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  1. Canucks got treated more like Rollergirl when the Oilers were in town.
  2. I agree about Stan. He actually crossed my mind when I made that post, but I just figured there was no point listing a 5'8" guy. But yeah, he played like Fleury. As for Vaive, big guy. Maybe not steamrolling people like Lindros but he played tough and hard. Led the entire WHA in penalty minutes in his rookie year.
  3. Well, Bertuzzi was for us like Neely was for Boston in terms of skyrocketing after arriving. Linden at his hardest hitting wasn't that far off from being called a power forward either, and he hit the ground running from day one. And of course, we drafted Rick Vaive and then he pulled a Neely on us with Toronto...
  4. Well, they look like a playoff team, but we'll see what happens when the rubber hits the road. San Jose should be worse than last year. Edmonton should improve.
  5. Dear lord. We just "peaked" in terms of our semi-recent history by "only" finishing 9th worst in the league. And now it's time to trade away a 1st round (quite possibly) lottery pick (already done) and also sacrifice four more first round picks because we're apparently that close to winning the Cup and it's time to go all in... In poker terms, based on last season...that's like going all-in after the flop with a pair of fours or something. Finishing 9th worst in the league doesn't mean the rebuild is over and it's time to start doing 2nds for Carney again.
  6. Why not. Been a few years now since we've had a Brabarian in the lineup.
  7. Since the 60s/70s expansion? 1979? I think you would have to say Pittsburgh won with the Mario core and the Crosby core. And I guess if you mean the original (67?) expansion or 1970, you might have to include the Orr Bruins and the Rat Bruins. Nitpicking though, I agree with the post in general.
  8. Oh I hated the guy. One of my least favorite players back when he was actually playing, but like you I softened on him in his retirement / late comeback. Definitely had his demons. Just watching the guy play it seemed like he was fighting the devil himself the whole time. Kind of like the hockey version of Prince in Purple Rain.
  9. Roenick is around where I draw the cutoff just above him. But I feel like it's not really possible to completely understand hockey from 1988 to 2000 or so without including Theoren Fleury in the story.
  10. I have no opposition to the idea really, but it is kind of sad to see Canuck greats as assistant coaches and then dismissed unceremoniously. Doug Lidster wouldn't be out of place in the Ring of Honour, and all people did was bitch about him working the D gate and then he was sent packing and nobody really noticed.
  11. I wouldn't say Stanley Cups and gold medals are the ticket. They certainly count for less than individual trophies and individual statistics. Phil Housley never won a trophy of any kind and was only a 2nd team all star once, but is one of the highest scoring D men ever over his career and easily deserves to be in there. Marcel Dionne was pure individual accolades and no team success at all. Someone like Kevin Lowe has 6 cups but isn't in the Hall because he was certainly a good defenseman, but maybe the 8th best player on the Oilers dynasty. You win one Hart or Art Ross Trophy and you're virtually guaranteed to be in the Hall of Fame. Three Cups won't get you in unless you were a major star of those teams. A lot of Cups will only get you over the hump if you've already climbed most of the mountain on your individual stats and accomplishments (Clark Gillies, Guy Lapointe, Joe Mullen).
  12. No trophies? Naslund won the league MVP (Pearson / Lindsay Trophy).
  13. The chick who threw her bra on the ice for Jeff Cowan is scheduled for a mid-February game.
  14. Both he and Bernie Nicholls. Two guys who both scored 70 goals in one season and 1,000+ points in their careers (way over 1000 for Bernie).
  15. Hope they're willing to sign under market value with Luongo recapture in the mix now.