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  1. Obviously not. It's the first time they've had to play a playoff style round to make it into the playoffs. The distinction should be readily apparent. Your position hinges entirely on the technicality of whether or not the league decided to count the losers as playoff teams for draft purposes. The league says they're in the draft lottery and it's not a playoff series. The league says they're out of the draft lottery and it's a playoff series.
  2. As to those 1989 Flames, I have no problem seeing them on the list. I think I cited them some time back as the best blueline ever assembled. Ric Nattress as the 7th D. MacInnis - Suter - McCrimmon - Macoun - Murzyn - Ramage - Nattress. Either them in 1989 or else 1986 when they still had Reinhart to go with MacInnis and Suter but not the same support. Gary Suter as your 3rd best offensive defenseman... I guess the 70s Canadiens gave them a run. And all the more reason for Mike Vernon to be in the Hall of Fame. Caught Lanny at the very end and Fleury at the very beginning. Rick Wamsley as one of the all time great backups. That team had insane depth.
  3. That's not too shabby. The Canucks have been to the final four 3 times in 50 years. The Sharks did it 5 times in fifteen.
  4. The games count to me. Winning a round is winning a round.
  5. The extra day off was available for both teams but it definitely favored the Rangers. They were composed of the Oilers dynasty team that was assembled 15 years earlier plus other old dogs like Steve Larmer and Jay Wells. A bunch of their guys began their NHL career in 1980 or even the 1970s. The Canucks were younger and had injuries where a day wasn't going to make any difference.
  6. Pavelski has been fantastic this playoffs but he had a very lackluster regular season. The guy's 36...I don't know if I can blame Doug Wilson for not signing him to big money for 3 years. He's a big reason Dallas is in the final though.
  7. Nice last blaze of glory for Corey Perry. Kind of reminds me of that game 7 at the end of Jeremy Roenick's career.
  8. I hope so because I think Podkolzin has a real shot to make it five in a row the year after.
  9. The only way I see it as a blessing is if it forces us to cut ties early with Markstrom AND that ends up being the right decision (i.e. Demko is the next Kirk McLean and we're truly glad Markstrom isn't on our cap 3 years from now). Otherwise, I'd say we're losing more quality relative to where we are in the standings than most teams.
  10. I think the NHL should go out of its way to make sure everyone knows the Mark Messier Paperweight is a lesser award.
  11. I've always liked Bowness. He's been one of the all time great backup coaches for decades like the Andy Moog or Glenn Resch of behind the bench.
  12. 1040 didn't lose me because of any stance on Benning. It lost me with the way it handled its monopoly on sports radio when it had one. I was very glad when they lost the Canucks rights and had to face competition again. Back in the "1040 heyday" they were selling their ad time to online scams and strip clubs, and they weren't bothering to even make content for one second of the day more than they could get away with, and that's setting aside that the % of time that was ads rose year after year after year after year after year in constant search of how far they could push things.