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  1. For one, the really annoying tourism. Also I live in a desert half as bad as Las Vegas, that is a serious factor to consider because it isn't great.
  2. Vegas is in Cali?
  3. I would love to hear one reason as to why you believe this man would be happy there.
  4. Are you saying trade miller AND markstrom? Even so giving away a third to have jimmy hurt at home is kind of pointless.
  5. I have come to realize it really doesn't matter how other people feel about our team. I've recently moved to Kamloops and everyone hates the Canucks. All my friends who once were fans have faded. I on the other hand am so proud of this team. I am so grateful to have been able to watch the Sedins throughout their whole career. Amazing
  6. 4-2 flames 10 blocked shots
  7. 4-3 canucks 2 points from D
  8. 4-2 capitals. 7 shots for ovi
  9. 4-3 Canucks. Eriksson, Loui.