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  1. I think he's locked in at ROH no matter what. I think he will squeak his way to 1000 games as a Canuck. And the thing is, that would quite possibly have gotten his number retired if we hadn't done so with Naslund and Bure, etc. But the rafters are pretty full and he's not really going to separate himself that much from Snepsts and Ohlund no matter what he does. I guess maybe if he gets to 1200 games or something he might get a Ken Daneyko style number retirement, but those Devils won some Cups. He is the Canucks career record holder for defenseman in every category, but Quinn Hughes is going to absolutely annihilate assists and points.
  2. He was a great player, and he singlehandedly won us a series, but Richard Brodeur singlehandedly won all three rounds to get us to the Final and is still on the outside looking in. Lasting impacts were also provided by Gino Odjick and Tiger Williams, in the running for the two greatest enforcers of all time. Doug Lidster was a captain whose record for points in a season by a defenseman has stood for 35 years. Don Lever was a captain as well and the Canucks ironman recordholder until Trevor Linden. Andre Boudrias was a captain and pretty much as important as Kurtenbach in the earliest years of the team. I feel like we have bigger fish to fry with guys that never left a bad taste in anyone's mouth. Kesler was a hell of a player though.
  3. Edler is a guarantee for the ROH if he retired tomorrow.
  4. Yeah Salo is deserving of great applause from the crowd any time he shows up to watch a game, but he's short of the ROH. And I agree that Ohlund may be as well... He's right up near the line. I'd have them both behind Doug Lidster for what it's worth, and I wouldn't give Salo any edge over Babych, Kearns, etc.
  5. Once you get to 800 games with the Canucks (and maybe 700) the Ring of Honour is kind of like a "rebuttable presumption" where you're in for your service unless there is a good reason otherwise.
  6. I think he was a Selke finalist five times. You can pick apart his achievements and character, but his Selke credentials are pretty much beyond reproach.
  7. I'd vote no when you take it all into account, which unfortunately includes a bit of dishonorable conduct, but he's close. IN: Richard Brodeur (only goalie to be team MVP three times) Alex Edler Roberto Luongo CLOSE OR IN: Gino Odjick Andre Boudrias Doug Lidster Tony Tanti Ryan Kesler Tiger Williams before his legal issues... DESERVE CONSIDERATION: Cliff Ronning Dennis Kearns Petri Skriko Don Lever
  8. If David Pratt keeps eating he can be Byfuglien. All in all, it's a fairly reasonable set of counterparts for the two teams. I say that having taken to task a comparison to the 70s Canadiens in an itemized fashion.
  9. It is looking like this is the year for the big guy. Glad to see. Hope he stays the course. I was never a Jake basher, but I wasn't really a hardcore believer either. I won't complain if he surpasses my expectations.
  10. Football. Everyone knows that in the Superbowl you're suddenly allowed to do intentional grounding, facemasking, horsecollaring, scrote kicking...
  11. On a delayed penalty, if the team that was going to have the power play scores, there is no penalty and the guy who did the infraction doesn't get 2 minutes on his stat sheet. The team should still get the penalty. The other team scored but it was even strength. They never got their power play and it shouldn't be cancelled. Whoopee, they got to pull their goalie for fifteen seconds or something and the goal against them counts if they flub it into their own net.
  12. I've always been in favor of combining the records.
  13. I won't complain at all if he only turns out to be late-ballot Hall of Famer. Yeah, I saw some similarities in their play and makeup from pretty early on. And yeah, so far Hughes is projecting as a Murzyn-esque goal scorer, but it's still early.
  14. I am definitely thinking something along the lines of Phil Housley.