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  1. Seeing as how the Hockey News just named our current jersey as 27th in the league maybe it's time for a new / old /revived look. http://www.thehockeynews.com/blog/nhl-logo-rankings-no-27-vancouver-canucks/
  2. If the game today is typical of the type of play the Whitecaps produce then you can count me as someone who will not watch many or any more games. They had something like 2 weeks to prepare for this game and this feeble effort is all they could muster? What were they doing on the practice pitch the last two weeks because it doesn't look like they were working on their game. I don't know if this is on coaching or motivation or lack of execution but my mother's bridge club could have put up a better effort today. Some key players should be held accountable for their inaction today and at the top of my list is Barry Robson. Is this guy playing out the string so he can go back to Scotland as soon as possible? He was the worst of a bad bunch today but the whole team looked flat and disinterested. And disinterested is how I'm left feeling about the Whitecaps. Damn I miss hockey.