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  1. Just wait until Tomas "The Ultimate Warrior" Vanek and "Hacksaw" Sam Gagner get mad.
  2. Edited the number in the URL and it works for Canucks instead of TO nonsense. Thanks. 30 second ad in case anyone cares.
  3. Searching Tunein only gave me the not-working link for streaming the now-defunct CISL.
  4. Does anyone have a good link for following the Canucks broadcasts online? Some streaming links have ads for 30 seconds or a minute every time you load, so one without that is ideal, but I'll take what I can get.
  5. You think two career backups are equal to or better than last year's 4th place finisher in Vezina voting?
  6. If you have season tickets then fine, go. I would just prefer that people don't buy the outstanding tickets for those games. But it's not like I'm able to influence the collective of North American hockey fans. I'm just suggesting the only thing I can think of that fans could do to actually correct the Olympic situation. People are constantly suggesting petitions which Bettman will frame and laugh at in his evil lair, or else mass scale season or lifetime boycotts that are unreasonable and impractical. This is a doable boycott of a small window of games that relates directly to the Olympic window where the league and owners can do a direct and simple calculation on lost revenue.
  7. After all the years of having to tolerate 1040 nonsense if I wanted to follow the Canucks on the radio, it's truly just to watch them simultaneously die on the vine while throwing passive aggressive tantrums because their sweetheart wanted a divorce.
  8. I wish everyone would boycott attendance of NHL games for the entire period the Olympics are happening, so there is no revenue for the NHL anyways. Hockey fans get taken for granted like no other fans, and keep coming back to Bettman and his league like a battered housewife.
  9. A very good player, and exactly the kind of guy who falls short of the Hall of Fame but has well earned his jersey in the rafters of his team.
  10. Well, that money went right to Miller and Eriksson.
  11. Wait, didn't we just ask Garrison and Bieksa to waive NTCs to correct that situation?
  12. They are great and two of the best brothers to ever lace up skates, but they aren't Tony and Phil Esposito, nor Maurice and Henri Richard. And that's just in hockey, not professional sports history. They should get into the Hall of Fame, but people do tend to overstate things around here.
  13. You want to shut down the thread this close to 10,000 posts? That's like losing the Stanley Cup in Game 7 of the Final.
  14. A lot of wisdom, a lot of realism, a fair amount of resignation, and trying to nip trade deadline rumors in the bud.