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  1. Makes you appreciate how impressive Dale Tallon was on the blueline as a rookie.
  2. Kevin Biestra

    Is it time for 4 on 4?

    It might actually make for good hockey but I don't want any more screwing with the game. No other sport makes serious changes to the rules on an almost annual basis.
  3. Kevin Biestra

    Cory Schneider's Decline

    He was 5th in voting for the post-season All-Star team in 2015, and 6th in 2016. So, basically two seasons as a top-six NHL goalie according to the voters.
  4. Kevin Biestra

    Could Jim Benning pull a Brian Burke?

    Damn, switching from the Dracula to the Porcupine would be a bold move.
  5. Kevin Biestra

    Discussion: Playoffs or Lotto Pick

    It guarantees a high pick even if you don't win the lottery.
  6. Kevin Biestra

    Discussion: Playoffs or Lotto Pick

    Absolutely the lotto pick if it were guaranteed to be top 3. Anybody who thinks otherwise should consider if they would rather have lost in the first round two years ago or drafted Petterson.
  7. Kevin Biestra

    Biz Nasty cures a hater !

    Did you say Freaknasty?
  8. Kevin Biestra

    The Canuck D is closer than we think

    I think they're closer to the AHL than you think. I'd love to see things pan out but Juolevi remains a bigger question mark than Virtanen, hopefully Hutton and Stecher will find their peak level and stay there but who knows, Hughes should be a sure thing, and Woo is anybody's guess, plus now Edler might have concussion issues and his status has gone from solid 1B defenseman to who knows, anywhere between peak levels and Marc Savard.
  9. Kevin Biestra

    [Rumour] Oilers Open to Moving Pujujarvi

    Given the Taylor Hall trade, I'm surprised he isn't available for the rights to Kyle Wellwood and a two week pass to work out at Club 16.
  10. Kevin Biestra

    Canucks have TWO Second Line Centers... Horvat and Gaudette

    One or two more games like this and there will be bras on the ice, and that's when you know he's arrived for good.
  11. Kevin Biestra

    An Important Role for the Sedins (which makes complete sense)?

    Interesting start of an idea. I kind of feel like that sounds a little low on the corporate totem pole for the soon to be Hall of Famers, but I could see something like a special mentor / advisor role where maybe every month or so they come in and mentor in some aspect of the game in which they have expertise, so like you said, fitness and durability could be one of them, next time around the cycle, next time around Henrik on passing, next time around Daniel on shooting. Maybe for April Fool's day they come in and teach everyone how to do the shootout.
  12. Just looked at Kesler's numbers on the season. Unbelievably terrible. 6 points in 48 games and -21. Would not be surprised at all to see him bought out in the offseason.
  13. Kevin Biestra

    In which game will EP40 beat Bure's rookie record?

    My homeboy Mike Liut, another guy I think shouldn't be completely left out of Hall of Fame discussions. His Pearson award is about as forgotten as Bob MacMillan's Lady Byng.
  14. Kevin Biestra

    In which game will EP40 beat Bure's rookie record?

    If you're serious, that was the beginning of Gretzky's prime (Gretzky set the record for points in one season for the first of several times). But he was third in scoring with a big lead over Bossy in 4th place and deserved better than 8th place in Hart voting. He had a brief but excellent career in the WHA as well and was a significant factor in the Oilers' 1987 Cup win.
  15. Kevin Biestra

    Markstrom the co-MVP for Canucks?

    Even in his prime, Kirk McLean had a lengthy period where he'd let in an early goal regularly and then settle down. There are worse problems to have (ahem, Cloutier, or present day Cory Schneider with Steve Blass Disease), especially if you can buckle down and Grant Fuhr it the rest of the way. Markstrom seems to be in that zone...let's hope he keeps it up.