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  1. Whatever. Just responding to the material in your OP and trying to give your thread a little life. Anyway, Pilger was far more instrumental in revealing the calamities the East created for itself. As to sports coverage, junk like 1040 babble with 35% ad time often worked into the coverage surreptitiously has sunk a long way from 980 and its Honest Abe approach.
  2. Well, the games themselves (at a minimum) have to get to us by some means or another. I'm not the least beat interested in the rumor mill and whatever babble and jibber jabber they fill time with on Hot Stove or whatever they name their talking head segments. Just let me know the results of trades or awards or the draft or whatever when the fact actually crystallizes. I have to say I'm a little more interested in what Western created calamities you think are being downplayed.
  3. Rest in peace. One of the last true completely undisputed old time hockey legends.
  4. I think it was Botchford that I remember being brought to tears mid-coverage when talking about Luc Bourdon's passing one time. Very sad news, and lost far too young. Rest in peace.
  5. I think every Cup won in the six team league should count as 10 cups. And eleven Cups in the expansion era should be randomly selected and deleted from the books.
  6. Every Canadian team has literally gone through multiple eras since a Canadian team won the Cup. We went through the Linden era, the truncated Messier era, the Naslund era and the Sedins era. Every other Canadian team has a list of eras like this without a Cup. The last Canadian team to win the Stanley Cup had Denis Savard and Rob Ramage in the lineup. Rob Ramage started his NHL career in the 1970s. There's really no reason to think the Canucks will piggyback the Canadian teams that are actually good right now and beat them to a Cup, but hey, would be nice.
  7. They should just ditch this thing. At the very least, it should be the first list of nominees unveiled as an amuse bouche before the real awards. I'd rather they can this thing and bring back the Emery Edge award for best plus minus. Next up, the Kyle Wellwood NHL Fitness Award where Kyle picks who he think has the best physique and cardio at the end of the year.
  8. Sharks did that Hulkster thing where he gets pinned for a two count and then starts stomping and holding his hand up to his ear...
  9. If this game goes the right way, he'll be like Evans and the other nobody legends from the Miracle on Manchester Kings in 1982.
  10. Ronning 2.0 moving on up...
  11. And nobody can do anything about it.
  12. If he thinks those are bad, just wait until he hears about the Mark Messier Leadership Award.