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  1. VIrtanen, no. As for Subban, screw it, put him on the wing with the Sedins.
  2. The 1990-91 Penguins had Paul Coffey and Larry Murphy for just a little bit longer.
  3. Even multiple Cups AND a Vezina doesn't guarantee anything...
  4. You feel like hockey has become LESS mercenary in the salary cap / buyout era?
  5. Such things have happened many times before, and many GMs will or would do such things, whether it was stripping the C from Modano and ushering him out of Dallas, or waiving Dave Andreychuk mid-season the year after he captained them to the Stanley Cup, or Mats Sundin being asked to waived his NTC in Toronto. The list of active GMs that would not do so is far shorter than 30.
  6. I imagine Henrik got six shorthanded breakaways, stopped in the slot, desperately waited for someone to catch up to the play so he could pass, and then just gave up and shot before the defender arrived.
  7. Great Scott. Take the A from him and I think it's time we ask him to waive that NMC.
  8. Well deserved. When he became the team scoring leader, he left the decision makers with no choice. He really is starting to follow the Trevor Linden career blueprint. Let's hope it continues.
  9. Leading the Swedish League in scoring has got to feel like a distant memory to Rodin now. Some people develop well under Willie but it seems like he passively breaks some young players as well - not with Keenan or Tortorella style rants, just through continual statements and actions of non-confidence.
  10. The All-Star Game used to get played with some passion but I haven't seen one of those in at least 20 years. Sometimes the old ways are best.
  11. Sure they would. The rest of the league doesn't think it's impossible to have only one twin on the team. The salary might scare them off, but at the right paycheck, there are probably 30 other teams that would be happy to have only Henrik or Daniel.
  12. Kind of crazy that we have a real shot at eight 20-goal scorers (Don Cherry lifts an eyebrow and gets a little nervous) yet anyone scoring 30 seems like a pipedream.
  13. All fans without an MD behind their name and a sizable practice can go cheer for somebody else, thank you very much.
  14. Naslund as GM is the worst of the proposed options. It's just a worse version of our current approach.
  15. Babych had otherworldly strength. People talk now about the Sedins' fitness but Babych was something else. He used to win the NHL armwrestling tournament if I remember correctly.