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  1. They played hard today, much better than the semifinal game. I was afraid that backup was going to go full Cloutier but he held it together well enough. I saw someone call this team Canada's third tier. In all honesty, if Canada were to field 20-man teams in order of quality, I doubt this roster would even be the 20th best team Canada could put together. So they put together a good showing (sans that semifinal embarrassment) and should be proud. Happy for guys like Lapierre and Vey and Raymond. They've got something here that can never be taken away from them, and probably in the 11th hour of their careers as well.
  2. Media Vs. the Fans

    I don't know about you guys, but I think Pratt and Bro Jake speak for all of us.............
  3. Well that was embarrassing.
  4. Fans direct racist taunts at Devante Smith-Pelly

    Goebbels was super racist.
  5. Edler stats watch

    Yeah probably. Pretty crazy how much disrespect he has accumulated while working his way to the top of the all-time Canucks D stats. I'd say he's up there for the most unappreciated...but nobody competes with Doug Lidster in that regard.
  6. Burrows? Do We Really Need Him?

    How did you manage to unload Eriksson?
  7. Markstrom: A lot of Canucks aren't good enough to be in NHL

    3.63 and .883 in Rollie's era aren't terrible.
  8. How Many 20 Goal Scorers?

    The real question is will Henrik break the 4-goal mark.
  9. Burrows? Do We Really Need Him?

    Rome should have had zero games, and that is hands down the worst call I've ever seen from the league disciplinary office. But what Burrows did here was pretty bad. The thing about waiting until someone else does it to see how many games they get is...nobody else really does the stuff Burrows does. I can't recall any other biting or hair pulling in the last ten years or so, and it will probably be at least a decade before anyone else delivers a mounted knee to the head in an NHL game.
  10. Burrows? Do We Really Need Him?

    To be honest, I'd probably rather take a knee to the head from Burrows in side mount than Marchand's recent Bure-on-Churla elbow in the crease, if I were to make a guess at the damage likely to be incurred. The kneeing stuff is just brutal optics, plus flailing his legs around like that creates a cutting risk for everyone around, especially refs trying to separate them. So anyway, I agree it needs to be punished somewhat heavily to create a disincentive for anyone repeating it. You have to give it to Burrows, he gets creative with his screwups. It's not flying elbows or knee-on-knee like everyone else. It's biting or ground and pound. I imagine next up will be the flying scissor heel hook.
  11. Burrows? Do We Really Need Him?

    It's about right. I think 8 would have done it, and I'm actually okay with his reputation factoring in, EXCEPT that it never seems to happen for Marchand. On a bit of an unfortunate note, this suspension will cost him getting to 1,000 career games, even if he plays the full season next year. I'm guessing he won't get another contract after the current one.
  12. Anders Nilsson Wins Prestigious Award

    Way better than when Tim Thomas had the entire transcript of Leviticus printed on his mask.