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  1. Thank you but I was kind of looking for something like the same as the pic I posted. With the black background and little bit of white
  2. Could someone add to the edges of this photo or even make one like it to fit an iPhone 6 wallpaper?
  3. That's perfect thanks man
  4. I was hoping I could get a wallpaper done for my iPhone 6. I would need it high quality just so it doesn't look blurry on my phone. What I would like is the jersey pattern with H.SEDIN and number 33 as if it was the back of his jersey. I would also like the texture of the jersey as well just so it looks real. I hope this isn't too much to ask. Thanks
  5. Thanks for the sweet Avatar man! I dont know how to give u credit...tell me if u know how, but if not...I appreciate it!