple hundred grand
  12. $1000? Thats like 3 months salary for the average protestor
  13. Probably around 80% of what hugor posts is juvenile
  14. Could this be obama/ clintons response to russia fixing the election?