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  1. I've always felt the WHA deserves more respect in hockey history and accomplishments therein more consideration for the Hall of Fame. Tardif and Real Cloutier were absolute beasts in that league. And Tardif accomplished a lot when you add it up. The stats you mentioned. Two Stanley Cups, an AVCO Cup, Two "WHA Art Ross" Trophies, etc. Cloutier was great in the NHL too. 97 points in 67 games one year.
  2. I don't know but I heard Mark Messier wears a bra.
  3. One of the ones that really got away was Mike Rogers. We drafted him, but he was also drafted in the WHA. They signed him, we didn't, and then a few years later he had three straight 100 point seasons in the NHL. He would have probably been our greatest player pre-Bure. We drafted a superstar and then had nothing to show for it.
  4. Interesting. Well, if he retired tomorrow, I have Bo's career as basically equal to Chris Oddleifson. Similar numbers, captain of the Canucks for a spell. I guess I'd ask you where you have Oddleifson if you're going to put Bo high in the rankings. But yeah there are guys that I think I have about 10 spots higher than they are...and then I do the rankings and mathematics just won't let me have 40 guys in the top 25. Let's see... He sits 26th all time in Canuck scoring (regular season) and that includes defensemen. He's got another six defensemen not too far behind him. That doesn't include any goalies. Playoff achievements don't help him out. Let's see... I'm looking at that makeshift list to see who I would have to knock out in the 30-40 range to move Bo up. Skriko, Pederson, Morrison, Adams, Bieksa, McCarthy, etc. Can't do it. And I already made some painful sacrifices to get Bo in there. Our first 40 goal scorer Ron Sedlbauer. 2x MVP Cesare Maniago. But don't worry. I'm pretty sure your Bo ranking is going to be closer to the voting results than mine.
  5. Stopped reading when you said what you were going to do here...we'll see what 20 I come up with off the top of my head... Gino, Tiger, Probert, Crowder, Paul Baxter, Dave Schultz... That's six. Randy Holt (that guy was an animal), Alan May, Rob Ray, Dave Manson, Chris Nilan maybe, Paul Holmgren maybe, Berube, McSorley, Semenko, Twist, Kocur, Domi, Basil McRae. Maybe Lou Fontinato for a little old school representation. Hey what do you know, that's 20. Craig Coxe had a short career but he was pretty good. Plenty of people would probably have Brashear and Chris Simon, but I was never blown away by either.
  6. I've got Petterson in 30s (can't take a Calder Trophy away from him no matter what happens) and Horvat in the 40s. But I'm guessing they will be nominated and voted in before where they are on my list.
  7. I am almost positive we'd have been better off with Gretzky. We never made it past the second round with Naslund, as much as I hold him in high regard as a person and a player. It was very impressive watching Nazzy and Bert in the regular season for a couple years, but we're talking about Wayne Gretzky here. He won three more Art Ross Trophies with the Kings. And he'd have been on our team instead when he eliminated us in 1991 and 1993, and on our team for 1994.
  8. I don't really think so, not based on the LA trade that actually happened. It was about Carson and three first rounders. Our three first rounders for those years turned out to be complete junk and never helped us at all, but we still made it to the Final in 94 without them or Gretzky, and as for Jimmy Carson...I think Skriko or Tanti plus Bradley probably gets the job done there, maybe another throw in. And Skriko, Tanti and Bradley were all gone anyway by 1991 or so. Giving up the three first rounders sounds like a huge price when looking at in 1988...but we essentially gave them up for nothing anyway by drafting guys that never contributed at the NHL level. And we still did pretty well on the ice from 91-94 without them. Trading them for Gretzky is just like a massive, massive, massive bonus.
  9. Tiger: 35 goals and led the league with 343 PIM one year for the Canucks. I would love to see Tiger and Gino in the Ring of Honour. They are a type of player that doesn't exist anymore in the league and never will again...that chapter of Canucks history in particular should be honoured and immortalized. I've got them higher than some people probably do on my list but their job and how they did it is almost a perfect representation of being a "great Canuck" in my book. And they were all time NHL greats at it. Salo... What I have going for him is a Cup run and being way up high on the all time playoff games list. I think his constant injuries are reflected in his career games played, so I just take that number for what it is and don't really do any mental adjustments. That said, I have him in the top 50 but pretty close to the bottom. Yeah you nailed the 290 game-ish guys that still deserve being honoured here. Despite a small regular season sample size, Courtnall is way up near the top of all time career Canuck playoff scorers. That's the fire from which greatness emerges. And the Lifeline (Linden Ronning Courtnall) is still my all time favorite Canuck line. We've really got our work cut out for us getting Lidster some respect around here. First that marathon to get him nominated, now this.
  10. It's not the first playoff victory ever by the Canucks, earlier in this series, but it is the Canucks and the NHL dynasty 1970s Canadiens going to overtime in the 5th game of that storied series, and a good representation of those hard fighting Canucks and that year's hero - and in 4th place with room to spare in my books for greatest Canuck goalie of all time - Gary Smith. Another classic David and Goliath matchup... "Suitcase" Gary Smith vs. Hall of Famer Ken Dryden Andre Boudrias vs. Hall of Famer Guy Lafleur Don Lever vs. Hall of Famer Jacques Lemaire Dennis Kearns vs Hall of Famer Serge Savard Bob Dailey vs. Hall of Famer Larry Robinson John Gould vs. Hall of Famer Steve Shutt Bobby Lalonde vs. Hall of Famer Yvan Cournoyer Bob Murray vs. Hall of Famer Guy Lapointe Ron Seldbauer vs. Hall of Famer Henri Richard Gerry O'Flaherty vs. Hall of Famer Bob Gainey Some fine saves by the legend Gary Smith are on display here. And a Canucks team with a never say die attitude.
  11. Condensed to one hour but still the key action from this classic game. The underdog Vancouver Canucks and the dynasty New York Islanders go to overtime in a David and Goliath matchup... King Richard Brodeur vs. Hall of Famer Billy Smith Harold Snepsts vs. Hall of Famer Denis Potvin Thomas Gradin vs. Hall of Famer Mike Bossy Stan Smyl vs. Hall of Famer Bryan Trottier Tiger Williams vs. Hall of Famer Clark Gillies Darcy Rota, Ivan Boldirev and Curt Fraser vs. Butch Goring, Bob Nystrom and John Tonelli
  12. Vote Doug Lidster. Nominate Tiger Williams. But the Gino, Kurtenbach and Skriko nominstions are all great too. The Adams nominations are great to see as well, but I have him behind those guys. However, if I gotta pick a horse to vote for, from the frontrunners in this round, it's Boudrias.
  13. Yeah but it was worth it in the end when we flipped Larry and a 3rd rounder for Bob Adequate and Jason Satisfactory.
  14. And he brought us Tony Tanti. I was on the ice with Fraser decades ago, took a few shots on me in net and I even stopped a couple. Anyway, he definitely found his form again in Chicago. Three 25+ goal seasons there, but like all these guys seemed to be over the hill at 29.
  15. Yeah, get that Cooke nonsense out of here. He was the bloody anti-Smyl, anti-Butcher, anti-Delorme, running around doing suspendable crap and then leaving the team's enforcers to clean up the mess. He poisoned the well for the Canucks with the referees long before Kesler and Burrows.