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  1. And played 16:42 last year... (More than Karlsson and Dubinsky) Definitely 3C minutes.
  2. Can`t be losing to the Avs, come on lads.
  3. Powerplay sucks, missing Patty Kane.
  4. Even though we are first, I feel like we aren't playing to our potential at all. Missing Alex Steen?!
  5. Finally have a 3rd line.. Johansson (10pts) - Zetterlund (11pts) - Schmaltz (10pts) Out producing my 2nd line though.
  6. Glad I decided to use Zetterlund as a 3C, instead of signing a free-agent. He's being great with 9pts in 14gp. Faceoffs are bad, but hopefully they improve throughout his career, if not, he could play LW/RW
  7. One of the worst proposals I've ever seen.
  8. Panarin pls dont suck after signing huge contract
  9. 6-0 Toews is tearing it up
  11. Oh sims, how I've missed you. 4-0 is nice too.
  12. Easy no, from the Avs.
  13. Maybe even Pouliot could be moved. But on LD you would have Edler, Sbisa, Hutton, Juolevi, Pouliot. Sbisa is likely to be claimed by Vegas, so Pouliot could slot 3rd pairing, Juolevi keeps getting groomed. Edler-Stecher Hutton-Tanev Pouliot-Gudbranson/Tryamkin But Pouliot would have to be exposed, so I think the draft pick would be better. Other interesting prospects include Sprong (RW) and Guentzel (C).
  14. Pretttttyyyyy sure everyone already knows that's what they would do this regardless. It's called common sense. They aren't exposing a young, cheap, stud goalie.
  15. To Chicago: Nicolas Kerdiles (.375M retained) To Colorado: Future considerations