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  1. Not a chance. Rashad Evans was twice the fighter Shogun is and he got DESTROYED!!! I'll bet that he doesn't land one good punch on Machida.
  2. Obviously Dana White saw something that you didn't....we both know how the Couture & Mir fights ended.
  3. I guess we will have to wait and see. Call Lesnar whatever you want but he's beaten Couture, Mir and Herring badly in his last three fights. Who has Carwin beaten besides Gonzaga to prove he even deserves a title shot?
  4. Ok I have to ask, what have you seen from Lesnar that makes you believe he will get knocked out in the first round? I think the exact opposite will happen...that is unless Carwin has a thick skull in which case he'll take a Herring type beating.
  5. 37cms of snow here yesterday. Unless its enough to get a day off work its not worth a damn. Sure it looks nice coming down but shovelling over snowbanks 6ft tall is a batch.
  6. welcome to CDC !