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  1. Would be nice to see. I enjoyed when Rob Brown (one time NHL All Star turned into hockey's version of Crash Davis) got a second career as an older player in his "Penguins Trottier years." Even old Alexander Daigle got a second kick at the big show way down the road.
  2. You made it to the bubble in an online tournament? Damn, what's your mile time? Gotta be under six minutes for sure.
  3. Cloutier's regular season stats were perfectly fine. Perhaps even quite good. He was on the list of "guys to consider" at camp for the Olympics one year. Playoffs was a whole different thing though. Starting around game three or four of a series he would just get Steve Sax syndrome for goalies and guarantee a series loss all by himself.
  4. Canucks might have won game 7 against Boston if they hadn't fired Larscheid.
  5. Big Serge. 2 Shots, 2 Goals. 2 Assists, +5, 7 penalty minutes (including fighting major to start the night). They need to develop some new Gordie Howe *Something* for that kind of performance.
  6. Offhand, I want to say... Game 7 vs Calgary, 1994 Game 6 vs Rangers, 1994 Game 1 vs Rangers, 1994 - the Kirk McLean show There was a game around 1992 in the regular season where they beat the Flames 11-0 I think. Kirk McLean's 45(?)-save shutout against the Canadiens that made Patrick Roy call it the best game he'd ever seen a goalie play. What else. Cliff Ronning riding his stick in overtime against the Kings in the playoffs, I want to say 1992. Felt like the Cup was on its way in that moment. I'm kind of partial to Dave Babych's hat trick (only one ever by a Canuck d-man, but it wasn't that legendary as a game itself)
  7. I haven't been happy with Loui's play, but what he said really isn't that big of a deal. The talk about terminating contracts over that alone is ridiculous. Trevor Linden got testy when Alain Vigneault was healthy scratching him in his final year. I thought Linden was playing well enough that he shouldn't have been scratched, but even he, the ultimate team guy as far as everyone is concerned, wasn't hiding his feelings from reporters. He wasn't talking smack about the coach, but he also wasn't saying what people seem to want to hear from Loui... "Yeah, I'm playing like crap, I'm lucky to get into the lineup when I do, it's on me to play better..."
  8. Nice. They were 100% winning pctg when I played between periods...
  9. It's actually very good going back decades to when they sucked. They're probably about .750 or close to .800 when it's all added up. You guys should buy me tickets.
  10. Well, the new lineup of Canucks is starting to get married. May as well trade for Kesler and I think we probably have the cap room to sign Jeff Brown to the league minimum.
  11. Not much to do but watch Youngblood for the 250th time. Go Mustangs.
  12. Canucks got treated more like Rollergirl when the Oilers were in town.
  13. I agree about Stan. He actually crossed my mind when I made that post, but I just figured there was no point listing a 5'8" guy. But yeah, he played like Fleury. As for Vaive, big guy. Maybe not steamrolling people like Lindros but he played tough and hard. Led the entire WHA in penalty minutes in his rookie year.
  14. Well, Bertuzzi was for us like Neely was for Boston in terms of skyrocketing after arriving. Linden at his hardest hitting wasn't that far off from being called a power forward either, and he hit the ground running from day one. And of course, we drafted Rick Vaive and then he pulled a Neely on us with Toronto...