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  1. Dowd=Megma=Vey

    He actually said Biestra one time.
  2. Well, we had one and benched him for Eddie Lack in the outdoor game. And we had the future shored up with Schneider and traded him. Looks like we might get lucky again with Demko, who knows.
  3. I'm not panicking at all. We're not a playoff team, weren't going to be anyways, so we might as well finish as low as possible and get a great draft pick. That's what's happening, and Boeser is looking like a young Brett Hull. All signs are that he and Horvat will be fantastic players in their primes a few years from now when we should rightfully expect the team to be winning games. Anyone who expected the team to be so good this year that the current results are cause for panic was never really in touch with reality.
  4. Dowd=Megma=Vey

    What about that post made you think I needed remedial grade school math education? I used extra parentheses to make the post easier to understand for everyone, but there's nothing mathematically incorrect about it.
  5. Dowd=Megma=Vey

    [ (Dowd + Megna + Chaput) ^ Jim Agnew ] = [ (Gaunce + John McIntyre + Richard Park) ^ Marc Chouinard ]
  6. Your 2011 memories

    Don't know if I'd call this a "highlight" of 2011 but some guy from Van made it and it makes me laugh.
  7. Jim Benning's Trading

    That is some magnificent drafting. Kind of a shame that Vaive, Ashton, Graham and Derlago all went on to achieve their impressive NHL feats in other uniforms.
  8. Brock Boeser and the Calder race. (Updated as of Dec 22nd)

    I love how hockey for the last 25 years involves regularly planning around lost seasons.
  9. Brock Boeser and the Calder race. (Updated as of Dec 22nd)

    Tonelli was incredible in that Canada Cup. Nobody even mentions him when they talk about the Islanders dynasty but the truth is, a strong argument can be made for him to be in the Hall of Fame.
  10. Brock Boeser and the Calder race. (Updated as of Dec 22nd)

    It took me a while to get over hating them for beating the Canucks but the 80s Islanders were a magnificent team. When guys like Brent Sutter and Ken Morrow don't even get mentioned, it's an unbelievable team. Boeser is looking like he has a shot at maybe doing something Bossy-like, but Bo as Trottier? An Art Ross and Hart winner? Never say never, but I think we're looking at more of a Ryan Smyth / Shane Doan / Brenden Morrow solid leader with respectable scoring.
  11. We need to change our GOAL HORN in order to win the CUP

    We need to get Boromir down at ice level.
  12. Alex Burmistrov Retires from NHL

    It's what happens when your league president loves money and doesn't really care about the game of hockey. I remember the 2005 lockout, when true hockey leaders Gretzky and Lemieux made a last ditch effort to bring the two sides together at the 11th hour and make the season happen, and Bettman was just like nah, F that. If the people at the top actually loved hockey, they'd find a way.
  13. Favourite Canucks of all time!

    Richard Brodeur Dave Babych Kirk McLean
  14. Dang, if he has a tibula they need to operate and separate it into a tibia and fibula ASAP.
  15. Well, Linden once did it because he got the wind knocked out of him, but I generally agree.