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  1. [Report] Alexandre Burrows announces retirement

    It symbolizes a run to the Stanley Cup Final. It's still tied for the best we've ever done. What greater "winning" have we achieved that you want symbolized?
  2. [Report] Alexandre Burrows announces retirement

    Mock surrender.
  3. I remember Linden being perhaps the only player that showed up for the bronze medal game at the 98 Olympics, and that was after scoring Canada's only goal in the semi-final at all.
  4. One of the all-time greats at playing to the maximum of his abilities when it mattered the most. He wasn't up there with Gretzky and Coffey and Messier in talent and regular seasons numbers, but he's up there with them in playoff numbers. Linden is another one of the all-time greats (for the NHL, not just the Canucks) in harnessing whatever he has and utilizing all of it when everything is on the line.
  5. Ray Emery has passed away.

    I saw his face on the TSN site and thought I would read an article that he had signed as a free agent. Really emphasizes how young he has died. At least he got to see his career through to its conclusion while he was alive, and accomplished some monumental things on the ice.
  6. goals,goals...from who?

    Those are actual projections? Utterly ridiculous. Yeah sure thing Virtanen will get 20 and Eriksson will get almost 30.
  7. Schedule makers colluding with the Canucks

    Well, if there was ever a time to have the schedule work against you in this manner, it's at the nadir of a rebuild.
  8. Is there a difference in leadership?

  9. [Report] Alexandre Burrows announces retirement

    Up until his suspension last season tanked everything, I was hoping to see him hit 1,000 games before calling it. Oh well, one of the all time Canucks leaders in games and goals. And it will certainly annoy many opposing players to look at his face in the Ring of Honour when they play in Vancouver.
  10. Will we finish higher or lower in the standings?

    A tankish season with bad luck at the lottery still got us Hughes. Beats the crap out of picking 15th.
  11. The NHL needs to implement a uniform tax policy

    I hate to see you go, but I love to watch you leave.
  12. I also have been campaigning for this guy for a while.
  13. I also think they both deserve consideration. I just consider Vernon and Barrasso automatics. But obviously the Hall committee feels otherwise.
  14. This might sound a tad crazy BUT

    I'd put him in goal.