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  1. I won't be in China, but I hope you put together a good crew of fans and give us the the story of how it goes.
  2. Tomlinson was one of the only people at 1040 that I thought did a good job. Knows the game, has some interesting stories from his playing days, modeled his color somewhat after the style of Larscheid.
  3. No respect for Stan Smyl? Edit: I see a like-minded poster beat me to this observation.
  4. The new starter for the Tampa Bay Lightning.
  5. I feel like we have plenty of old Canucks in the fold, but I'll just list a handful that struck me as having good character and work ethic, and a solid head on their shoulders... Dave Babych, Mike Sillinger, Cliff Ronning, Rich Sutter, Garth Butcher, Sean Burke, Geoff Courtnall, Paul Reinhart, Eric Weinrich.
  6. Jake's floor is still not being a regular NHLer.
  7. Kevin McCarthy was a heck of a D-man. One of the best we've ever had.
  8. You see that as his floor? Torres topped out at 27 goals in a season and Hansen with 22. I'm not closing the book on Virtanen at this early stage, but I think that's closer to his ceiling than his floor. I think if Benning could be guaranteed your "floor" as Virtanen's average season, he would take that deal.
  9. Well, I'm happy to see anything that indicates he isn't the second coming of Alex Stojanov.
  10. Well, he only needs 14. I guess maybe game 20?
  11. In 2011, every team the Canucks beat they were also ahead of in the standings. I don't know why people use this to detract from the 1982 team.
  12. I imagine my signature tells how I feel about this.
  13. I'm not the one you asked but... Pratt - just random non-sports-related incendiary nonsense hoping to drum up fifteen minutes of controversy, whether it's bike lanes, local elections, whether Kate Upton is too fat to have sex with, or whether poker players are legitimate athletes... Bro Jake - sadly might be more interested in sports than Pratt, but still adds next to nothing The Moj - just a slightly better version of Pratt who is a bit more interested in sports Don Taylor is still okay but he's slipped some over the last couple decades. Price is so-so. Sekeres is so-so, but what an annoying voice. Paterson is the best of the bunch, and he's the one people complain about as being the most negative.
  14. Puh-ree-zee! Mahr-shaynd.
  15. Honestly, after Dave Gagner's impressive career, people shouldn't be screwing this up.