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  1. in
  2. Nah, I barely have time to do Pool stuff right now, I'd only be able to help if he used EHM, as the website would work with EHM files. STHS has it's own database, which requires lots of custom coding.
  3. in why not STHS/EHM? Faster sims, don't need to type out boxscores, more indepth, etc.
  4. Chicago places Chris Neil and Brandon Davidson on waivers. @Baer. @Tigs
  5. Reading Alf's posts gave me cancer.
  6. I can't wait for the 2019-20 season.
  7. Would be nice if the commish had a laptop
  8. Apologies to @Monty and @Nail - I'm done with this subject.
  9. It's not just me with an issue - you're confusing people (couple people messaged/texted me asking if I was in GML). And it's just flat out absurd. I don't think I need to PM you, have the courtesy for other users and myself.
  10. Of course you don't. Copying the exact username of one of the longest tenured guy in Fantasy Hockey is normal to you lol.
  11. Pretty cringe man.
  12. Lol at @Patrick Kane. Nice username bro.
  13. .