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  1. Something like... Richard Brodeur Dave Babych Trevor Linden Kirk McLean Cliff Ronning Stan Smyl John Garrett Orland Kurtenbach Harold Snepsts Geoff Courtnall
  2. Babych is a legend on many levels.
  3. I never like surfing sites on a computer that are clearly designed for a phone.
  4. Babych is awesome. Also close to the most underrated scoring defenseman in NHL history.
  5. I think he looks pretty good for a summer training under Kyle Wellwood.
  6. Gretzky and Kurri wouldn't have even seen ten seconds of power play time if Daniel, Henrik and Loui had been on the Oilers.
  7. Does the Maki family approve? You can't really declare it time to do something with X's blessing if X's blessing hasn't been given in advance. That aside, I am inclined to agree that these numbers shouldn't be permanently removed from circulation for all time. I think the thing to do is make them hands off for a respectful period (doesn't necessarily need to be 20 years) but have a special exhibit at the arena that honors the "gone too soon" Canucks of the past, who died during their playing days. Then people can learn about the players, they will have a permanent exhibit, and it won't just be some strange quirk that not everybody knows about (re: why nobody ever wears #11).
  8. Do you remember Gino Odjick coming out against the Penguins wearing 66?
  9. In reality, I would say that Hutton is in position for the sophomore jinx if anyone is going to get hit with bad timing. Hansen will probably come back to earth slightly... And age may continue to work away at the Sedins.
  10. Sad to hear. Impressive career numbers for a D-man: 325 points in 561 games. 57 points in 1977-78. We could use a guy like that. 46 points in 63 playoff games. That would have been impressive for a second-line center.
  11. Glad to hear that any potential resentment against the organization left with Mike Gillis. Can't have too many quality people in the fold. Lots of character and leadership in the ranks, from Linden to Smyl to Lidster to Malhotra, among others.
  12. Have the players learn Kiai in training camp and use it to remotely disable opposing players on breakaways.
  13. Dang, now we have some tough management decisions to make before the puck drops on opening night.
  14. Jeff Cowan - Linden Vey - Aaron Volpatti Jim Agnew - John McIntyre - Marco Sturm Fedor Fedorov - Andrew Ebbett - Steve Kariya Jason Jaffray - Kyle Wellwood - Darcy Hordichuk Aaron Rome - Shane O'Brien Sven Butenschon - Yann Sauve Keith Ballard - Andrew Alberts Dany Sabourin Frank Caprice 2016-17, here we come!
  15. 1. Jordan Subban 2. Jordan Subban 3. Jordan Subban 4. Jordan Subban