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  1. Yann Sauve Talk

    Listening to local radio here in Victoria, the latest Salmon Kings ad is basically hyping Sauve. They had the Mark Morrison come on and describe the way Yann plays; to paraphrase, he said that Yann is a big guy, a good skater and can contribute both offensively and defensively; he thinks that Sauve has a good chance of one day playing for the 'Nucks and that attending a SKings game now would be a good chance to see a future NHL'er. Of course we sort of know all these things already; but, it's still nice to hear.
  2. Anton Rödin Talk

    Redonkulous pass by Larssen.
  3. Yann Sauve Talk

    Plus Sauve was the only defenceman who didn't play the powerplay (as far as I can tell). Why that is, I don't know because he looked to have one of the better point shots on the team and almost scored one in the first.